Mobile Legends Experience Lines: Why Everyone Should Master Esmeralda?

Esmeralda, the beloved hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has become a staple pick in the EXP lane since the implementation of the laning system. With her versatile mage/tank abilities, she has gained popularity in both ranked matches and professional play, boasting an impressive win rate. If you’re an EXP laner in Mobile Legends, here are three compelling reasons to choose Esmeralda and master her unique playstyle.

Reasons why you should spend time on Esmeralda in MLBB

Esmeralda shines brightly as a formidable force against a wide array of offlaners in the dynamic world of Mobile Legends. Her Frostmoon Shield not only allows her to absorb the enemy’s shields, but also adds a layer of resilience to her own health pool. And with her innate ability, Starmoon Casket, she effortlessly bypasses shield effects while converting her own shield into precious health points.

The true beauty lies in the elegant dance between her Frostmoon Shield and the graceful moves of Stardust Dance, empowering Esmeralda to consistently poke and prod her opponents, forcing them to retreat from her lane. To amplify this deadly combination, it is of utmost importance to prioritize acquiring the Enchanted Talisman as your very first core item. By doing so, you unlock the full potential of Esmeralda’s skillset, granting you the freedom to unleash devastating assaults more frequently.

In the face of formidable adversaries such as Dyrroth or Thamuz, Esmeralda’s mastery lies in her ability to adapt. By harnessing the shielding and swift movement bestowed upon her by her first skill, she can adopt a more defensive playstyle, ensuring survival and creating valuable space for her allies to flourish.

In the ever-changing battlefield, it is crucial to be prepared for every eventuality. When confronted with a team that wields an arsenal of crowd control abilities, the wise choice is to embrace the Purify battle spell. Through this spell, Esmeralda gains the power to cleanse herself from the clutches of debilitating crowd control effects, enabling her to maintain her grace and dominance in the heat of battle.

Hero Characteristics

Like any hero, Esmeralda has initial characteristics that she has after the start of the game. As the level increases, their value also increases:

  • Health points (HP) – 2573.
  • Mana points (MP) – 502.
  • Physical attack – 114.
  • Magic power – 0.
  • Impact speed – 1.
  • Movement speed – 240.
  • Health regeneration – 7.2.
  • Mana regeneration – 20.
  • Physical defense – 21.
  • Magic defense – 15.

Team rush for Esmeralda

Esmeralda is more than just a formidable melee hero; she’s a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Her strength and skills bring immense value to any team composition, making her a valuable asset from the get-go. But it’s in her partnerships with heroes who possess powerful area-of-effect (AoE) abilities and crowd control skills that she truly shines. Together, they form a fearsome combination that keeps enemies in check and creates opportunities for victory.

The key to unlocking Esmeralda’s full potential lies in having a reliable tank by her side. A tank that can withstand enemy damage and crowd control effects allows Esmeralda to focus on what she does best: unleashing devastating attacks on weakened foes. This synergy is exemplified in her remarkable coordination with Tigreal, whose exceptional crowd control abilities complement her own prowess. Their teamwork can truly turn the tide of battle.

However, it’s important to note that Esmeralda may face challenges when confronted by heroes like Carrie and Hayabusa, who possess remarkable abilities to penetrate shields and disrupt her gameplay. On the other hand, she thrives in encounters against heroes such as Johnson and Phoveus, who rely heavily on their robust shields for defense.

Esmeralda’s adaptability and versatility are what make her a vital asset in team compositions that prioritize crowd control and AoE damage. With the right allies by her side and strategic coordination, she becomes a force to be reckoned with, leading her team to glorious victories on the battlefield.

Effective againstIneffective against
Popol and KupaValir

Esmeralda is flexible when it comes to assembling items

Once Esmeralda has upgraded her boots and obtained the coveted Enchanted Talisman, she gains the flexibility to adapt her item build to suit the team’s needs.

Consider the wise choice of purchasing Oracle, a valuable addition that enhances shield effects. Additionally, Dominance Ice, Immortality, and Blade Armor are formidable defensive options that can fortify Esmeralda’s resilience on the battlefield. However, if the situation demands that she takes on a more aggressive role as one of the team’s primary damage dealers, items such as Holy Crystal and Ice Queen Wand can be woven into her build, unleashing devastating magical prowess. It’s crucial to strike a delicate balance by incorporating defensive items alongside offensive ones to ensure Esmeralda’s survivability.

To fully unlock the potential of this adaptable build, I highly recommend selecting the Mage emblem. This emblem not only amplifies Esmeralda’s magical abilities but also complements her playstyle, allowing her to shine brightly amidst the chaos of battle. Embrace the power of the Mage emblem and witness Esmeralda’s true potential unfold before your eyes.

Popular Item Builds

Mage + tank

The most popular is the half-mage-half-tank assembly. Below is one of the best builds with balanced defense and damage:

  1. Warrior Boots – increases physical defense.
  2. Enchanted Talisman – speeds up reload time and provides fast mana regeneration.
  3. Dominance of Ice – reduces shield effects and enemy regeneration, and provides physical protection.
  4. Oracle – strengthening shields.
  5. Spiked armor is a source of physical protection and will allow you to inflict physical damage on attacking enemies.
  6. Shining armor – a lot of magical protection and additional health regeneration.

Additional items (as appropriate):

  1. Breastplate of Brute Strength – increases physical and magical defense.
  2. Immortality – allows you to resurrect after death.

Assembly into the forest

  1. Starlium braid.
  2. Magic boots of the ice hunter.
  3. Paradise feather.
  4. Sacred crystal.
  5. Cuirass of Brute Strength.
  6. Oracle.

Situational items:

  1. Shining armor.
  2. Immortality.

Esmeralda plays a huge role in the team and in completing tasks

Esmeralda’s prowess extends far beyond the laning phase, making her a formidable presence during the mid to late game when team fights erupt and crucial objectives hang in the balance.

With a well-forged arsenal of items, she transforms into a resilient tank, fearlessly absorbing damage amidst the chaotic clashes. Alternatively, her ultimate ability, Falling Starmoon, allows her to gracefully leap into the heart of the enemy’s backline, disrupting their strategies and sowing panic.

When the game revolves around securing the mighty Lord, Esmeralda’s adaptability shines through. She strategically pushes lanes, swiftly returning to the Lord’s pit when needed, utilizing the swiftness granted by Frostmoon Shield’s movement speed bonus.

Flanking maneuvers become an art form in Esmeralda’s hands as she disrupts the enemy formation, throwing their plans into disarray. Her keen senses uncover hidden foes lurking in bushes, enabling her to swiftly neutralize threats and create space for her team as they secure the Lord.

During intense turret sieges, Esmeralda’s commanding presence on the frontline acts as an impenetrable shield, allowing the marksman to rain down devastating attacks on enemy structures without fear of retaliation. Together, they form an unstoppable duo, dismantling the enemy’s defenses with precision and grace.

Esmeralda’s impact transcends the early stages of the game, making her an invaluable asset in team fights and objective-oriented gameplay. Embrace her power, adapt to the shifting tides of battle, and lead your team to victory in the climactic moments of the game.

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