The top three heroes to counter Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Be wary of Tigreal’s impeccably chiseled physique and alluring good looks! When venturing into a ranked match of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, finding yourself pitted against this legendary tank hero is a predicament you most certainly want to avoid. As one of the game’s veteran heroes, his timeless repertoire of skills has endeared him to both novice and Mythical Glory players alike.

Tigreal possesses the uncanny ability to impede his adversaries with the mighty Attack Wave, effectively slowing them down to gain a tactical advantage. Furthermore, his Sacred Hammer empowers him to bridge the gap between himself and his foes, ensuring that no enemy escapes his grasp. However, it is his ultimate, Implosion, that truly sets him apart. This formidable skill forcefully draws unsuspecting opponents towards him, leaving them stupefied and vulnerable, making it one of the most game-altering initiation techniques in the entire game. Despite his extensive tenure within the realm of Mobile Legends, Tigreal remains a formidable challenge for many players, even to this day.

Should you find yourself locked in a battle against the indomitable Warrior of Dawn, fear not! There are three valiant heroes who can aid you in your quest for victory. By leveraging their unique abilities and strategies, these heroes can help turn the tide of the battle in your favor, ensuring that Tigreal’s dominance is brought to an end.

Three heroes who can stop Tigreal in Mobile Legends


Diggie unquestionably secures his position at the top of the list, and it’s not by chance. His skill set is meticulously crafted to counter the most formidable team fight initiators, especially those notorious for their crowd control prowess, which aligns perfectly with Tigreal’s reputation. Diggie possesses an arsenal of abilities that can effectively neutralize Tigreal’s Sacred Hammer, utilizing Reverse Time and Auto Alarm Bomb to disrupt his movements and thwart his plans.

Yet, what truly distinguishes Diggie in this particular matchup is his awe-inspiring ultimate ability, Time Journey. This extraordinary power acts as a sanctuary, purifying and cleansing all crowd control effects afflicting nearby allies. Its impact is profound, leaving Tigreal grappling with the challenge of executing his devastating Flicker-Implosion combo amidst the chaos of team fights. The Time Journey ability alone can significantly disrupt Tigreal’s game-changing maneuvers and provide a critical advantage to Diggie’s team.

To fully harness Diggie’s potential, astute players understand the importance of prioritizing the development of the Fleeting Time skill. By doing so, they gain the remarkable ability to reduce the cooldown of Diggie’s ultimate, allowing for more frequent and impactful Time Journey interventions. This strategic mastery further solidifies Diggie’s role as an unwavering guardian, consistently providing unwavering support and turning the tide of battle in favor of his allies.

The unique combination of Diggie’s abilities, paired with the tactical finesse required to exploit them to their fullest potential, make him a formidable adversary against Tigreal’s imposing presence on the battlefield. Diggie’s remarkable capacity to counter Tigreal’s crowd control dominance cements his status as an invaluable asset when confronting the indomitable Warrior of Dawn.


Valir proves to be an exceptional hero when it comes to countering tanks, including the indomitable Tigreal. His arsenal of skills is specifically designed to disrupt and neutralize the strength of tank heroes, ensuring that they are unable to dominate team fights. One of Valir’s standout abilities is Burst Fireball, which not only deals significant damage but also has the unique capability to detect enemies hiding in nearby bushes.

This allows Valir to uncover potential ambushes and thwart the tank’s attempts to initiate a team fight. In addition to Burst Fireball, Valir’s Searing Torrent is a versatile tool that can be used defensively or offensively. This ability creates a wave of flames that pushes back any foes who dare to enter the battle, buying precious time and creating space for your team to reposition and counter-attack. Such crowd control abilities are crucial in disrupting the tank’s front-line presence and reducing their impact on the battlefield.

What truly sets Valir apart in countering Tigreal is the Vengeance Flame skill, which not only deals damage but also grants Valir a built-in Purify effect. This allows him to easily escape from Tigreal’s devastating Implosion ultimate, breaking free from the stun and regaining control of the fight. This maneuverability and resilience give Valir a significant advantage in outmaneuvering and outplaying the tank hero.

To further enhance Valir’s effectiveness, strategic item choices are essential. The Ice Queen Wand is a valuable option, as its slow effect can significantly hinder the movement and effectiveness of the opposing tank. Additionally, the Glowing Wand can amplify Valir’s magical power, ensuring that his abilities pack an even greater punch. In cases where you are confronted with a team composition consisting of multiple initiators, the Winter Truncheon becomes a crucial item to consider. Its active ability provides a brief period of invulnerability, allowing Valir to withstand the initial burst of damage and turn the tables on the enemy team.

By harnessing the unique abilities of Valir and making informed item choices, you can effectively counter the dominance of Tigreal and other tank heroes. This strategic approach not only adds depth and excitement to the gameplay but also allows you to assert your authority on the battlefield and secure victory for your team.


When devising a strategy to counter opponents with strong initiation skills, it can be advantageous to select a hero who excels in the same area. In the case of countering Tigreal, Khufra emerges as an exceptional choice due to his proficiency in multiple crowd control abilities. Both Khufra and Tigreal possess the means to disrupt and control team fights, but Khufra’s unique skill set sets him apart from his counterpart.

One of Khufra’s standout abilities is his Bouncing Ball, which allows him to leap forward and deal damage while also knocking back enemies. This skill serves as a valuable tool to cancel Tigreal’s Sacred Hammer, interrupting his initiation and preventing him from engaging in close-quarters combat. Additionally, Khufra’s Bouncing Ball can disrupt Tigreal’s Flicker-Implosion combo, creating a window of opportunity for counterplay.

The true game-changer in this matchup is Khufra’s ultimate ability, Tyrant’s Rage. Unlike Tigreal’s Implosion, Khufra’s ultimate cannot be interrupted by stuns or suppressions. This grants Khufra a significant advantage, as he can unleash his powerful crowd control effects without fear of being stopped mid-action. The ability to initiate team fights effectively and control the battlefield becomes pivotal in determining the outcome of the clash between these two heroes.

In the hands of a skilled player, Khufra’s crowd control abilities can turn the tide of battle against Tigreal. By carefully timing and positioning his Bouncing Ball and Tyrant’s Rage, Khufra can disrupt Tigreal’s plans, scatter the enemy team, and create invaluable opportunities for his own team to secure objectives and gain the upper hand.

To further enhance Khufra’s effectiveness, strategic item choices are crucial. Items such as Oracle and Antique Cuirass can improve his durability and sustain, allowing him to survive longer in the heat of battle. Additionally, items like Ice Queen Wand and NoD (Necklace of Durance) can provide him with additional control and utility, making him an even more formidable force against Tigreal and other tank heroes.

In the clash between Khufra and Tigreal, skill and decision-making play a significant role. A well-executed Bouncing Ball or perfectly-timed Tyrant’s Rage can disrupt Tigreal’s initiation and turn the tide in favor of Khufra’s team. However, it’s important to remember that teamwork and coordination are also vital in maximizing Khufra’s potential. Communicating with teammates, setting up effective engages, and capitalizing on crowd control opportunities can lead to decisive victories.

Ultimately, the matchup between Khufra and Tigreal presents an exciting challenge for players. It showcases the strategic depth and versatility of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, as heroes with similar roles face off against each other, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles.

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