TenZ from the Sentinels team shares his opinion on the new Valorant skin

The Evori Dreamwings Skin Collection Riot's Celestial Masterpiece in Valorant

Riot Games has just unveiled a brand new weapon skin for their popular tactical shooter Valorant, called “Evori Dreamwings.” This latest cosmetic offering is heavily inspired by the Star Guardian theme from Riot’s other hugely successful title, League of Legends. The “Evori Dreamwings” skin features a striking celestial design, with glowing wings and iridescent accents that give the weapons a truly magical aesthetic. Riot’s art team has done an excellent job of capturing the whimsical, fantastical essence of the Star Guardian lore and translating it into an impactful Valorant skin. Fans have been eagerly anticipating Riot’s next major skin release, and the “Evori Dreamwings” collection has certainly piqued the interest of the Valorant community. One player whose opinion carries significant weight is TenZ, a renowned star player for the Sentinels esports organization.

TenZ, widely regarded as one of the most mechanically gifted Valorant players in the world, took to his personal social media channels to share his thoughts on the new skin. In a series of posts, TenZ praised the visual design, noting how the celestial wings and shimmering effects add a striking flair to the weapons. He also commented on the satisfying audio cues, stating that the sounds of the “Evori Dreamwings” guns feel impactful and empowering to use. Beyond the aesthetic merits, TenZ highlighted how the new skin could potentially impact the in-game meta. He theorized that the distinct visual identity of the “Evori Dreamwings” guns may make them easier to track and identify on the battlefield, which could provide a tactical advantage for players who learn to recognize them quickly. This could lead to interesting strategic considerations, as teams may need to adapt their playstyles to account for the increased visibility of these flashy new weapons.

The Evori Dreamwings Skin Collection: Riot’s Celestial Masterpiece in Valorant

Riot Games has truly outdone themselves with the latest addition to Valorant’s ever-expanding cosmetic lineup – the “Evori Dreamwings” skin collection. This stunning visual offering takes its inspiration from the beloved Star Guardian theme, which has captivated players across Riot’s gaming universe, including the studio’s flagship title, League of Legends. The “Evori Dreamwings” skin features a mesmerizing celestial design, with each weapon adorned in shimmering iridescent accents and ethereal wings that seem to flutter with magical energy. The attention to detail in the animations is truly breathtaking, as players are treated to a dazzling display of summoned creatures, such as cats and mice, that appear during firing, weapon swapping, and reloading. One of the most vocal proponents of the new skin is TenZ, the renowned Sentinels player who is widely regarded as one of the most mechanically gifted Valorant competitors in the world. In a series of social media posts, TenZ praised the visual splendor of the “Evori Dreamwings” collection, highlighting the way the glowing wings and shimmering effects add a sense of power and impact to each gunshot. “The new skin just looks and feels incredible to use,” TenZ commented. “The way the wings unfurl and the creatures manifest during firing is truly something special. Riot has really outdone themselves in capturing the essence of the Star Guardian theme.”

However, TenZ also acknowledged that the abundance of animations and visual effects could potentially be a double-edged sword. While the skin undoubtedly offers a breathtaking aesthetic, the constant activity on the screen may prove to be a distraction for some players, potentially impacting their ability to maintain focus on the gameplay. “The skin is so visually striking that it almost becomes a bit too much at times,” TenZ admitted. “I can see how the constant animations and creature summoning could be overwhelming for some players, especially in the heat of an intense match. It would be great if Riot could implement an option to toggle off the skin’s effects for a more streamlined experience.” TenZ’s feedback highlights an important consideration for Riot as they continue to push the boundaries of Valorant’s cosmetic offerings. While the community undoubtedly appreciates the studio’s creativity and attention to detail, there is a delicate balance to be struck between visual splendor and gameplay integrity. In the case of the “Evori Dreamwings” skin, the sheer amount of activity on the screen, while undeniably captivating, could potentially hinder a player’s ability to track enemy movements, anticipate ability usage, and make split-second decisions that are crucial to success in Valorant’s high-stakes competitive environment. Interestingly, this is not the first time Riot has faced such a dilemma. The introduction of the popular “Reaver” skin collection in 2021 saw similar concerns raised by the community, with some players arguing that the dark, ominous aesthetic of the weapons made them harder to visually track during gameplay.

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Riot’s response to this feedback was the implementation of a “Weapon Inspection” feature, which allowed players to manually inspect their chosen skins and toggle between different variants. This feature was well-received by the community, as it provided a level of customization that catered to individual preferences. Given the overwhelmingly positive response to the “Evori Dreamwings” skin from both TenZ and the broader Valorant playerbase, it is likely that Riot will explore similar avenues to address the concerns raised about visual distractions. The implementation of a client-side toggle, as suggested by TenZ, could prove to be a game-changing solution, empowering players to tailor their experience to their individual needs. Beyond the visual aspects, the “Evori Dreamwings” skin collection also carries significant monetary value for Riot Games. The full set, which includes the weapon skin, melee weapon, five player cards, five titles, and graffiti, is available for purchase in the Valorant in-game store for a hefty 9,900 VP. Alternatively, players can opt to acquire individual weapon skins for 2,475 VP or the melee weapon for 4,950 VP. This pricing structure is in line with Riot’s broader monetization strategy for Valorant, which has been a topic of much discussion within the community. Some players have expressed concerns about the high costs associated with the game’s cosmetic offerings, arguing that they can create a barrier to entry for casual or budget-conscious gamers.

However, Riot has maintained that the revenue generated from these sales is essential for the ongoing development and support of Valorant, as well as the studio’s ability to continue delivering high-quality content and experience updates for the game’s rapidly growing playerbase. Moreover, the studio has emphasized the optional nature of these cosmetic purchases, stating that they do not provide any gameplay advantages and are purely for aesthetic purposes. This, in theory, ensures that the game’s competitive integrity remains intact, as players are not able to purchase their way to success. Regardless of the ongoing debate surrounding Valorant’s monetization model, it is clear that the “Evori Dreamwings” skin collection has captured the imagination of the community. The level of detail and craftsmanship on display is a testament to Riot’s commitment to delivering visually stunning and thematically cohesive content for their players. As the Valorant ecosystem continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how Riot navigates the delicate balance between artistic expression and practical considerations. The feedback provided by influential players like TenZ will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the game’s cosmetic offerings, ensuring that Valorant remains a visually captivating and strategically engaging experience for all.

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