The 3 best heroes to counter Zhask in Mobile Legends

Zhask, the King of Swarms, can be a real thorn in the side for players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As a mage hero, he possesses a unique set of abilities that make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Zhask’s main strength lies in his ability to summon Nightmaric Spawn – pet-like creatures that attack enemies and soak up damage. When combined with his ultimate skill, Dominator’s Descent, Zhask can unleash an onslaught of magical damage that shreds through his foes. The Nightmaric Spawn become supercharged, dealing even more devastating blows. In addition to his summoned minions, Zhask has access to Mind Eater – a skill that allows him to stun and burst down enemy heroes. This burst potential is further amplified when Zhask decides to activate his ultimate ability. What’s more, he can slow down opponents with Hive Clones, making it difficult for them to escape his relentless assault.

However, Zhask’s formidable offensive prowess is offset by his relative squishiness and lack of reliable mobility. Unlike some other mage heroes, Zhask does not have an instant escape or dash ability to reposition himself. This makes him vulnerable to getting focused down and shut out of teamfights if he’s not positioned carefully. Savvy players will try to capitalize on Zhask’s weaknesses by picking heroes that excel at bursting down squishy mages or locking him in place. Heroes with high single-target damage, crowd control, and mobility tend to fare well against the King of Swarms. With the right counter-picks and coordinated team play, Zhask’s reign of terror on the map can be brought to an end. Overall, Zhask presents a unique challenge for Mobile Legends players to overcome. His ability to summon minions, deal massive magic damage, and control the pace of a fight make him a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. But with the proper strategy and hero selection, his weaknesses can be exploited, allowing the team to emerge victorious.

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Zhask, the King of Swarms, is a formidable mage hero in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His unique ability to summon and empower the Nightmaric Spawn makes him a tricky opponent to deal with on the battlefield. At the core of Zhask’s kit is his Nightmaric Spawn – pet-like creatures that he can continuously summon to attack enemies and soak up damage. These Spawn act as extensions of Zhask, allowing him to control the flow of a fight from a distance. When coupled with his ultimate ability, Dominator’s Descent, the Nightmaric Spawn become supercharged, dealing massive magical damage that can quickly overwhelm unsuspecting foes. Zhask’s ability to sustain his presence on the map through his summoned minions is further bolstered by his other skills. Mind Eater allows him to stun and burst down enemy heroes, while Hive Clones slow down opponents, making it difficult for them to escape his deadly onslaught. These skills synergize well with his ultimate, empowering Zhask to become a true terror on the battlefield. However, Zhask’s reliance on his summoned units and lack of reliable mobility spells also present significant weaknesses that can be exploited by skilled players. Unlike more mobile mage heroes, Zhask is relatively squishy and can struggle to reposition himself effectively in the midst of a teamfight. This makes him vulnerable to focused burst damage from enemy heroes who can quickly take him out of the equation. Recognizing these strengths and weaknesses is crucial for players looking to counter Zhask effectively. Heroes with high single-target damage, crowd control abilities, and mobility tend to fare well against the King of Swarms. By disrupting his ability to summon and empower his Nightmaric Spawn, these counter-picks can significantly reduce Zhask’s overall impact on the game.

One such hero that excels at shutting down Zhask is Eudora, the Lightning Mage. Eudora’s deadly skill combo of Ball Lightning, Thunder’s Wrath, and Forked Lightning can quickly burst down Zhask before he has a chance to fully utilize his ultimate and summon his swarms. The key for Eudora is to make sure she’s targeting Zhask directly and not his Nightmaric Spawn, which can be achieved through the use of Hero Lock Mode or Skill Smart Targeting. To further enhance her burst potential against Zhask, Eudora can also equip items like Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon. The former provides her with increased magical power as the game progresses, while the latter amplifies her ability to deal massive damage in quick bursts. Couple this with the ability to close the gap on Zhask using Flicker or ambushing him from a nearby bush, and Eudora becomes a formidable counter to the King of Swarms. Of course, Eudora is not the only hero capable of effectively countering Zhask. Other mage heroes with strong single-target burst and crowd control, such as Pharsa, Lunox, or Cecilion, can also excel at shutting down the King of Swarms. Marksmen with high DPS and mobility, like Granger or Karrie, can also punish Zhask’s lack of escape mechanisms. And tanky heroes with disruptive abilities, such as Grock or Lolita, can help peel for their team and prevent Zhask from freely summoning his Nightmaric Spawn. Ultimately, the key to countering Zhask lies in understanding his strengths and weaknesses, and then selecting the right heroes and itemization to exploit his vulnerabilities. By disrupting his ability to summon and empower his Nightmaric Spawn, players can effectively neutralize the King of Swarms and turn the tide of battle in their favor. With the right strategy and execution, Zhask’s reign of terror on the Mobile Legends battlefield can be brought to a swift and decisive end.


In the ever-evolving meta of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, certain hero matchups have become notorious for their one-sided dynamics. One such rivalry that has gained considerable attention is the clash between the cunning Assassin, Helcurt, and the summoning mage, Zhask. Helcurt, with his unique blend of mobility, burst damage, and crowd control, has emerged as a formidable counter to the King of Swarms. The Assassin’s toolkit, when used effectively, can completely shut down Zhask’s playstyle, rendering the mage helpless against his predatory onslaught. At the heart of Helcurt’s strength against Zhask lies his ability to quickly close the distance and isolate the squishy mage. With Shadow Transition, Helcurt can blink towards his target, catching them off guard with a sudden ambush. The innate silence effect of this ability is particularly devastating against Zhask, as it prevents the mage from summoning his Nightmaric Spawn or unleashing his game-changing ultimate, Dominator’s Descent. Furthermore, Helcurt’s Dark Night Falls ability serves as the perfect setup for his lethal combo. By shrouding the area in darkness, the Assassin can mask his approach, setting the stage for a surprise attack. Once in range, Helcurt can then follow up with his signature Deadly Stinger, channeling a powerful burst of damage that can quickly whittle down Zhask’s health pool. To maximize the effectiveness of this burst combo, Helcurt players often adopt a strategic approach. Before engaging Zhask, they will take the time to stack Deadly Stinger’s passive on nearby minions or jungle creeps. This ensures that when the ambush is initiated, Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger will be fully charged, delivering a devastating blow that can catch Zhask off guard and leave him with little opportunity to react. The synergy between Helcurt’s abilities doesn’t end there. By coupling Shadow Transition’s silence with the burst damage of Deadly Stinger, the Assassin can effectively deny Zhask’s ability to summon his Nightmaric Spawn or activate his ultimate, leaving the mage helpless against the onslaught. This combination of mobility, crowd control, and burst damage makes Helcurt a true nightmare for Zhask players, who struggle to find openings to counter the Assassin’s relentless assault.

To further enhance Helcurt’s effectiveness against Zhask, savvy players often opt for specific item builds that amplify their burst potential. The Blade of Heptaseas, for instance, provides Helcurt with additional magical penetration, allowing him to shred through Zhask’s defenses more efficiently. Complementing this with the raw damage boost of Blade of Despair can make Helcurt’s Deadly Stinger an absolute obliterator, capable of swiftly dispatching the vulnerable mage. It’s important to note that the Helcurt-Zhask matchup is not a one-sided affair, and skilled Zhask players can find ways to mitigate the Assassin’s advantage. By carefully positioning their Nightmaric Spawn to provide vision and acting as a frontline, Zhask can make it more challenging for Helcurt to successfully execute his burst combo. Additionally, purchasing defensive items like Athena’s Shield or Guardian Helmet can help the mage survive Helcurt’s initial onslaught, potentially buying enough time to retaliate or escape. However, the inherent strengths of Helcurt’s kit often prove too much for Zhask to handle. The Assassin’s ability to quickly close the gap, silence the mage, and deliver a devastating burst of damage can make it incredibly difficult for Zhask to gain a foothold in the matchup. Only the most skilled and adaptable Zhask players are able to consistently outmaneuver Helcurt and mitigate the Assassin’s impact on the game. In the ever-evolving landscape of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the Helcurt-Zhask matchup serves as a prime example of how certain hero interactions can shape the meta. Recognizing the nuances of this dynamic, and developing effective strategies to counter it, has become a crucial aspect of successful gameplay for both aspiring and veteran players alike. As the game continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how this rivalry between the cunning Assassin and the summoning mage unfolds, and which side emerges victorious in the ongoing battle for supremacy on the Mobile Legends battlefield.


Unlike some other hero matchups against Zhask, where the goal is to burst him down before he can react, Akai takes a different approach. Rather than overwhelming the summoning mage with pure damage, Akai’s kit is specifically designed to counter Zhask’s ultimate and peel him away from safety. The key moment comes when Zhask activates his game-changing ultimate, Dominator’s Descent. As soon as you see him start channeling that ability, it’s time to spring into action. Hit him with your Heavy Spin, pinning him against a nearby wall or structure. This prevents Zhask from freely unleashing his basic attacks, severely limiting the effectiveness of his ultimate. But Akai doesn’t stop there. He can also use Headbutt to chase down any attempt by Zhask to escape, while Body Slam helps slow the mage’s movement speed. This allows Akai and his team to keep Zhask isolated and under control, denying him the space he needs to safely summon his Nightmaric Spawn. To really cement Akai’s role as a Zhask counter, building Radiant Armor is a must. This defensive item allows the beefy panda to effectively soak up Zhask’s magic-based damage output, ensuring he can continue disrupting the mage’s plans without fear of being burst down. By using his kit’s crowd control and displacement abilities, Akai effectively neuters Zhask’s ultimate, one of the mage’s most powerful tools. Instead of trying to out-damage the summoning mage, Akai focuses on controlling the battlefield and preventing Zhask from ever reaching his full potential. It’s a strategy that requires good timing and coordination, but when executed properly, it can completely shut down even the most skilled Zhask player. The Akai-Zhask matchup is a prime example of how different heroes can approach the same enemy in vastly different ways. While burst-focused assassins like Eudora and Helcurt aim to quickly eliminate Zhask, Akai opts for a more disruptive, peel-oriented gameplan. It’s a testament to the depth and strategic diversity of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, where mastering the nuances of specific hero interactions can be the key to securing victory.

However, it’s important to note that the Akai-Zhask matchup is not as one-sided as it may seem. Skilled Zhask players can still find ways to mitigate Akai’s disruption and turn the tables on the panda. By carefully positioning their Nightmaric Spawn to provide vision and act as a frontline, Zhask can make it more challenging for Akai to successfully execute his crowd control combo. Additionally, purchasing defensive items like Guardian Helmet or Athena’s Shield can help the mage survive Akai’s initial onslaught, potentially buying enough time to retaliate or escape. Furthermore, Zhask’s own crowd control abilities, such as his Dominator’s Descent ultimate, can be used to peel Akai away from him, creating valuable windows of opportunity. If the Zhask player can bait out Akai’s Heavy Spin or Headbutt, they may be able to break free and turn the fight in their favor. It’s also worth considering the team compositions and overall map dynamics at play. If Zhask has strong frontline allies or reliable peel supports, they can help mitigate Akai’s disruptive efforts. Conversely, if Akai’s team can create favorable skirmishes or split-push scenarios, they may be able to limit Zhask’s ability to safely deploy his Nightmaric Spawn and activate his ultimate. Ultimately, the Akai-Zhask matchup is a delicate dance of timing, positioning, and strategic decision-making. Both players must be keenly aware of their respective win conditions and adapt their playstyles accordingly. The team that can best leverage their hero’s strengths and capitalize on the opponent’s weaknesses will emerge victorious in this clash of styles. As the meta of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how the Akai-Zhask dynamic shifts over time. Will Akai remain a reliable counter to the summoning mage, or will Zhask players develop new strategies to overcome the panda’s disruptive potential? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: mastering this matchup will be a crucial skill for any aspiring Mobile Legends champion.

Which hero is more effective at countering Zhask's ultimate ability, Dominator's Descent?
Akai, by using his crowd control abilities like Heavy Spin and Headbutt to isolate and disrupt Zhask.
Burst-focused assassins like Eudora and Helcurt, who aim to quickly eliminate Zhask before he can activate his ultimate.
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