Mobile Legends: Cyclops Guide – Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Cyclops, known as the Starsoul Magician, is a formidable mage hero in the popular mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With an affinity for celestial bodies, Cyclops taps into their power to unleash devastating magical attacks. One of Cyclops’ standout features is his strong poking capabilities. His unique passive ability allows him to reduce the cooldown of his active skills, enabling him to consistently harass and chip away at his opponents’ health from a safe distance. This makes him a formidable force in the mid lane, where he can dominate the battlefield with his long-range attacks. To maximize Cyclops’ potential, it is crucial to build him with the right items. A combination of items that enhance his magical power, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration is recommended. This will allow him to spam his skills and maintain a sustained presence in team fights. In terms of skills, Cyclops possesses a range of abilities that complement his playstyle. His first skill, Stardust Shock, fires a burst of starlight that damages and slows enemies.

Mastering Cyclops requires a good understanding of positioning and timing. His squishy nature makes him vulnerable to burst damage, so it is important to stay at a safe distance and utilize his range advantage. Additionally, coordinating with teammates and landing well-timed combos can greatly enhance his effectiveness in team fights. If you’re looking to climb the ranks with Cyclops, a comprehensive guide from VPEsports can provide valuable insights and strategies. By mastering his unique playstyle and leveraging his celestial powers, you can become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Cyclops’ skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Starlit Hourglass

Each time Cyclops hits an enemy with his skills, all his skill cooldowns are reduced.

  • Starlit Hourglass allows him to use his spells frequently. As such, when playing Cyclops, it is highly important to invest in items that enhance mana regeneration.

First skill – Stardust Shock

Cyclops, the celestial mage, wields the power of the stars to cast potent spells on the battlefield of Mobile Legends. One of his signature abilities is the Stardust Disk, a skill that unleashes two shimmering projectiles in the targeted direction. These Stardust Disks travel swiftly, leaving a trail of celestial energy in their wake. As they soar through the air, enemies unfortunate enough to cross their path are subjected to devastating magical damage. The sheer force of the impact can leave opponents reeling, their health bars diminishing rapidly.

The beauty of the Stardust Disk lies not only in its destructive potential but also in its versatility. Cyclops can strategically aim these projectiles to hit multiple enemies or focus his assault on a single target. This flexibility allows him to adapt to various combat scenarios, making him a force to be reckoned with in both team fights and skirmishes. Cyclops’ mastery of the Stardust Disk is not limited to its raw damage output. Skilled players can utilize the skill’s range and trajectory to catch enemies off guard, surprising them with unexpected angles of attack. This element of surprise can often lead to successful ganks or secure crucial kills, turning the tide of battle in his team’s favor.

  • Acquire Stardust Shock at level one and use it to clear the first wave of minions, or a creep with a buff if you’re playing as a jungler.
  • This skill is ground-targeted. For better precision, manually use it by holding down the skill button, hovering the indicator to your target area, and releasing it.

Second skill – Planets Attack

Cyclops, the mage who draws power from the celestial realm, possesses a mesmerizing ability known as Starlit Spheres. When activated, these radiant orbs materialize around him, granting him an additional burst of movement speed for a limited time. The Starlit Spheres, with a mesmerizing allure of their own, autonomously seek out nearby enemies, prioritizing enemy heroes as their primary targets. Upon making contact, these ethereal projectiles explode with celestial energy, inflicting potent magical damage upon the unfortunate foes caught in their path. However, the cunning and resilient adversaries who find themselves at the receiving end of multiple Starlit Spheres will experience diminishing returns in terms of damage. This means that while the initial impact carries a significant punch, subsequent hits from the orbs will deal progressively reduced damage.

Mastering the intricacies of Cyclops’ Starlit Spheres requires a delicate balance of finesse and decision-making. Skilled players can leverage the enhanced movement speed to position themselves strategically, allowing the orbs to home in on key targets and maximize their explosive potential. Timing is of the essence, as deploying the Starlit Spheres amidst a cluster of enemies can create a spectacular spectacle of chaos and devastation on the battlefield. To further enhance the might of his celestial projectiles, Cyclops can invest in items that bolster his magical power and cooldown reduction. These enhancements not only amplify the damage output of each explosion but also reduce the downtime between activations, enabling a more frequent unleashing of his ethereal arsenal. Cyclops’ command over the Starlit Spheres serves as a testament to his profound connection to the celestial forces. With each detonation, he showcases the raw power that lies within his grasp and leaves his enemies in awe of his celestial prowess. The dance of the Starlit Spheres, guided by Cyclops’ will, transforms the battlefield into a mesmerizing symphony of magical destruction, forever etching his name into the annals of Mobile Legends history.

  • Since Planets Attack is his primary mobility and damage skill, prioritize maxing it out first.
  • Close in on your target to make sure the spheres hit them. Exercise caution when doing this to avoid putting yourself in a precarious position.
  • Use the movement speed gain from this skill to chase down your target.
  • Alternatively, activate this to run away from pursuing enemies while dealing damage against them. If their HP gets too low, you can turn things around and kill them instead.
  • Once you have obtained enough mana regeneration, use the extra movement speed from Planets Attack to quickly move around the map.
  • With ample CD reduction from the passive, emblem, and items, you can use this skill frequently in team fights.

Ultimate – Star Power Lockdown

Cyclops, the mage attuned to the celestial realm, possesses a phenomenal ability known as Planetary Sphere. With a wave of his hand, he conjures a mesmerizing sphere of cosmic energy, guiding it towards a target enemy hero or creep. As the Planetary Sphere hurtles through the air, its otherworldly power intensifies, ready to unleash upon impact. Upon reaching its intended target, the sphere erupts in a dazzling display of celestial might, inflicting substantial magical damage upon the unfortunate recipient. The sheer force of the impact is often enough to leave enemies reeling, their movements momentarily halted as they succumb to immobilization. This formidable skill serves not only as a devastating offensive tool but also as a strategic means of control. Cyclops can selectively target key enemy heroes, pinning them down and rendering them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from his allies. In the chaos of battle, immobilizing a high-priority target can turn the tide, providing a crucial advantage for Cyclops and his team.

As Cyclops hones his magical prowess and gains experience, the potency of his Planetary Sphere can be further enhanced through careful itemization and skill upgrades. Investing in items that amplify magical damage and penetration will amplify the destructive force of the sphere, ensuring that it delivers a cataclysmic blow to its intended target. The mastery of Cyclops’ Planetary Sphere demands a keen eye for opportunity and precise timing. Skilled players can exploit openings in the enemy’s defenses, launching the sphere at the perfect moment to catch foes off guard. The immobilization effect not only grants Cyclops the upper hand in one-on-one encounters but also allows for coordinated team assaults, as allies can capitalize on the temporarily incapacitated enemy. With the Planetary Sphere at his command, Cyclops reshapes the battlefield, weaving a tapestry of celestial power and control. His enemies tremble before the might of his cosmic magic, knowing that a single well-placed sphere can shatter their defenses and leave them at the mercy of his celestial wrath.

  • The duration of Star Power Lockdown immobilization effect scales with the travel distance of its projectile. A more distant target will get immobilized longer.
  • However, the projectile’s travel speed is slow, so heroes like Lancelot could use Thorned Rose to dodge it easily. Hence, choose your target wisely.
  • Since Star Power Lockdown is his only control spell, you can use it to initiate your attack.
  • Turn on Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting in the control settings to ensure that you hit your intended target with this ultimate.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Cyclops in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

As Cyclops, you have several viable options for battle spells to complement your playstyle and enhance your effectiveness in the game. Flicker is an exceptional choice for Cyclops, providing an additional layer of mobility that can be crucial in pursuing targets or escaping dangerous situations. With Flicker, you can swiftly reposition yourself on the battlefield, catching enemies off guard or evading imminent threats. This spell empowers you to make decisive plays, whether it’s diving into the enemy team to secure a kill or swiftly retreating when outnumbered.

If you find yourself taking on the role of a jungler, Retribution is a spell that works exceptionally well for Cyclops. Retribution grants you the ability to deal true damage to jungle creeps, allowing for efficient farming and faster resource accumulation. This spell is particularly advantageous for Cyclops as it enables him to clear jungle camps quickly, providing him with a gold and experience advantage. Moreover, Retribution can be a powerful tool for invading the enemy jungle, disrupting their farm and stealing valuable resources. It also proves invaluable when contesting important objectives like the Lord and Turtle, enabling you to secure these objectives and gain a significant advantage for your team.

Ultimately, the choice of battle spell for Cyclops depends on your preferred playstyle and the specific needs of the game. Flicker offers unparalleled mobility and escape potential, while Retribution empowers you as a jungler to dominate the jungle, invade the enemy’s territory, and secure crucial objectives. Experiment with both spells and adapt your choice based on the circumstances of each match to maximize Cyclops’ impact on the battlefield.

Recommended emblem

To fully unlock and maximize Cyclops’ damage potential, it is crucial to carefully select and optimize his equipment and build. Starting with the Mage emblem, it is the ideal choice for Cyclops as it offers a host of beneficial attributes. The emblem provides a substantial boost to magic power, contributing to the potency of his abilities. Additionally, the cooldown reduction offered by the emblem allows for more frequent spellcasting, ensuring that Cyclops can unleash his devastating magical onslaught with minimal downtime. Lastly, the magic penetration provided by the emblem is instrumental in bypassing enemy magic resistance, further amplifying Cyclops’ damage output. In the first tier of the Mage emblem, the Inspire talent is a popular and effective choice. By granting additional cooldown reduction, it enables Cyclops to cast his spells more frequently, allowing for sustained damage and swift repositioning in fights. This can be particularly advantageous when engaging in skirmishes or pursuing elusive enemy targets.

Moving on to the second tier, the Festival of Blood talent is a valuable selection for Cyclops. With this talent, he gains spell vamp, allowing him to recover health with each ability cast. This spell vamp provides a degree of sustainability in battles, granting Cyclops the ability to endure prolonged engagements and continue dealing damage even in the face of adversity. In the final tier of the Mage emblem, two talents stand out as excellent choices for Cyclops: Lethal Ignition and Impure Rage. Lethal Ignition is a powerful talent that enhances Cyclops’ burst potential. When he successfully inflicts damage greater than seven percent of his target’s HP three times within a five-second window, Lethal Ignition triggers, dealing additional adaptive damage. This talent rewards precise timing and calculated aggression, punishing enemies who underestimate Cyclops’ magical onslaught. On the other hand, Impure Rage offers a different approach, focusing on sustained damage and mana management. With this talent, Cyclops deals extra adaptive damage with his skills while also restoring a certain amount of mana whenever he hits enemies. This helps to sustain his mana pool during extended engagements, ensuring that he can continue to unleash his devastating spells without interruption.

The choice between Lethal Ignition and Impure Rage ultimately depends on the specific playstyle and preferences of the player. Lethal Ignition prioritizes burst damage and punishing enemy mistakes, while Impure Rage provides a balance between damage output and mana sustain. In summary, carefully considering and optimizing Cyclops’ equipment and talent choices is crucial to unlocking his full damage potential. By equipping the Mage emblem and selecting talents such as Inspire, Festival of Blood, Lethal Ignition, or Impure Rage, players can tailor Cyclops’ build to suit their preferred playstyle, ensuring that he becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

Cyclops best build

To optimize Cyclops’ performance on the battlefield, it is essential to carefully select and build his items, focusing on mana regeneration, cooldown reduction, spell vamp, and magic penetration. This build will enhance his poking abilities, increase his sustainability, and maximize his damage output. Starting with the core items, it is recommended to begin with the common Boots to improve mobility and positioning.

From there, the Enchanted Talisman is a crucial item to prioritize, as it provides a significant boost to mana regeneration and cooldown reduction. This allows Cyclops to cast his spells more frequently, ensuring a steady stream of damage throughout the game. Upgrading the boots to either Arcane Boots or Magic Shoes is the next step, offering additional magic penetration or cooldown reduction, respectively. To further enhance sustainability and spell vamp, Concentrated Energy is a must-have item. With this item, Cyclops gains spell vamp, allowing him to recover health with each ability cast, ensuring he can sustain himself during intense team fights and extended engagements. Additionally, Concentrated Energy provides a substantial increase in magic power, boosting the damage output of Cyclops’ abilities.

To penetrate through enemy magic resistance and maximize damage, Genius Wand and Divine Glaive are essential choices. The Genius Wand increases magic penetration, making Cyclops’ spells more effective against enemies with magic resistance. It also provides a bonus movement speed, enhancing his mobility and positioning. Divine Glaive further amplifies magic penetration, allowing Cyclops to bypass a significant portion of the enemy’s magic resistance, resulting in increased damage output. For the final item slot, there are a few viable options based on the specific needs of the game. The Necklace of Durance is an excellent choice when facing enemies with high sustain, as it reduces their shield and HP regeneration effects, effectively weakening their ability to recover health. Alternatively, if a more defensive approach is required, items like Brute Force Breastplate, Winter Truncheon, or Immortality can be considered. These items provide additional durability and survivability, allowing Cyclops to withstand enemy assaults and potentially turn the tide of battle in his team’s favor.

By carefully selecting items that prioritize mana regeneration, cooldown reduction, spell vamp, and magic penetration, Cyclops can reach his full potential as a mage. It is important to adapt the item build based on the specific game situation and the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy team. With the right items, Cyclops can become a formidable force, dominating the battlefield with his magical prowess.

The best build for Cyclops in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots (Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler)
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Concentrated Energy
  • Genius Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Necklace of Durance

Easy combos to learn

In the early game, it’s important to focus on farming and harassing your opponents. Cyclops excels at poking enemies from a safe distance, thanks to his abilities’ long range. Utilize Planets Attack followed by Stardust Shock to chip away at your opponents’ health while staying out of harm’s way. The movement speed boost from Planets Attack can be used to quickly close the gap with your opponent and dodge their skills, allowing you to maintain a favorable position in the lane. Once you reach level four and unlock Star Power Lockdown, your kill potential increases significantly. This ultimate ability not only deals massive damage but also immobilizes the target, making it easier to secure kills. To maximize its effectiveness, try to catch opponents off guard or coordinate with your teammates to set up ganks. Proper timing is crucial when using Star Power Lockdown, as it can turn the tide of battles and secure crucial objectives.

When engaging in team fights, positioning is key. As a mage, you should stay at the backline and rely on your abilities to deal damage. Cyclops’ mobility and range allow him to safely contribute to team fights without putting himself in immediate danger. Keep an eye on the enemy’s positioning and patiently wait for an opportunity to strike with your abilities. Prioritize squishy targets or enemies who are out of position to quickly eliminate them and gain an advantage in team fights. Communication and coordination with your teammates are vital. Inform your allies when your ultimate is ready, so they can plan their actions accordingly. Cyclops’ abilities have potent crowd control effects, making him a valuable asset in initiating fights or setting up kills for your team. Coordinate with your tank or crowd control-focused heroes to maximize the impact of your abilities and secure kills.

As the game progresses, make sure to adjust your item build based on the flow of the match and the enemy team composition. Building items that enhance magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration will greatly increase your damage output. Additionally, items that provide survivability, such as Clock of Destiny or Lightning Truncheon, can be valuable to ensure your longevity in fights. Remember, practice makes perfect. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Cyclops’ abilities, their ranges, and their interactions. Experiment with different playstyles and item builds to find the approach that suits your preferences and the game at hand. By mastering Cyclops’ poking abilities, utilizing his ultimate effectively, positioning yourself well in team fights, and coordinating with your team, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield and lead your team to victory.

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