TOP 10 best skins for assassins in Mobile Legends

Top 10 best assassin skins in Mobile Legends. I’ll say right away that there will be no mention here of skins from the Lightborn or Zodiak series, since they are already widely known. I want to draw your attention to less popular images. A huge number of new images have appeared in the game, about the same number as weapon mods for Minecraft PE. This creates difficulties for players who have to make tough choices. Please share your opinion about the article in the comments. I tried to make it interesting. So let’s get started!

Skin for the hero Alucard the Advent Child

This skin is simply amazing! It stands out for its brutality and unique image, embodied in dark colors. The animation of the skills also leaves no one indifferent – it is full of dark tones, which will certainly appeal to connoisseurs of black. In general, this is a real find for everyone who is looking for a stylish and mysterious image in the game!

Top 10

Skin for the hero Hanzo Creepy Teacher

How often do we see Mobile players in elegant suits? Obviously rare. That is why this skin deserves our attention. It is ideal for lovers of style and elegance. I recommend it to anyone who wants to stand out among the crowd and create a unique image.

Top 9

Skin for the hero Natalya Gloomy Strangler

Natalia looks elegant and dangerous at the same time in this skin. The colors of the image were chosen perfectly – bright and pleasing to the eye.

Top 8

Skin for the hero Hayabusa Shadow Obscurus

This look is simply impressive in its presentation. He skillfully combines interesting details that never cease to amaze and captivate the eye, especially during skill animations. I personally think this skin is a real gem for Hai’s character. It perfectly highlights his style and personality, and is without a doubt the ideal choice for anyone who values quality and attention to detail.

Top 7

Skin for the hero Lancelot Royal Matador

Lancelot is the perfect assassin with mesmerizing beauty and impeccable elegance that can be even a little scary at times. However, this look looks beautiful, representative and at the same time restrained.

Top 6

Skin for the hero Fanny Lark

This girl just has a ton of cool looks and I can see how difficult it was to choose just one. But this skin is simply impressive with its atmosphere. In it, Fanny looks mysterious and sweet, so that opponents do not even realize her strength and do not expect an attack. This is a truly exciting combination that makes her look even more attractive and interesting.

Top 5

Skin for the hero Selena Flash of Lightning

This skin is just incredibly tricky! It doesn’t attract attention just with its cool appearance. The fact is that when a flying figure takes on such shades, it is really difficult to notice. This gives the player a huge advantage if he decides to choose this skin. Now he will be able to use this in his tactical maneuvers, surprise his opponents and act with an ease that they will not expect. This skin gives the player a real advantage on the battlefield and adds unpredictability to his actions.

Top 5

Skin for the hero Karin Spider Lily

Unfortunately, I very rarely see this look at game matches, although Karina is always very popular. Lily has such a stunning and stylish look with a bright red bob and beautiful tattoos. But what really fascinates me is the gorgeous coloring of the skin, which just adds a unique charm to it. How can you not fall in love with this uniqueness and attractiveness?!

Top 3

Skin for the hero Gosen Imperial Scorpion

Personally, I find the look below more attractive. My choice is due to the severity and sexuality that comes from this young Goose. In addition, his equipment is beautifully drawn and accentuates his figure. There are many small details in it, which, however, do not overload the image and do not seem unnecessary.

Top 2

Skin for the hero Ling Shadow of the Dragon

Oh yeah! This skin from the “Dragon” series simply could not remain out of my TOP. Ling looks great in this look! The wings, vibrant color and stunning visuals all come together to create a breathtaking picture. Even I, although I don’t play Ling very often, felt the urge to buy this skin. He is simply magnificent and cannot leave anyone indifferent!

Top 1

Half the fun of playing Mobile Legends is admiring your character’s colorful skins and being able to show them off to those who haven’t been able to dress up their hero in anything more interesting than his basic appearance.
It’s incredible that thanks to sales of new original character skins, this company was able to build a giant multinational empire. However, over time, some skins became rare, and the desire to own them only intensified, leading to a sharp increase in their value. We have selected for you 9 of the best of these rare skins.

This TOP has ended. Tell me, would you like to see similar ratings for other hero classes? I am always ready to share my recommendations. It was a pleasure spending time with you! See you again!

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