VCT Americas League tournament VALORANT Champions 2023

VALORANT Champions 2023 is not just any ordinary tournament

VALORANT Champions 2023 is not just any ordinary tournament; it’s the grand finale of the thrilling VALORANT Champions Tour series that captivated fans throughout the entire year of 2023. Picture this: the excitement is building as teams from around the world gather in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, USA, ready to showcase their skills within the iconic walls of the Shrine Auditorium Kia Forum. With a whopping prize pool of 2,250,000 USD up for grabs, the stakes have never been higher.

But that’s not all. In a heartwarming gesture, the VCT partner teams will receive a generous 50% of the net revenue from the sale of the exclusive Champions 2023 skins. It’s a testament to the organizers’ commitment to supporting the teams that have worked tirelessly to make it to this prestigious tournament. And let’s not forget the incredible impact it has had so far – by August 23rd, the sales of the collection had already surpassed a staggering 20 million, providing a well-deserved boost to the qualified teams.

Get ready for an unforgettable display of skill, passion, and pure adrenaline as the world’s best VALORANT teams battle it out for glory at VALORANT Champions 2023. It’s a celebration of talent, camaraderie, and the unbreakable spirit of competition.

The Evil Geniuses team won Valorant Champions 2023

In the epic grand finals of the biggest VALORANT tournament, VCT Champions 2023, the talented squad from Evil Geniuses triumphed over the Paper Rex roster with a score of 3:1 (Bo5: Split: 13-10, Ascent: 11-13, Bind: 13-5, Lotus: 13-10). The EG team claimed the coveted championship trophy and earned a well-deserved $1,000,000!

VCT Champions 2023, the talented squad from Evil Geniuses

It’s worth noting that the winners faced quite a challenging journey. After winning two playoff games, they were actually defeated by the silver medalists. However, in a surprising twist, EG made an astonishing comeback in the lower bracket, surpassing the formidable Brazilian team and securing their spot in the grand finals, where they ultimately emerged victorious.

The tournament kicked off on August 6th and lasted a thrilling 20 days. A substantial prize pool of $2,250,000 was up for grabs among all the participating teams. Taking the fourth-place spot was fnatic, a powerhouse team with multiple victories in major tournaments and one of the strongest contenders in the EMEA region. The third-place position was claimed by LOUD, the winners of last year’s tournament and a Brazilian roster known for their numerous achievements and skilled players. And, as we mentioned earlier, the second-place spot was earned by the PRX squad, featuring the talented Ilya ‘something’ Petrov!

This tournament not only showcased some incredible gameplay, but it also shed light on the importance of nurturing women’s esports and providing opportunities for female gamers to shine. The winners of this tournament have been granted a spectacular chance to compete in the upcoming Women’s Tournament Championship in 2023. It’s a truly momentous occasion for Chao Hui from EDward Gaming as she gears up to participate in the world’s premier women’s championship, even though the specific details about the event are still under wraps.

Team VCT Champions 2023

This progress in promoting inclusivity and empowering women in the esports industry is truly heartening. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring female gamers worldwide, emphasizing that their skills and passion are valued and recognized. The anticipation for the Women’s Tournament Championship is palpable, and fans are eagerly awaiting further updates on this exhilarating event. It’s a testament to the growing recognition of women’s contributions to the gaming community and a step forward in creating a more diverse and inclusive esports landscape.

VCT Americas League VALORANT Champions 2023 Prize Pool

PlacementTeamPrize Money
1EG$ 1,000,000
2PRX$ 400,000
3LOUD$ 250,000
4FNC$ 130,000
5DRX$ 85,000
5EDG$ 85,000
7BLG$ 50,000
7FUT$ 50,000
9GIA$ 30,000
9NAVI$ 30,000
9NRG$ 30,000
9T1$ 30,000
13FPX$ 20,000
13KRU$ 20,000
13TL$ 20,000
13ZETA$ 20,000

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