Team Vitality is included in StarCraft II

European esports powerhouse Team Vitality has made an exciting foray into the StarCraft II scene through a strategic partnership with ONSYDE, a respected South Korean team.

This collaboration brings about some exciting changes. Team Vitality’s brand-new roster will proudly don jerseys featuring the logos of their esteemed commercial partners—Tezos, hummel, and Evnia. Furthermore, the ONSYDE team will undergo a rebranding process, embracing the identity of Team Vitality.

A representative from Team Vitality expressed their commitment to actively contributing their vast industry knowledge to the roster. This includes providing valuable insights into coaching, strategy development, and player performance. With Team Vitality’s expertise, the newly formed alliance is poised for success in the fiercely competitive world of StarCraft II.

The new Team Vitality roster will officially debut at IEM Katowice 2024 on February 8th

ONSYDE, the reigning champion of the highly acclaimed World Team League, has gained prominence since its establishment in 2022. This StarCraft II league features other renowned teams like Shopify Rebellion and Team Liquid, adding to the competition’s intensity.

Team Vitality’s expansion into StarCraft II aligns with their global growth strategy. The organization stated that they were drawn to the game’s enduring popularity in South Korea, prompting them to form a dedicated StarCraft II team.


Nicolas Maurer, Co-Founder and CEO of Team Vitality, expressed enthusiasm for the year ahead, saying, “We had an incredibly successful year, and we’re determined to maintain that momentum by focusing on top-tier games and seizing exciting opportunities. Our entry into the Asian market allows us to tap into the very heart of esports, creating new avenues for growth and global visibility. We’re excited to connect with passionate fans worldwide!”

Team Vitality’s StarCraft II roster includes talented players such as Kang ‘Solar’ Min-soo, Cho ‘Maru’ Seong-ju, Kim ‘Ryung’ Dong-won, and Coach Choi ‘CranK’ Jae-won.

Despite the fact that there is only a month left until the new year, Team Vitality has already achieved significant success, especially in the commercial sphere. This includes Vodafone Idea’s partnership with Team Vitality to support the Indian ecosystem and the renewal of four sponsors until 2024.

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