The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Wanwan in Mobile Legends

Whether it’s professional matches or ranked games, Wanwan has established herself as a dominant force in the Land of Dawn. Despite enduring numerous nerfs to her abilities, she continues to be one of the strongest marksmen when played with skill and precision. Wanwan, known as the Agile Tiger, stands out as one of the more unique heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Her gameplay revolves around identifying and exploiting the weaknesses of enemy heroes to unleash devastating damage. This strategic approach sets her apart from other heroes and requires a deep understanding of her mechanics and playstyle.

However, even against a highly skilled Wanwan player, there are heroes that can provide a fighting chance to secure victory. These heroes possess specific abilities or strategies that can counter Wanwan’s strengths and disrupt her gameplay. By selecting the right heroes and executing effective strategies, players can tip the scales in their favor and overcome the challenges posed by Wanwan. Wanwan’s dominance in Mobile Legends cannot be underestimated. Her unique playstyle and formidable damage output make her a force to be reckoned with. Nonetheless, with careful selection and strategic execution, players can find ways to counter her strengths and emerge victorious in battles against Wanwan.

Counter Wanwan with these three best MLBB heroes


Our first pick for countering Wanwan is Granger, a marksman with tremendous early-game damage potential. Wanwan is particularly vulnerable in the early stages of the game, and taking an aggressive approach can effectively shut her down. Granger’s passive ability, Caprice, grants him a significant boost in damage output. By capitalizing on this advantage, you can deal substantial damage to Wanwan before she reaches level 4. It’s crucial to aim and land all the bullets of Granger’s ultimate, Rhapsody, to maximize the impact. Once you successfully disrupt Wanwan’s momentum and prevent her from snowballing, dealing with her in the mid-to-late game becomes much easier. With just a few well-placed shots, you can quickly eliminate her from the battlefield. Alternatively, you can also consider other early-game marksmen like Bruno or Brody, who possess high damage potential and can pose a significant threat to Wanwan.

It’s important to note that countering Wanwan requires not only the right hero selection but also a strategic approach. Coordinating with your team, focusing on vision control, and denying her opportunities to farm and accumulate gold are all crucial aspects of countering her effectively. Remember, Wanwan is a formidable opponent, and facing a skilled player requires skill, coordination, and adaptability. By employing the right heroes and strategies, you can increase your chances of success and turn the tide in your favor against Wanwan in Mobile Legends.


Our next hero recommendation for countering Wanwan is Franco, a tank hero who possesses the ability to disrupt and control team fights with his powerful skills. While Franco is a well-known tank, only a few players can truly master him and utilize his potential in high-ranking games. What sets Franco apart as an excellent counterpick against Wanwan is his ultimate ability, Bloody Hunt. This skill allows him to suppress Wanwan, rendering her unable to use her Needles in Flowers skill. By immobilizing her, Franco effectively shuts down Wanwan’s mobility and prevents her from escaping or dealing damage. Wanwan is known for being one of the squishiest marksmen in the game, making her an easy target for Franco’s ultimate. When paired with his team’s core or marksman, Franco’s ultimate can often result in an automatic kill, swiftly eliminating Wanwan from the battlefield.

However, it’s important to note that successfully countering Wanwan with Franco requires more than just landing his ultimate. Effective teamwork and coordination are crucial to capitalize on the opportunity created by Franco’s suppression. Communicating with your team and ensuring they are ready to follow up on the engage is essential for securing kills and gaining an advantage in the game. Additionally, Franco’s crowd control abilities and durability make him a valuable asset in team fights and ganks throughout the entire game. His ability to hook and pull enemies, combined with his high survivability, provides ample opportunities for his team to capitalize on and secure kills. Franco’s ability to suppress and control Wanwan with his ultimate makes him a formidable tank choice for countering her. With the right skills, teamwork, and coordination, Franco can effectively neutralize Wanwan’s threats and provide a significant advantage for his team in Mobile Legends.


One hero that stands out as a classic counter to Wanwan, as well as other mobile heroes, is none other than Khufra. Khufra’s extensive crowd control abilities make him an excellent choice for shutting down Wanwan’s mobility and disrupting her gameplay. One of Khufra’s key abilities against Wanwan is Bouncing Ball. This skill not only interrupts Wanwan’s dashes, but it also applies a debuff that reduces the damage she deals whenever she uses her Crossbow of Tang skill. This debuff can significantly weaken Wanwan’s overall damage output and make her more manageable in team fights. In addition to his crowd control capabilities, Khufra can further enhance his effectiveness against Wanwan by building defensive items. These items can provide him with increased durability, reducing the impact of Wanwan’s attacks and making it more difficult for her to eliminate him. By mitigating her damage, Khufra can better withstand Wanwan’s assaults and continue to disrupt her gameplay.

Khufra’s ability to control and limit Wanwan’s mobility is a crucial factor in countering her. By restraining her movements and preventing her from freely maneuvering around the battlefield, Khufra can significantly diminish her impact in team fights and neutralize her threat to his team. It’s important to note that while Khufra is a strong counterpick against Wanwan, effective utilization of his abilities and coordination with your team are key to unleashing his full potential. Proper timing and communication are essential for maximizing the impact of Khufra’s crowd control and securing kills on Wanwan. Khufra’s crowd control abilities, especially his Bouncing Ball skill, make him a classic and effective counter to Wanwan and other mobile heroes. By utilizing his crowd control and defensive capabilities, players can restrict Wanwan’s mobility, reduce her damage output, and gain an advantage in battles within Mobile Legends.

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