Esports World Cup Foundation launches support programme for esports organisations

The Esports World Cup Foundation, the organizer of the highly anticipated Esports World Cup scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia in 2024, has made an exciting announcement regarding a program aimed at providing support to esports teams and organizations.

Known as the EWC Club Program, this initiative has a clear objective: to promote the sustainability and growth of multidisciplinary esports clubs. Through this program, teams will have the opportunity to expand their rosters and facilitate the establishment of new teams. To be considered for the program, interested teams are required to complete an application before the deadline of February 15th. The program will accept a total of 28 esports organizations from around the world, with 22 of them receiving direct invitations. This means that there are only six available slots for applicants.

The EWC Club Program presents a unique chance for esports teams and organizations to receive valuable support and elevate their presence within the esports community.

EWC Foundation recognized interested organizations

The EWC Foundation has emphasized that interested organizations should possess a proven track record and a long-term strategy within the esports industry. Additionally, they should demonstrate their ability to build successful teams in one or more esports titles.

It is worth noting that organizations accepted into the program will have the opportunity to receive an annual six-figure payout. This financial incentive is sure to attract a wide range of teams, particularly during the current “esports winter” period. However, specific criteria for this incentive have not yet been provided by the Foundation, as no official requirements for teams in the program were outlined in the initial announcement.

Established last year, the Esports World Cup Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by the Saudi Arabian government. It aims to create a top-tier multi-title esports event. Earlier this year, it was announced that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang would be one of the titles featured in the EWC.

The application process itself requires teams to provide information about their fan base in different regions, follower counts on social media, the games they compete in, their ambitions, and any potential new titles they may be interested in, among other details.

We are waiting for major tournaments

The program’s main objective is to provide teams with the necessary funding to establish multiple rosters, enabling them to compete in the prestigious Esports World Cup. However, it’s important to note that participation in the program does not guarantee a spot in the World Cup tournament.

Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation, shared his thoughts on the announcement, expressing, Through the EWC Club Program, clubs will have the opportunity to build a sustainable growth strategy for their existing teams and additional programs. Our ultimate goal is to support partnered clubs in increasing their brand visibility, participating in world-class competitions, and elevating esports as a global sport. Fostering the success and development of esports teams and players plays a vital role in shaping the future of esports.

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