Ren’s resignation as AP Bren coach

AP Bren recently took to their official Facebook page to share some major news with their devoted fan base. In a surprising turn of events, Coach Vrendon “Vren” Pesebre has decided to bid farewell to the organization just before the highly anticipated MPL PH Season 13 kicks off. This unexpected departure has left the team in a state of flux, as they now find themselves without one of their most influential coaches as they gear up for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang competition.

Vren coach leaves AP Bren

The timing of Pesebre’s exit couldn’t be more intriguing, considering the incredible feat he achieved just a short while ago. It was under his expert guidance that Bren secured their second world championship title at the illustrious M5 World Championship held in December. Pesebre’s departure undoubtedly leaves a void within the organization, as he played an integral role in the team’s remarkable achievements throughout the previous year. AP Bren wasted no time in expressing their deep appreciation and utter admiration for the highly decorated coach.

In a heartfelt and poignant post on social media, AP Bren poured their emotions onto the screen, highlighting Pesebre’s unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership qualities. They made it clear that his invaluable contributions were instrumental in the team’s growth and overall success. The organization emphasized how Pesebre’s unshakeable belief in each player propelled them to surpass their own limitations, transforming them into an enhanced version of themselves. Under Pesebre’s expert tutelage, the team celebrated numerous victories, including their triumphs at the esteemed 32nd SEA Games, IESF 2023, MPL PH Season 12, and, of course, the monumental M5 World Championship.

As AP Bren navigates through the preparations for the upcoming Games of the Future and MPL PH Season 13, fans and supporters eagerly await news regarding the final composition of the team’s roster. The departure of Coach Vrendon “Vren” Pesebre undeniably marks a significant turning point for the organization. However, with their unwavering determination and a rich history of success, AP Bren remains poised to tackle any obstacles that may come their way and continue their quest for greatness in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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