VALORANT is preparing for the release of the first new weapon in the game

Changes are constantly happening in VALORANT, from map changes to new agents. However, there is something stable – your arsenal of weapons. This has been the case until now, until the upcoming moment.
After several years, VALORANT’s weapon system is set to undergo significant changes with the release of new weapons along with the launch of Episode 8 in January 2024.

Review of the new weapon OUTLAW

OUTLAW” is a sniper rifle with unique characteristics. Initially mentioned in the video, it was given a code name and is described as a weapon that occupies an intermediate position between the Marshal and Operator in its cost and, possibly, characteristics.

This innovation aroused interest among players, who began to discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages of the new sniper rifle. Some have expressed concerns about its impact on the game’s economy and the balance of power between playable characters.

Outlaw: new double-barreled sniper rifle

The Outlaw is a sniper rifle that will likely be a compromise between the existing sniper rifles in VALORANT: Marshal and Operator.

While there are no official details about the weapon’s mechanics, images that have surfaced online show that the Outlaw will have a dual-barrel silhouette, noticeably different from the Marshal’s sleek single barrel. At the same time, the weapon will not be as massive as the Operator. According to the ValorantUpdates Twitter account/X, the Outlaw will be able to fire two bullets at once, which would explain the dual barrels.

With a price tag of 2,400 credits, Outlaw is ideal as a compromise between the cost of the Marshal (950 credits) and the serious investment in Operator (4,700 credits).

New weapons and their impact on the meta in the game

The introduction of new weapons in VALORANT will likely impact the game’s current meta, where sniper rifles have been less in demand due to preference for automatic rifles such as the Phantom and Vandal. These two types of rifles usually provide the best combination of price and quality.

Unlike other games where sniper rifles are a common choice, in VALORANT their acquisition is limited not only by the economy, but also by the ability to effectively use the weapon.

With the release of Outlaw, players may be able to more effectively deal with enemy snipers who have low amounts of armor, which will change the game’s tactics and provide more variety in playstyles.

Analysis of the possible consequences of the introduction of new weapons

Assessing the impact of OUTLAW implementation includes predicting changes in the game’s meta and tactical structure. The impact of this new feature on gameplay and strategy could be significant and lead to a revision of current tactics.

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