The World Cyber Games esports festival returns

The highly anticipated return of the World Cyber Games (WCG) in 2024 brings with it an exciting lineup of events. Mark your calendars for the WCG Festival in August 2024, which will be the highlight of the year. Additionally, throughout the year, there will be other thrilling tournaments like the WCG Challenge and WCG Rivals to keep the excitement going. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of esports and experience the thrill of competition like never before!

World Cyber Games – The world’s first recognized eSports competition

World Cyber Games holds a special place in the hearts of esports enthusiasts as one of the earliest and most recognized multi-event esports competitions. Originally launched in 2000, WCG has since evolved, transforming from a mere “competition” to a full-blown “festival” under the ownership of Bigpicture, a Korean esports startup.

While specific details such as the lineup of games and the location of the WCG Festival are yet to be unveiled, this year’s event will put a stronger emphasis on influencers within the esports community.

Scheduled to take place from March to June, the WCG Challenge is an exciting online esports tournament that will feature influencers from different countries. These influencers will proudly represent their nations while competing for a substantial $100,000 prize pool.

Bigpicture has also revealed that the challenges in the WCG Challenge will be tailored to reflect each country’s gaming culture and current trends. The aim is to attract well-known influencers with significant followings from their respective regions, ensuring a thrilling and engaging competition.


World Cyber Games announced WCG Rivals 2024

Following the conclusion of the WCG Challenge, influencers will once again showcase their talents in WCG Rivals, which will take place from June to August 2024. This exciting event will feature influencers who have been selected from the previous WCG Challenge, competing for a substantial prize pool of $120,000.

WCG Rivals is not a newcomer to the World Cyber Games scene. In 2022, the tournament highlighted the popular game VALORANT, while the previous year saw intense match-ups in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and StarCraft II.

The World Cyber Games roadmap reaches its climax with the highly anticipated WCG Festival, an offline event that aims to bring esports fans together through LAN tournaments. Although specific details such as scheduling, host cities, and ticket prices have yet to be unveiled, last year’s WCG 2023 took place in Busan, South Korea.

Kyoung Jun Min, the Director of WCG, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming year, stating, “In 2023, we successfully experimented with influencer-based models. This year, our focus is on providing even more engaging content for gaming fans by emphasizing influencer content and enhancing the entertainment elements beyond pure competition.”

On the commercial front, Bigpicture has already started strengthening its portfolio for WCG 2024. The esports company has partnered with P.Pool, the official communication service of South Korean video game company Smilegate. As part of this collaboration, P.Pool will feature mini-games during team selections and meetings, and will also be present at spectator events, online meet and greets, and other WCG events, adding an extra level of excitement and interaction.

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