Player Jamppi banned from CS:GO moved to Valorant


Elias Jamppi Olkkonen announced his retirement from CS:GO and moved to Valorant.

At the moment, the player has not said which team he will play for. He thanked ENCE for the time spent in the team. Jamppi began his professional career in CS:GO in 2017.

Elias Jamppi Olkkonen

Transition to Valorant: causes and consequences

Jamppi’s move to Valorant symbolizes a strategic change in his career. The tantalizing prospect of a new competitive field and opportunities without VAC bans may have influenced his decision. This move raises questions about which team he might partner with in Valorant.

Team Suggestions

As of now, Jumppi has not revealed information about his future team attachment in Valorant. In the electronic sports community, the king is promoting possible partnerships or organizations with global countries he can team up with, adding anticipation and excitement among fans.

Elias Jamppi Olkkonen CS:GO

Due to a VAC ban received in 2015, Olkkonen cannot compete at Valve majors. The player filed a lawsuit against the CS:GO developers, but the court ruled that it did not have the necessary jurisdiction over such incidents, so further study of the case is impossible. Vpesports reported that Valve could lift the VAC ban from Jamppi. The player and his lawyers are preparing a new lawsuit.

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