The Top 5 Heroes for Countering Luo Yi in Mobile Legends

Luo Yi, a remarkable mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possesses the extraordinary ability to manipulate the opposing forces of yin and yang. Through her exceptional Duality passive, she not only inflicts immense damage upon her foes but also has the power to draw them closer together, leaving them vulnerable to her stunning abilities known as Dispersion and Rotation. Furthermore, her adeptness in spellcasting grants her a protective shield and enhanced movement speed when targeting enemy heroes, enabling her to skillfully outmaneuver and outwit her adversaries.

On top of her impressive repertoire, Luo Yi’s ultimate skill, Diversion, sets her apart by granting her the ability to instantly teleport herself and her allies to any desired location. This incredible skill can be strategically employed to launch surprise attacks from unexpected angles or to make a swift escape from relentless pursuers. However, it is worth noting that adversaries equipped with strong control abilities and exceptional mobility can effectively counter Luo Yi’s formidable skills and tactics.

Here are five powerful heroes to counter Luo Yi in MLBB


Kaja possesses a unique ability to counter Luo Yi using his ultimate skill, Divine Judgment. This powerful skill applies a suppression effect that cannot be nullified by Purify, allowing Kaja to forcibly pull Luo Yi towards a disadvantageous position or remove her from the area affected by her ultimate. When engaging Luo Yi, it is recommended to initiate the assault by swiftly closing the distance using either Flicker or Sprint. By utilizing Hero Lock Mode, Kaja can precisely target Luo Yi with Divine Judgment, effectively immobilizing her and preventing any escape attempts. Following up with Lightning Bomb, Kaja can strategically maneuver Luo Yi closer to his teammates, setting her up for a coordinated attack.

To maximize the effectiveness of the attack, Kaja can further contribute damage by casting Ring of Order. However, it is crucial to rely on the support and coordination of teammates to secure the elimination of Luo Yi. For players assuming the role of a roamer, it is advisable to prioritize the construction of Athena’s Shield. This item provides valuable magic damage mitigation, helping to withstand Luo Yi’s potent magical assaults and increasing overall survivability.

By employing these strategies and leveraging Kaja’s unique abilities, players can effectively neutralize Luo Yi’s presence on the battlefield, turning the tides of battle in their favor.


Natalia is a formidable hero when it comes to countering Luo Yi, thanks to her exceptional ability to move stealthily and execute devastating combos. Her kit provides the perfect tools for ambushing and taking down Luo Yi with precision. To prepare for the ambush, Natalia relies on her Assassin Instinct. By spending time hidden in bushes, she activates the conceal state, enhancing her stealth and making it harder for enemies to detect her presence. This allows her to carefully navigate between bushes, actively searching for Luo Yi’s whereabouts.

Once Natalia has located Luo Yi, she strikes with a lethal combo. She initiates the assault by unleashing an empowered basic attack from Assassin Instinct, inflicting significant damage while silencing Luo Yi, preventing her from utilizing her abilities effectively. Without the means to retaliate, Luo Yi becomes vulnerable to Natalia’s next move. Following up swiftly, Natalia triggers The Hunt, delivering another amplified attack that ensures Luo Yi’s demise. The combination of precise strikes and overwhelming damage leaves little chance for Luo Yi to escape unscathed.

To ensure a safe retreat from the encounter, Natalia employs her Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb abilities. With the agility granted by Claw Dash, she swiftly dashes away from the battle, creating distance between herself and any potential threats. Additionally, Natalia utilizes Smoke Bomb to create a smokescreen, shrouding the area in darkness and confusion, providing a valuable window for her escape. By utilizing Natalia’s unique skill set and employing these well-coordinated tactics, players can effectively counter Luo Yi, leveraging stealth, precision, and devastating combos to secure victory on the battlefield.


Wanwan, the highly agile marksman, possesses a set of skills that make her a formidable counter to Luo Yi. Her passive ability, Tiger Pace, grants her exceptional mobility, allowing her to swiftly navigate the battlefield and outmaneuver her opponents. This makes her a perfect choice when facing off against the Yin-yang Geomancer. In order to effectively engage Luo Yi, Wanwan must employ evasive tactics. By constantly moving in unpredictable patterns from side to side during her attacks, she can effectively dodge Luo Yi’s spells and minimize the damage inflicted upon her. This nimble footwork ensures that Wanwan maintains the upper hand in the confrontation.

To exploit Luo Yi’s vulnerabilities, Wanwan can unleash her Swallow’s Path skill. This powerful ability not only marks Luo Yi but also stuns her, creating a window of opportunity to unleash devastating attacks. By capitalizing on these moments of weakness, Wanwan can swiftly turn the tide of battle in her favor. When Luo Yi’s weaknesses have been exposed, Wanwan’s ultimate ability, Crossbow of Tang, becomes a formidable tool. With precision and deadly accuracy, Wanwan can deal a decisive blow, ensuring Luo Yi’s defeat. This ultimate ability showcases Wanwan’s skill as a master marksman and leaves little room for her opponents to escape.

In the event that Wanwan does get hit by Luo Yi’s spells, she can rely on her Needles in Flowers ability to remove any debuffs and cleanse herself. This ensures that Wanwan remains in peak condition, ready to continue her assault and overcome any obstacles that come her way. Furthermore, if Luo Yi attempts to mitigate Wanwan’s attacks by using Winter Truncheon, Wanwan can exercise patience and wait for the effect to wear off before resuming her assault. By timing her attacks effectively, Wanwan can maximize her damage output and secure the elimination of Luo Yi.

Through Wanwan’s exceptional mobility, precise marksmanship, and strategic decision-making, players can effectively counter Luo Yi’s abilities and emerge victorious in their encounters. Wanwan’s unique skill set and adaptability make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Selena possesses a distinct advantage with her Abyssal Trap, granting her the ability to effectively scout enemy positions. When countering Luo Yi, it is essential to strategically place Abyssal Traps in key locations, such as bushes. This allows Selena to gain valuable insights into Luo Yi’s potential movements and preempt her surprise attacks, especially when combined with her Diversion ability. This strategic approach becomes particularly crucial during critical moments when your team is focused on securing important objectives like the Lord or Turtle. By placing Abyssal Traps strategically, Selena can gather crucial information about Luo Yi’s positioning and potential ambush points, providing a significant tactical advantage.

Once Luo Yi has been located, it is time to unleash Selena’s arsenal of skills. Initiate the attack by launching Abyssal Arrow, a powerful ability that stuns Luo Yi and temporarily immobilizes her. This momentary vulnerability creates a precious window of opportunity to activate Selena’s ultimate ability, Primal Darkness. By triggering Primal Darkness, Selena enters her formidable Abyssal Form, gaining enhanced abilities and becoming a potent threat on the battlefield.

With Luo Yi stunned and exposed, it is time to capitalize on this advantage. Execute the devastating Soul Eater-Garotte combo, leveraging Selena’s lethal skills to swiftly eliminate Luo Yi from the fight. This lethal combination of abilities showcases Selena’s prowess as a versatile and deadly hero. By employing these strategic tactics and utilizing Selena’s unique abilities, players can effectively counter Luo Yi’s maneuvers and secure victory in battles. Selena’s Abyssal Trap provides invaluable reconnaissance, allowing for precise positioning and the timely execution of powerful combinations. Embrace Selena’s distinctive playstyle and dominate the battlefield with her unparalleled scouting prowess and lethal skills.


Benedetta possesses an impressive combination of mobility and crowd control resistance, making her a standout hero for countering Luo Yi. Her unique skill set provides both offensive and defensive capabilities that can tip the scales in your favor. When facing Luo Yi, Benedetta can initiate the attack with her powerful skill, Alecto: Final Blow. This ability inflicts significant damage on Luo Yi and closes the distance between them, preventing her from maintaining a safe distance. By utilizing this skill, Benedetta can quickly narrow the gap and put pressure on Luo Yi.

To maximize the impact of her assault, Benedetta can combine her ultimate ability with the Petrify battle spell. Petrify adds an extra layer of crowd control to her attacks, further impeding Luo Yi’s ability to escape or retaliate. Benedetta’s skill, An Eye for An Eye, is a valuable tool for countering Luo Yi’s control spells. By activating this ability, Benedetta can nullify Luo Yi’s attempts to immobilize or manipulate her movements, effectively turning the tables on her. It provides Benedetta with the freedom to continue her onslaught without being hindered by Luo Yi’s crowd control effects.

To seal the deal, Benedetta can unleash her devastating skill, Phantom Slash, to deliver the killing blow. This powerful attack can swiftly eliminate Luo Yi from the battlefield, leaving her allies vulnerable and significantly weakening their team’s overall strength. In addition to her offensive prowess, Benedetta’s skill, Elapsed Daytime, offers a reliable means of disengagement. By utilizing this skill repeatedly, she can quickly retreat from the fight, regroup, and prepare for the next encounter, ensuring her survival and maintaining her impact throughout the battle.

By capitalizing on Benedetta’s exceptional mobility, crowd control resistance, and versatile skill set, players can effectively counter Luo Yi’s control-oriented playstyle. Benedetta’s unique abilities provide a combination of offense, defense, and strategic maneuvering that sets her apart as a formidable adversary.

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