The Top 3 Heroes to Counter Brody in Mobile Legends

Brody, the marksman we all have a love-hate relationship with, possesses an insane amount of attack damage thanks to his passive ability. However, this strength comes at a price, as he ends up having the slowest attack speed among all marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Despite this drawback, his high attack damage allows for a unique playstyle where he can opt for one offensive item and five defensive items, making him a versatile hero in various situations.

As an ally, Brody can be a great asset to any team, dealing massive damage and providing significant firepower. However, facing off against him can be a nightmare. To counter Brody effectively, it’s crucial to exploit his weaknesses. Burst skills and heroes with multiple crowd control abilities can prove to be highly effective against him. Additionally, during the laning phase, Brody is particularly vulnerable before acquiring his core items like Blade of Despair or Hunter’s Strike. In ranked battles, it’s essential to select heroes that can capitalize on Brody’s vulnerabilities and take him down. Consider heroes with high burst damage and crowd control capabilities to neutralize his threat. By choosing the right heroes and employing effective strategies, you can turn the tables on the Lone Star and secure victory for your team.

3 heroes that counter Brody in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Hayabusa, a hero known for his complexity, requires dedication and practice to fully master. However, his unique skill set makes him a formidable adversary for marksmen heroes, including the Lone Star, Brody. With his abilities, Hayabusa can disrupt Brody’s gameplay and exploit his weaknesses effectively. One of Hayabusa’s key strategies against Brody is utilizing Ougi: Shadow Kill. This ability allows Hayabusa to deal significant damage to Brody while preventing him from stacking his passive and engaging in a prolonged fight. This tactic works exceptionally well when Hayabusa operates alone, catching Brody off guard and denying him the chance to retaliate effectively. In a one-on-one scenario, Hayabusa should employ Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow to swiftly close the gap between himself and Brody. Once in range, Hayabusa can unleash his ultimate ability, dealing a devastating blow that can potentially eliminate Brody. Should Brody manage to survive the onslaught, Hayabusa must quickly retreat to one of his shadows, utilizing his mobility to ensure his safety and regroup for another attack.

It is crucial for Hayabusa players to avoid engaging in prolonged trades with Brody. Due to Brody’s high attack damage and potential sustain, extended confrontations can work in Brody’s favor. Hayabusa’s strength lies in his ability to strike swiftly and decisively, capitalizing on his burst damage to overpower his opponents. By mastering Hayabusa’s intricate mechanics and utilizing his abilities strategically, players can effectively counter Brody’s dominance and turn the tide in their favor. Practice, adaptability, and a deep understanding of both heroes’ strengths and weaknesses are key to achieving victory in battles between Hayabusa and Brody.


Ling, the agile and elusive assassin, is a formidable choice when it comes to countering the Lone Star, Brody. With a wide array of mobility skills at his disposal, Ling can effortlessly close the distance and dismantle Brody’s defenses with ease. One of Ling’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to swiftly navigate the battlefield. His Finch Poise skill allows him to gracefully escape from Brody’s clutches when the Lone Star has amassed full stacks on him. By utilizing this skill at the opportune moment, Ling can slip away from Brody’s onslaught, evading his attacks and repositioning himself for a swift and lethal counterattack. Timing is key, especially after Brody has exhausted his Torn-Apart Memory ability and it enters its cooldown phase. Seizing this opening, Ling can leap back into the fray with his Defiant Sword, swiftly dispatching Brody before he has a chance to react.


Additionally, Ling’s ultimate ability, Tempest of Blades, further amplifies his effectiveness against Brody. By triggering Sword Field, Ling creates a challenging environment for Brody to apply his stacks effectively. Ling’s innate agility and constant movement make it exceedingly difficult for Brody to land his attacks with precision, granting Ling a significant advantage in engagements. It is imperative for Ling players to maintain their fluidity and avoid falling victim to Brody’s devastating crowd control ability, Abyss Impact. By staying in constant motion and leveraging Ling’s evasive maneuvers, players can effectively neutralize Brody’s threat and secure victory. To excel at countering Brody with Ling, players must hone their mastery of Ling’s mobility mechanics, perfect their timing, and exhibit impeccable positioning. By capitalizing on Ling’s swift burst damage and unparalleled agility, players can dominate the battlefield and emerge triumphant in their encounters with the Lone Star. Remember to remain nimble, adapt your strategies on the fly, and strike with surgical precision to outmaneuver and outplay Brody at every turn.


Claude, much like Hayabusa, is a highly potent marksman hero whose true potential shines through once he acquires his core items. With exceptional mobility and skill set, Claude poses a difficult matchup for Brody and can swiftly melt through enemy defenses. What sets Claude apart is his unparalleled agility, primarily attributed to his Battle Image Mirror and Blazing Duet combo. This deadly combination allows Claude to enter the battlefield with his ultimate ability, unleashing a flurry of attacks that can catch opponents off guard. In the face of such a relentless assault, Brody may attempt to counter Claude’s onslaught by utilizing his Corrosive Strike to stun him and stack his damage.

However, Claude possesses a clever way to outmaneuver Brody’s attempts to retaliate. By utilizing the teleportation ability of his mirror image, Claude can swiftly reposition himself, distancing himself from the range of Brody’s Torn-Apart Memory. This maneuver grants Claude the crucial advantage of evading Brody’s potent ultimate and ensures his survival in the heat of battle. With careful timing, optimal positioning, and the acquisition of core items tailored to his playstyle, Claude can unleash a devastating burst of damage once his Blazing Duet is activated, effectively obliterating Brody and turning the tide of the battle in his favor. In the hands of a skilled player, Claude proves to be a force to be reckoned with, utilizing his agility and precision to dismantle the defenses of his adversaries. By carefully assessing the situation, adapting strategies, and acquiring the necessary items, Claude can consistently unleash his full potential and emerge victorious against Brody and other opponents on the battlefield.

What features of Claude make him a strong opponent for Brody?
His mobility and the combination of Battle Image Mirror and Blazing Duet.
Its high damage and fast accumulation of stacks.
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