ECHO wins the Mobile Legends M4 World Championship

ECHO world champions

In the world of eSports, especially in mobile games, tournaments become central events for the gaming community. One such epic moment in the history of the gaming industry happened with the recent Mobile Legends M4 Championship, where Team ECHO surprised the world with their incredible performances, winning the title of World Champion.

This championship featured an epic battle between the best Mobile Legends teams from around the world. Famous teams took part in it, but ECHO especially stood out, which became famous for its strategies and incredible gaming tactics.

Cool M4 tournament for the game Mobile Legends champions ECHO

Qualified teams and selection process

Qualifying for the M4 Championship involves intense competition between numerous MLBB teams around the world. The selection process carefully considers performance, skills and achievements, ensuring only the most deserving teams receive a place at this prestigious event.

  1. Team HAQ (Malaysia)
  2. Onic Esports (Indonesia)
  3. RRQ Hoshi (Indonesia)
  4. Blacklist International (Philippines)
  5. Echo (Philippines)
  6. S11 Gaming Argentina (LATAM)
  7. Malvinas Gaming (Latin America)
  8. RSG (Singapore)
  9. RRQ Akira (Brazil)
  10. Burn x Team Flash (Cambodia)
  11. Thrones Esport (MENA)
  12. Incendio Supremacy (Türkiye)
  13. The Valley (North America)
  14. Falcon Esports (Myanmar)
  15. MDH Esports (Mekong)

The M4 ECHO World Championship confirmed its epicness in the final match, where the team easily dealt with last year’s triumphant Black International, confirming its title as the third Philippine champion team. Bringing together 16 of the world’s best teams, this event presented an amazing spectacle and set new standards in the world of Mobile Legends.

ECHO winning team

The qualifying route to the M4 Championship Grand Final was filled with tension and intrigue. The 16 best teams, having overcome the regional and national stages of the qualifying tournaments, presented an incredible fight for the title of champions. Their selection process emphasized the significance of each match and highlighted the strongest participants ready to show their skills on the grand stage of the M4 Championship.

Team ECHO’s victory and their lifting of the M4 Cup marked not only their triumph, but also the importance of this moment in the history of Mobile Legends. It was a well-deserved success that highlighted their dedication, tenacity and unique skill, elevating them above the rest of the competition.

Prize fund and awards

The MLBB M4 World Championship has a prize pool of a staggering $800,000, making this tournament one of the most attractive events in the world of eSports. This amount is distributed among the winners and runners-up of the championship, stimulating teams to outstanding performances.

M4 ECHO World Championship

The Philippines will host the upcoming M5 World Championship. This decision marks an important step in the development of the Mobile Legends competitive scene and confirms the growing interest in the game in this country. The M5 World Championship is expected to be held in a unique atmosphere, attracting the attention of millions of fans of the game and promising exciting battles between the best teams in the world.

ECHO defeats the champions

The Blacklist International team at the M3 World Championship demonstrated incredible skill, reaching the grand finals after defeating such strong opponents as RRQ Akira, RRQ Hoshi and ECHO. Their game with RRQ Hoshi was a true spectacle, setting a record for the number of viewers interested in the world of Mobile Legends.

At the same time, ECHO faced a tougher path, but they showed real grit and confidence by defeating RRQ Hoshi in the lower bracket final to advance to the grand finals.

ECHO becomes the third Filipino team

The main event proved dominant and straightforward as ECHO flawlessly dispatched the reigning world champions 4-0. This magnificent success earned ECHO a grand prize of $300,000. However, Blacklist International was also awarded $120,000 for second place.

ECHO’s triumph at the M4 World Championship

The M4 Mobile Legends World Championship was the final event of the 2022 competitive season, with 16 of the world’s best teams heading to Jakarta. This event was held with a high degree of tension and anticipation, and the victory of the ECHO team left an indelible mark on the history of the game.

The epic story of Team ECHO’s triumph at the M4 Mobile Legends World Championship was not only a celebration for fans, but also a milestone in the history of the game itself. Team ECHO not only dominated the tournament, but also managed to surprise everyone with their exciting performances, relying on their unique strategy and excellent gaming tactics.

M4 ECHO easily coped with last year's triumphant Black International

From the very beginning of the championship, ECHO demonstrated unwavering concentration and readiness to fight. Their performances at every stage of the tournament were truly breathtaking, with incredible charisma and passion for victory. The team’s path to the final was littered with overcoming various challenges and opponents, which only strengthened their determination to reach the top.

ECHO’s grand final performance against Blacklist International was the pinnacle of the entire tournament. With the score 4-0, they left no doubt about their superior performance. Bold maneuvers, excellent coordination and intelligent approach to the game allowed ECHO to achieve a convincing victory and provide the audience with exciting moments.

First two-time world champion

The first two-time world champion was awarded to Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno after his team ECHO won the M4 Championship. His achievement has become a symbol of outstanding leadership, unending dedication and gaming genius.

ECHO champions in Mobile Legends

Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno stands out among Mobile Legends players due to his contribution to the team’s victory, becoming a two-time world champion and leaving an indescribable mark on the history of the competition. His gaming style, strategies and incredible skills have made him not only a top player but also an inspiration to many fans of the game around the world.

Success leads to M5 moving to home country

The victory at the M4 World Championship opened a new page in the history of Mobile Legends, and it not only meant the triumph of Team ECHO, but also led to the relocation of the next M5 tournament to the home country of the winners. The Philippines, which has become the land of victory for ECHO, will now host the M5 next year.

The move is a testament to the game’s influence and appeal to the global community, and highlights the growing popularity of mobile eSports among millions of fans around the world.

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