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Miya, the Moonlight Archer, is an extraordinary marksman hero and one of the original and beloved characters in the widely popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This remarkable heroine possesses an exceptional blend of attack speed and multi-shot enhancements, along with commendable crowd control capabilities. Adding to her prowess, she possesses an ultimate ability that can be tactically employed for both initiating engagements and making daring escapes. These remarkable qualities have made her a cherished favorite among players of all levels, from novices to those with intermediate skills.

If you aspire to master the art of playing as Miya, fear not, for we have the perfect solution. VPEsports has crafted an all-encompassing guide that will assist you in achieving your desired level of expertise. This comprehensive guide not only provides recommendations for emblems and battle spells, but also offers valuable insights into the optimal build for Miya, as well as expert advice on skill combinations. With this guide as your trusted companion, you will be well-equipped to embark on your journey towards becoming a formidable force with Miya, regardless of your current level of skill.

Miya’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Moon Blessing

Whenever Miya lands a basic attack on a target, her attack speed receives a percentage-based boost that lasts for a few seconds. This effect can accumulate up to a certain limit, allowing Miya’s attack speed to progressively increase with each successful hit.

  • When Miya successfully strikes her target with a basic attack, something extraordinary happens. Her attack speed undergoes a remarkable surge, increasing by a certain percentage for a limited duration. This exhilarating effect can be stacked multiple times, building up Miya’s attack speed with each consecutive hit.
  • But that’s not all. When Miya reaches the pinnacle of her stacking prowess, a wondrous occurrence takes place. A Moonlight Shadow materializes, becoming her faithful companion and contributing to each of her basic attacks. This enigmatic ally deals damage based on Miya’s formidable physical attack power, further enhancing her offensive capabilities.
  • To aid players in harnessing this power, an intuitive indicator is thoughtfully positioned below Miya’s HP and mana bar. This ingenious feature allows players to effortlessly keep track of the number of stacks, ensuring they’re always aware of Miya’s current potential for devastation.

First skill – Moon Arrow

With every basic attack, Miya unleashes a remarkable display of archery prowess. Not content with a single arrow, she expertly fires two additional arrows in quick succession. The primary target of her attack bears the brunt of her full damage, while the secondary targets suffer a slightly reduced impact.

This extraordinary feat of marksmanship persists for a duration of several seconds, allowing Miya to unleash a flurry of arrows upon her foes. The precision and speed with which she executes these attacks make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • The secondary arrows triggered by Miya’s basic attacks can activate attack effects like critical damage and lifesteal.
  • Level up this skill first as it is essential for efficient farming.
  • Move closer to the target to ensure the extra arrows are released, as they won’t activate at maximum range.
  • Be mindful of your position and avoid leaving enemies behind you, as the secondary arrows only target enemies in front of Miya.

Second skill – Arrow of Eclipse

Prepare to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle that is Miya’s ultimate ability. With a resolute focus, she releases a formidable arrow that surges towards the designated target area, unleashing devastation upon her foes. Upon impact, the arrow not only inflicts substantial damage upon all enemies within its reach but also immobilizes them, rendering them helpless in the face of Miya’s might.

But the display of power doesn’t end there. In a breathtaking display of precision, the arrow fragments into a multitude of smaller projectiles, scattering in all directions. Each of these smaller arrows seeks out the first enemy they encounter, delivering a punishing blow and slowing their movements. This relentless assault ensures that no enemy can escape the wrath of Miya’s unstoppable barrage.

  • This skill is Miya’s sole crowd control ability.
  • Immobilized enemy heroes retain the ability to utilize basic attacks and skills.
  • It’s important to note that certain heroes can still employ blink or charge abilities despite being immobilized.
  • Keep in mind that this ability cannot be used to uncover enemies concealed within bushes, as striking them will not reveal their whereabouts.

Ultimate – Hidden Moonlight

Miya purges all negative effects from herself and enters a state of concealment, granting her increased movement speed. This effect remains active for a brief duration or until she initiates an attack.

  • Upon exiting the state of concealment, she acquires complete stacks of Moon Blessing, rendering it a formidable method for launching unexpected attacks.
  • Additionally, this ability serves as a valuable means of escape since she lacks a blink or dash skill.
  • Nevertheless, it is important to note that this skill does not eliminate the effects of suppression, such as those present in Kaja’s ultimate, Divine Judgment, or Franco’s ultimate, Bloody Hunt.
  • Despite being invisible to enemy vision, she remains vulnerable to area-of-effect spells and can still be struck by them.

How to play as Miya in Mobile Legends Recommended combat spell

When it comes to selecting a battle spell for Miya, the decision should be based on your individual playstyle and the specific composition of your team.

If you have confidence in your team’s ability to provide protection while you unleash devastating damage from the backline, Inspire can be an excellent choice. This spell will boost your attack speed, physical penetration, and lifesteal, allowing you to excel in dealing damage.

On the other hand, if you prioritize a more cautious approach, Flicker is a reliable option. This versatile spell can be used defensively to reposition yourself or escape from dangerous situations. Additionally, it can be employed offensively by utilizing it after activating Hidden Moonlight, enabling you to quickly blink to the enemy backline and catch them off guard.

Remember, the choice of battle spell should align with your preferred playstyle and the needs of your team. Experiment with different spells to find the one that best suits your strategic approach as Miya.

Recommended emblem

The Marksman emblem is the perfect fit for Miya, as it offers a substantial boost to her attack speed, adaptive attack, and lifesteal, making it an essential choice for maximizing her potential on the battlefield.

When it comes to subtalents, Swift is a fantastic option for increasing Miya’s attack speed even further, while Weapons Master allows her to gain additional physical attack from her equipment, emblem, and skills, significantly amplifying her overall damage output. Alternatively, in the second tier, Bargain Hunter presents an intriguing alternative by reducing the cost of equipment, enabling Miya to obtain her core items more rapidly and gain an early advantage.

In the final tier, the primary talent of choice is Weakness Finder. This remarkable talent empowers Miya to significantly slow down her targets and reduce their attack speed, effectively impairing their ability to retaliate. However, if a more defensive approach is desired, Quantum Charge can be an attractive option. This talent provides periodic HP restoration and grants extra movement speed whenever Miya lands basic attacks, enhancing her survivability and agility during intense engagements.

Miya best build

As the main damage dealer for your team, it’s vital to create a well-rounded build that combines attack speed and damage items.

To start off, prioritize purchasing Swift Boots for increased attack speed. Then, proceed to build Haas’ Claws, Windtalker, Berserker’s Fury, and Malefic Roar. These items will significantly enhance your damage output. As for the final item slot, consider opting for a defensive item to bolster your survivability.

If the enemy team heavily relies on physical damage, Wind of Nature is an excellent choice. It provides temporary immunity to physical damage, granting you a crucial advantage during critical moments. On the other hand, if the enemy team poses a significant magical threat, consider acquiring Athena’s Shield.

This item offers a substantial boost to magic defense, ensuring you can withstand their onslaught. Alternatively, Rose Gold Meteor is another viable option. It not only increases magic defense but also provides additional physical attack, lifesteal, and a shield that activates when your HP falls below a certain threshold.

Remember, adapting your item build to the specific circumstances of the match and the composition of the enemy team is essential for maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield.

  • Swift Boots
  • Haas’ Claws
  • Windtalker
  • Berserker’s Fury
  • Malefic Roar
  • Wind of Nature

Alternatively, you have the option to go for the Trinity Build, which consists of Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff. This build focuses on maximizing attack speed and utilizing powerful attack effects. To round out your inventory, consider including Malefic Roar for additional armor penetration. Additionally, you can choose between Wind of Nature or Athena’s Shield based on the enemy team composition and their primary source of damage. Wind of Nature provides temporary immunity to physical damage, while Athena’s Shield offers a significant boost to magic defense. Selecting the most suitable defensive item will help bolster your survivability in battle.

  • Tough Boots
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Golden Staff
  • Malefic Roar
  • Wind of Nature

Easy combo to learn

During the laning phase, leverage the potential of Arrow of Eclipse and Moon Arrow to apply constant pressure on your opponent and swiftly clear minion waves. This proactive approach will establish your dominance in the lane and contribute to the progression of your item build.

Once you have secured one or two core items, it’s time to execute Miya’s devastating combo, catching your enemies off guard with precision.

Take advantage of the element of surprise by positioning yourself strategically within a bush, patiently awaiting the perfect moment to strike. Once you have identified your target, activate Hidden Moonlight to ensure optimal positioning for the impending engagement.

Seize the opportunity by utilizing Arrow of Eclipse to immobilize your enemy, followed swiftly by triggering Moon Arrow to enhance the impact of your basic attacks. And don’t forget to activate Inspire, if available, to unleash a flurry of rapid attacks, bolstering your attack speed and penetrating the enemy’s defenses.

When selecting your targets, prioritize focusing on squishy heroes, such as marksmen, mages, or assassins. Their relatively lower durability makes them prime targets for elimination, tipping the scales of the battle in your favor.

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