Top 3 Heroes for Countering Gusion in Mobile Legends

Gusion, the favored choice of Mobile Legends’ assassin mains, is renowned for his swift movements, devastating burst damage, and the sheer enjoyment derived from mastering his intricate yet gratifying combos. Seasoned Gusion players present a formidable challenge to their opponents, as once he lands his Sword Spike, it often results in an almost guaranteed kill, regardless of the target’s location on the map.

His unparalleled agility, facilitated by rapid dashes and teleportation, makes him a true nightmare to confront, particularly for teams lacking crowd control abilities. Engaging with a skilled Gusion demands careful planning and precise execution to disrupt his combo or possess skills that provide temporary immunity during crucial team fights.

When it comes to countering the Holy Blade in the Land of Dawn, there are several heroes who can effectively neutralize his impact. These heroes possess unique abilities and strategies that can turn the tide against Gusion, thwarting his deadly intentions and undermining his dominance on the battlefield. By leveraging their strengths and exploiting his weaknesses, these heroes provide a fighting chance against the elusive and deadly Gusion.

Three strong Gusion counters in Mobile Legends


Ruby, with her unparalleled prowess, strikes fear into the hearts of Gusion mains, emerging as their ultimate nightmare. The sheer versatility of her second skill, aptly named “Don’t run, Wolf King!”, disrupts Gusion’s meticulously planned combos, leaving him bewildered and vulnerable in team fights. This skill’s remarkably short cooldown of just seven seconds makes it a perpetual threat, rendering Gusion’s attempts to burst her down a futile endeavor. What sets Ruby apart is not only her ability to withstand Gusion’s onslaught but also her innate agility. Her passive skill allows her to dash after every skill, granting her a remarkable level of mobility and evasiveness. This means that even Gusion’s deadly Sword Spike, known for its accuracy and lethality, may miss its mark when faced with Ruby’s swift and unpredictable movements.

To survive the early game onslaught of Gusion, acquiring Athena’s Shield becomes an essential strategy. This defensive item provides the much-needed magical resistance, mitigating a significant portion of Gusion’s burst damage. However, the battle against Gusion doesn’t end there. As the game progresses and Gusion gains more power, strategic item choices become crucial. Oracle, with its enhanced shield and regeneration effects, further bolsters Ruby’s durability against Gusion’s relentless assaults. In addition, Immortality serves as a valuable insurance policy, granting Ruby a second chance at life when faced with the Holy Blade’s deadliest blows. Ruby’s unique skills and itemization make her the perfect counterplay option against Gusion. A skilled Ruby player can disrupt Gusion’s rhythm, thwarting his plans and turning the tide of battle in her favor. The clash between Ruby and Gusion becomes a contest of wits and agility, as each tries to outmaneuver and outplay the other. It is a testament to Ruby’s strength and adaptability that she stands as Gusion’s most formidable adversary, proving that even the Holy Blade has met his match in the Land of Dawn.


When it comes to speed and agility, there’s no assassin quicker than Hayabusa in Mobile Legends. He stands as a prime counter to Gusion, thanks to his exceptional mobility and unique skill set. One of his standout abilities is his second skill, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, which grants him the ability to teleport multiple times within a large area for a few seconds. This incredible maneuverability makes it extremely challenging for Gusion to land his deadly Sword Spike. Hayabusa’s swift movements, combined with his shadow clones, create a disorienting scenario for Gusion, forcing him to struggle in his attempts to accurately target Hayabusa.

If Hayabusa manages to successfully connect with Sword Spike while Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow is active, he can unleash his ultimate skill, Ougi: Shadow Kill. This powerful move not only deals significant damage but also provides Hayabusa with temporary invulnerability, rendering him impervious to Gusion’s retaliatory strikes. This combination of mobility, versatility, and invincibility makes Hayabusa a force to be reckoned with in the face of Gusion’s onslaught. To effectively counter Gusion with Hayabusa, it is highly recommended to invest time in practicing his gameplay mechanics. Familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow, such as timing and positioning, is crucial for maximizing its potential. By honing your skills and understanding the nuances of Hayabusa’s playstyle, you can confidently take on Gusion, knowing that you have the advantage in terms of mobility and evasiveness.

While Hayabusa offers a promising counter to Gusion, it’s important to note that skill and strategy still play a significant role in achieving success. Proper decision-making, map awareness, and teamwork are essential elements that contribute to victory. Therefore, it’s advisable to not only focus on mastering Hayabusa’s abilities but also to enhance your overall gameplay skills to effectively counter Gusion’s threat. In conclusion, Hayabusa’s unparalleled speed, mobility, and unique skill set make him an exceptional counter to Gusion. With Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow and Ougi: Shadow Kill at his disposal, Hayabusa can outmaneuver and outplay Gusion, turning the tables in battles. By dedicating time to practice and refining your Hayabusa gameplay, you can confidently engage in combat against the Holy Blade, knowing that you have the upper hand.


Minsitthar emerges as a formidable adversary when confronted with heroes who heavily rely on blinks and dashes to outmaneuver their opponents. His ultimate skill, King’s Calling, unleashes a vast area of influence around him, effectively disabling any directional blink abilities within its range. This impressive capability alone proves to be a game-changer against heroes like Gusion, as it prevents him from utilizing his Sword Spike or unleashing the devastating power of his ultimate, Incandescence. Consequently, Gusion’s impact in team fights becomes significantly diminished unless he strategically maneuvers himself outside of the area of effect.

To effectively counter the destructive potential of Gusion, it is of utmost importance for Minsitthar players to maintain close proximity to their team’s marksmen or mages during team engagements. By doing so, they can act as a protective shield, thwarting Gusion’s attempts to swiftly eliminate these vulnerable but high-value targets. When Gusion initiates his assault by employing Sword Spike and swiftly closing the distance towards either you or your teammate, it becomes crucial to activate King’s Calling promptly. This disruption serves to dismantle Gusion’s combo, buying precious time for your allies to retaliate and seize control of the situation. Following up with Shield Assault, which effectively stuns Gusion in place, creates a window of opportunity for your teammates to unleash their firepower and deliver the finishing blows.

The key to achieving success lies in the art of coordination and precise timing. By synchronizing your abilities with the movements of Gusion and your fellow teammates, you can effectively neutralize his threat and shift the tide of battle in your team’s favor. Effective communication, strategic planning, and capitalizing on Minsitthar’s crowd control capabilities are paramount to securing victories against Gusion and other blink-heavy adversaries. In essence, Minsitthar’s King’s Calling ability stands as an invaluable weapon in the face of heroes like Gusion, whose reliance on blinks and dashes make them formidable opponents. By adeptly utilizing this ultimate power in conjunction with Shield Assault, Minsitthar players can disrupt Gusion’s carefully orchestrated combos, effectively immobilize him, and create an opportune moment for their teammates to swiftly neutralize him. By honing your teamwork and harnessing the unique strengths of Minsitthar, you can confidently confront Gusion, knowing that you possess the means to turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.

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