Blacklist International became the winner of the MLBB M3 World Championship

The winning team

The M3 World Championship has become an important event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans and eSports fans around the world. This competition occupies a special place in the calendar of events, eagerly awaited by millions of players.
The M3 World Championship was held in Singapore with a prize fund of $800,000 thousand. It brought together the best players from all over the world, providing a good opportunity to compare strategies and skills of players.

Teams of the first day of the playoffs:

• Blacklist International is a team from the Philippines.
• BTK is a team from North America.
• Bedel is a team from Turkey.
• EVOS SG is a team from Singapore.

The first day of the playoffs

Tournament winning team: Blacklist International

Blacklist International is a team that displayed exceptional skill and detailed strategies during the MLBB M3 Championship. Their confident and effective playing decisions allowed them to overcome the difficulties and achieve a well-deserved victory. Unique combinations of heroes, a high level of coordination and well-coordinated work between the participants made Blacklist International worthy champions of the tournament. Their game reveals a bright individuality, which allowed them to stand out from other participants in the competition.

Before the grand final of the tournament, Onic looked like a team that had an advantage, as this team did not lose a single game in the playoffs. However, he was unable to show the same performance against Blacklist.

Onic, undefeated in the playoffs, failed to produce its best performance against Blacklist, which sparked interest from fans and critics.

The Blacklist team went through a difficult path at the International M3 Championship. They managed to close the games with a score of 3:0, their luck factors provided them with the opportunity to get into the upper bracket of the playoffs. But in the very first match they faced outsiders from North America – the BTK team. Despite fans expecting Blacklist to win easily, they lost the tight series 3-2.

Blacklist International’s dominance in the final series

In the final series of the M3 tournament for the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the Blacklist International team showed absolute dominance. This was noticeable from the very beginning of the matches. Led by outstanding playmaking and skillful strategy, Blacklist controlled the game with their tactics and compelling performances on the field.

Team Blacklist International
The team, once in the lower bracket, showed true resilience and perseverance, defeating rivals Keyd Stars, RRQ and EVOS SG. Thanks to these victories, they managed to make it to the finals of the lower bracket, where they again faced BTK. This time, Blacklist demonstrated their unique gaming strategy, winning with a score of 3:1. In addition to the silver trophy, the Philippine team took home $300,000 in prize money out of a total prize pool of $800,000. With their achievements, the Onic PH team also earned $120 thousand in this tournament.

M3 World Championship Tournament Highlights

There were many cool moments at the M3 World Championship that left unforgettable memories for spectators and participants. It is important to note a few key points of the competition that attracted attention:

  1. Epic Team Battles: The battles between professional teams were intense and exciting. Each match provided a unique opportunity to see the outstanding strategies and talents of the players.
  2. Unexpected turns of the game: During the tournament, there were several unexpected turns of events that changed the course of the game and left the spectators holding their breath.
  3. Individual Performances: Individual players demonstrated unique skills and prowess that stood out from the rest of the competition. Their great performances were one of the highlights of the tournament.
  4. Winners in various categories: Finally, it should be noted those who won in various nominations and categories of the tournament. Their work and dedication led to well-deserved successes and victories.

These moments made the M3 World Championship unforgettable and made Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans worry and rejoice for their favorites.

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