5 jungle marksman heroes that are still viable in the current MLBB meta

In patch 1.6.18, Moonton was looking to boost the usage of marksmen heroes in higher ranked Mobile Legends games, particularly those that had fallen out of the meta for a while. At the same time, they wanted to encourage players to use marksmen heroes in the gold lane more often. To achieve this, the damage reduction provided by the Retribution battle spell was decreased. Additionally, the Hunter passive in the jungle blessing was buffed for all roles except marksmen, allowing ranged heroes to deal more damage to turret energy shields. These changes made it more viable for marksmen to venture into the jungle, rather than being relegated to the gold lane.

That said, there are still five jungle-focused marksman heroes that are strong enough to make a real impact in your ranked matches, even with the meta shifts. Let’s take a closer look at them. Heroes like Moskov, Granger, and Wanwan have always had the potential to thrive in the jungle, utilizing their high mobility and ability to quickly clear camps. Others, like Karrie and Beatrix, have seen a resurgence thanks to the more favorable jungle conditions. Each of these marksmen brings a unique playstyle and set of strengths to the table. Whether you prefer long-range poke, explosive burst damage, or sustained DPS, there’s likely a jungle marksman hero here that will suit your preferred tactics. Of course, mastering the jungle pathing and timings will be key to finding success with these heroes.


In patch 1.6.18, Moonton was looking to boost the usage of marksmen heroes in higher ranked Mobile Legends games, particularly those that had fallen out of the meta for a while. At the same time, they wanted to encourage players to use marksmen heroes in the gold lane more often. To achieve this, the damage reduction provided by the Retribution battle spell was decreased. Additionally, the Hunter passive in the jungle blessing was buffed for all roles except marksmen, allowing ranged heroes to deal more damage to turret energy shields. These changes made it more viable for marksmen to venture into the jungle, rather than being relegated to the gold lane. That said, there are still five jungle-focused marksman heroes that are strong enough to make a real impact in your ranked matches, even with the meta shifts. Let’s take a closer look at them. Heroes like Moskov, Granger, and Wanwan have always had the potential to thrive in the jungle, utilizing their high mobility and ability to quickly clear camps. Others, like Karrie and Beatrix, have seen a resurgence thanks to the more favorable jungle conditions. Granger is one of those jungle marksman heroes that really shines in the current meta. His first skill, Rhapsody, deals extra physical damage to jungle creeps, making him incredibly efficient at clearing camps and controlling the jungle early on. On top of that, his basic attack pattern is naturally well-suited for the jungle role. Compared to other marksmen, Granger doesn’t need to wait until he has one or two core items before he starts to feel powerful in the jungle. His basic attacks alone are enough to clear camps quickly and healthily. When playing Granger in the jungle, I’d recommend being aggressive with your early game ganks on the side lanes. Make sure to always secure the Molten Fiend buff as well – this will give your basic attacks even more damage and a handy slow effect. Maximize Granger’s early game power spike in the jungle, and you’ll be well on your way to snowballing the game. Moskov is another jungle marksman that has consistently been a viable option, even during times when the role has fallen out of favor. His ultimate, Impaler, allows him to quickly cross terrain and ambush unsuspecting enemies, making him a nightmare to deal with in the jungle. Combine this with his passive that grants him bonus movement speed, and Moskov becomes incredibly mobile and hard to pin down. Where Moskov really shines, though, is in his ability to quickly burst down isolated targets. His skill rotation of Impaler into Concentrated Arrow can devastate enemy champions, especially those caught out of position. Pair this with the jungle’s tendency to funnel enemies into narrow pathways, and Moskov becomes a deadly assassin. Of course, Moskov does require some finesse to play effectively. Mastering his skill shots and timing your engages properly will be key to finding success. But in the hands of a skilled player, he can easily dominate the jungle and snowball the game.

Wanwan is an interesting case, as she hasn’t traditionally been viewed as a true jungle marksman. However, the changes in patch 1.6.18 have made her a surprisingly viable option in the role. Her Dashing Strike gives her great mobility for quickly traversing the jungle, while her Ult, Moon Strike, allows her to chain-target and shred enemy health bars. Where Wanwan really excels is in her ability to duel other jungle champions. Her passive, Thousand Cuts, grants her percentage-based true damage on her basic attacks, making her incredibly effective at taking down beefy opponents. Combine this with her ability to quickly reposition and isolate targets, and Wanwan becomes a menace in the jungle. The key for Wanwan is to focus on securing early kills and snowballing your lead. She’s not the fastest jungle clearer, so you’ll need to rely more on ganks and map pressure to gain an advantage. But once you do, Wanwan can quickly spiral out of control and become a terror for the enemy team. Karrie and Beatrix round out our list of viable jungle marksmen in the current meta. Karrie has always had the potential to jungle, thanks to her Exorcism passive granting her bonus attack speed and movement speed when attacking jungle monsters. This, combined with her high DPS output, makes her a formidable jungler. Beatrix, on the other hand, is a more recent addition to the jungle role. Her diverse toolkit, with access to multiple weapon forms, gives her excellent flexibility in the jungle. Her Wire Trap allows her to quickly clear camps, while her Bullet Storm ultimate can devastate groups of enemies. Beatrix’s ability to adapt her playstyle to the situation at hand makes her a potent jungle marksman. Both Karrie and Beatrix require a bit more setup time compared to some of the other heroes on this list. But once they get their core items online, they become absolute powerhouses that can just as easily dominate the jungle as they can the gold lane. It’s all about understanding the hero’s strengths, weaknesses, and itemization to find that sweet spot of jungle viability. Ultimately, what makes these five jungle marksmen heroes viable in the current meta is their ability to balance jungle clearing speed, dueling potential, and map pressure. They all bring something unique to the table, whether it’s Granger’s early game dominance, Moskov’s assassination power, or Wanwan’s true damage shredding. And with Moonton’s changes in patch 1.6.18, these marksmen have been given the tools they need to excel in the jungle once again. Of course, playing any of these heroes effectively will require practice and a deep understanding of the role. Jungle pathing, objective control, and team synergy will all be crucial factors. But if you put in the time to master one of these jungle marksmen, you’ll be rewarded with a powerful and flexible tool to add to your ranked arsenal.

Yi Sun-Shin

Yi Sun-Shin continues to be a solid pick in the jungle meta. He’s one of those remarkably versatile heroes that can seamlessly transition from ranged marksman to up-close assassin. It’s this flexibility that makes him such a formidable jungle threat. Beyond his inherent damage potential, Yi Sun-Shin’s ultimate ability, Mountain Shocker, is still one of the best in the game. This skill allows him to reveal the locations of all enemy champions, regardless of where they are on the map. That information is invaluable for securing picks and coordinating team fights. When it comes to teamfights, I like to start by casting Mountain Shocker. This gives me a clear picture of where the enemy backline is positioned. If they’re within range, I’ll use Traceless to quickly close the gap and unload my full combo for maximum damage output. Even if the enemy team tries to disengage or reposition, Yi Sun-Shin’s mobility and chase potential make it very difficult for them to escape. Build-wise, I’ll usually go for Blade of Despair if I’m snowballing and want to maximize my carry potential. The massive damage boost it provides allows me to delete squishy targets in the blink of an eye. But if I need to play a bit more cautiously, Hunter’s Strike can be a solid option to help kite and reposition. The extra mobility and attack speed it provides really complements Yi Sun-Shin’s hit-and-run assassination style. What I love most about playing Yi Sun-Shin in the jungle is how much map pressure and tempo he can generate. His ability to quickly traverse the map and ambush enemies is unparalleled. I can constantly be applying pressure to multiple lanes, forcing the enemy team to react to my movements. This creates opportunities for my teammates to secure objectives or gain favorable trades. One of the key aspects to mastering Yi Sun-Shin in the jungle is understanding his power spikes and how to leverage them. Early on, I focus on efficiently clearing camps and looking for opportunistic ganks. His Reckless Assault provides great bursts of damage, and combined with a well-placed Mountain Shocker, I can often secure first blood or force summoner spells. As I progress into the midgame, I start to transition more towards a roaming assassin playstyle. I’ll ward key jungle entrances and pathways, then use my ultimate to hunt down isolated targets. Yi Sun-Shin’s innate tankiness from his passive also allows me to dive deep into the enemy backline and threaten their carries. In the late game, Yi Sun-Shin really comes into his own as a fearsome cleanup crew. When teamfights break out, I’ll wait for the perfect moment to cast Mountain Shocker and identify any low health enemies trying to disengage. I can then use Traceless to quickly close the distance and finish them off with a flurry of auto attacks and Reckless Assault resets.

Of course, playing Yi Sun-Shin effectively in the jungle does require a fair bit of practice and map awareness. You need to be constantly scanning for opportunities, whether it’s setting up vision, rotating to counter-jungle, or finding the perfect angle to launch a devastating ultimate assassination. Positioning and timing are crucial, as one misstep can quickly leave you overextended and vulnerable. But when you do manage to master Yi Sun-Shin’s jungle playstyle, the rewards are immense. Few heroes can match his combination of mobility, burst damage, and map presence. He’s the kind of jungler that can single-handedly snowball a game out of control if left unchecked. I also find that Yi Sun-Shin’s flexible build path is a big part of what makes him so strong in the jungle. Depending on the matchup and team composition, I can opt for different item paths to maximize my effectiveness. Going for raw damage output with Blade of Despair? Check. Need more survivability and peel potential? Hunter’s Strike is the answer. There’s always an optimal build to suit the situation. And let’s not forget the sheer psychological pressure that Yi Sun-Shin can put on the enemy team. Knowing that he could appear out of nowhere at any moment with his ultimate creates a constant state of paranoia. The enemy team has to always be on high alert, lest they get instantly deleted by a well-timed Mountain Shocker play. Ultimately, what makes Yi Sun-Shin such a standout jungle pick is his ability to dominate at every stage of the game. He has the tools to secure early kills, snowball his lead, and then transition seamlessly into a lategame assassin that can singlehandedly turn teamfights. Few other junglers can match that kind of versatility and impact. Of course, as with any high skill cap hero, playing Yi Sun-Shin at his full potential takes time and dedication to master. You need to have a keen sense of map awareness, excellent mechanics, and the decision-making prowess to know when to go in for the kill or disengage to safety. But for those willing to put in the work, Yi Sun-Shin can be an absolute terror in the jungle. So if you’re looking to add a new dimension to your jungle pool, I highly recommend giving Yi Sun-Shin a try. His combination of mobility, burst damage, and game-changing ultimate make him a force to be reckoned with. Just be prepared to put in the practice – the payoff of becoming a Yi Sun-Shin jungle God is well worth it.


Much like the formidable Yi Sun-Shin, Roger also has the versatility to seamlessly transition between ranged and melee combat as needed. But what really makes Roger stand out is how much more approachable and user-friendly he is as a hero. Where Yi Sun-Shin requires a high level of mechanical skill and map awareness to truly shine, Roger’s kit is a bit more straightforward and accessible. His werewolf transformation, in particular, is a real game-changer – it allows him to absolutely demolish squishy assassins or marksmen who dare to get caught in his crosshairs. Just imagine the scene – you’re a fragile ADC, carefully positioning yourself in the backline, trying to pump out damage from a safe distance. Suddenly, the fog of war parts, and there’s Roger, barreling towards you with teeth bared and claws extended. Before you can even react, he’s on top of you, ripping you to shreds with a flurry of vicious swipes and bites. There’s no escape, no peeling teammates can save you – just the realization that you’re about to become werewolf chow. Of course, Roger doesn’t come without his own set of drawbacks. He’s definitely on the squishier side, so he’s quite vulnerable to burst damage. And in big chaotic teamfights, the prevalence of crowd control abilities can really neuter his effectiveness. One well-timed stun or root, and suddenly Roger’s murderous rampage is brought to a screeching halt. That’s why positioning and engagement timing are so crucial when playing Roger. You have to be constantly scanning the battlefield, looking for the perfect moment to pounce on an isolated target. Dive in too early, and you’ll get focused down before you can do any real damage. But wait too long, and your team might lose the fight before you can even get involved. It’s a delicate balance, but when you get it right, Roger can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. His ability to swap between ranged poke and melee devastation makes him a real chameleon on the battlefield. One moment you’re keeping your distance, whittling down the enemy’s health with your crossbow. The next, you’re right in their face, shredding them with your claws and teeth. And let’s not forget about his ultimate, either. Feral Impulse is a game-changing ability that not only boosts Roger’s offensive capabilities, but also gives him a much-needed defensive edge. The increased health, armor, and magic resistance can turn him into a veritable juggernaut, able to soak up damage while still dishing it out in spades. But the real key to unlocking Roger’s full potential is understanding his power spike timing. He’s an absolute monster in the early game, so it’s crucial to leverage that strength and secure kills within the first five minutes. If you can get ahead early on, Roger can snowball that lead and really start terrorizing the enemy team. Imagine you’re the jungler, and you spot an overextended enemy ADC in the top lane. You quickly cast Feral Impulse, then pounce on them with your combined ranged and melee attacks. They don’t stand a chance – before they can even blink, they’re reduced to a bloody, mangled mess on the ground. That kind of early game snowball is what makes Roger so deadly in the right hands.

Of course, as Roger starts to transition into the mid and late game, his gameplay loop shifts a bit. You have to be more selective with your engages, looking for isolated targets or opportunities to flank the backline. But even then, Roger’s versatility allows him to adapt – he can still contribute in teamfights with well-placed crossbow shots, while waiting for the right moment to dive in and wreak havoc. Overall, I’d say Roger is a great option for players looking to add some melee flexibility to their jungle pool, without having to invest as much time into the mechanical mastery that someone like Yi Sun-Shin requires. He’s straightforward, impactful in the right situations, and can be a lot of fun to pilot – just be mindful of his early-game focus and relative squishiness. The key is learning to read the ebb and flow of each match, and capitalize on Roger’s power spikes at the right times. Secure those early kills, snowball your lead, and then transition into a disruptive, high-damage threat in the mid and late game. Do that, and you’ll be striking fear into the hearts of your opponents in no time. Of course, Roger isn’t without his challenges. His vulnerability to burst damage and crowd control means you have to be incredibly disciplined with your engages. One misstep, and you can quickly find yourself blown up before you even get a chance to transform. But that’s all part of the thrill – the risk-reward dynamic of playing a high-impact, high-skill hero like Roger. And let’s not forget the sheer psychological pressure that Roger can exert on the enemy team. Knowing that he could materialize out of the shadows at any moment, ready to rip them to shreds, creates a constant state of unease and paranoia. They’ll be forced to play more cautiously, always keeping an eye out for your distinctive werewolf silhouette, and that can create openings for your team to exploit. Ultimately, what makes Roger such a compelling and versatile jungle pick is his ability to adapt to the flow of the game. He’s not just a one-trick pony – he has the tools to dominate the early game, snowball into a mid-game terror, and then transition into a disruptive lategame presence. Few other junglers can match that kind of wide-ranging impact and influence. So if you’re looking to shake things up in the jungle, and add a little more melee mayhem to your repertoire, I highly recommend giving Roger a try. Just be prepared to put in the time to master his nuances and learn how to maximize his strengths. It’s a challenging path, to be sure, but the rewards of becoming a Roger virtuoso are well worth it. Imagine the looks on your opponent’s faces as you transform into a slavering, bloodthirsty werewolf and come charging at them. The panic, the helplessness – it’s a sight to behold. And knowing that you were the one who orchestrated that sheer terror? That’s the kind of thrill that keeps us coming back to the jungle time and time again.


Natan is a marksman hero in the Moba game who possesses an incredibly potent basic attack damage profile. His ability to quickly melt through enemy health bars with just his basic attacks is truly remarkable – making him a formidable carry option for any team composition. The key to Natan’s devastating damage output lies in his unique trait and ability kit. His passive ability, Entropy, grants him bonus magic damage on his basic attacks. This synergizes extremely well with his other abilities, which also scale primarily off of magic damage items. Unlike most traditional marksman heroes, Natan’s optimal itemization path veers more towards spell-caster oriented items rather than pure physical damage. Natan’s first active ability, Dance of the Blades, allows him to dash forward in a target direction, slashing at enemies in his path. Not only does this provide some much-needed mobility, but the ability also applies a stack of Entropy, amplifying his follow-up basic attacks. In teamfight scenarios, using Dance of the Blades to reposition and then unload a barrage of enhanced basic attacks can quickly annihilate squishy backline targets. His second ability, Elemental Burst, is a targeted projectile that deals magic damage in an area of effect. What makes this ability so potent is that it also applies a movement speed slow to any enemies hit. This can be used to kite and kite opponents, or to help set up follow-up crowd control from Natan’s teammates. The real centerpiece of Natan’s kit, however, is his ultimate ability – Entropy. When activated, Entropy causes Natan’s next basic attack to deal massive bonus magic damage and also apply a stacking slow debuff. With proper positioning and timing, this ultimate can completely swing the outcome of a teamfight. A well-placed Entropy ultimate can shred a carry or tank in the blink of an eye, leaving the opposing team in disarray. The only real downside to Natan’s kit is the lack of any hard crowd control abilities. Unlike many other marksman heroes, Natan does not have any stuns, roots, or knockbacks in his repertoire. This makes him highly dependent on his team’s ability to create favorable fight conditions and set the stage for him to unleash his powerful damage output. When playing Natan, it’s critical to have at least a couple of teammates who can reliably initiate teamfights and lock down enemies. Heroes with hard crowd control, area-of-effect damage, or strong crowd manipulation abilities make for ideal partners.

Without this kind of supportive framework, Natan can struggle to find openings to effectively contribute his damage. That being said, Natan’s raw damage potential is so high that he can still be a viable option even in less-than-ideal team compositions. His ability to quickly delete high-priority targets is unparalleled, and he can often catch opponents off guard with the sheer burst of his Entropy ultimate. During the laning phase, Natan’s best approach is to focus primarily on farming and accelerating his item progression. His base damage is already quite strong, so he doesn’t necessarily need to be hyper-aggressive early on. Instead, the goal should be to quickly secure a core damage item like Feather of Heaven or Starlium Scythe, which will unlock his full damage potential. Once Natan has his first major item online, that’s when he can start looking to coordinate with his team to initiate decisive teamfights. His Entropy ultimate in particular is a game-changing ability that can single-handedly swing the outcome of a clash. Timing its usage properly, both in terms of catching enemies off-guard and synchronizing with his team’s engage, is crucial. Natan also benefits tremendously from having vision control and map awareness. Since he lacks any crowd control, he’s highly vulnerable to being caught out of position. Maintaining vision of enemy movements, and carefully tracking the whereabouts of threats, allows Natan to position himself optimally to unload his damage. Despite his lack of crowd control, Natan’s hyper-carry damage profile means he can still be a viable option in a wide variety of team compositions. As long as he has the right supportive tools from his allies, he can absolutely dominate teamfights and carry games to victory. His unique magic damage scaling also makes him a refreshing alternative to the standard physical damage marksman. Mastering Natan requires a keen understanding of wave management, map awareness, teamfight positioning, and ultimate ability timing. But for players willing to put in the effort, he can be an incredibly rewarding hero to pilot – able to single-handedly turn the tide of battles with his devastating damage output. Just make sure you’ve got a solid team to back you up, and Natan will do the rest in shredding the enemy to pieces.


Rounding out the list, Bruno is easily one of the most devastating burst damage dealers among the marksman heroes in the game. While he may not be as lightning-fast or mobile as the likes of Natan or Roger, Bruno is the kind of jungle-focused carry who can become downright unstoppable once he gets his core items online. In the early game, Bruno is going to need some help from a roaming ally to efficiently clear jungle camps and get his item progression rolling. Luckily, his high base damage and ability to quickly clear jungle objectives means he can be a pretty reliable farm accelerator for the team if given the right support. But once Bruno starts picking up those crucial damage-focused items, look out – because the sheer carnage he can unleash on the battlefield is truly something to behold. His burst combo has the potential to delete squishy targets in the blink of an eye, turning the tide of teamfights in the span of a few seconds. For Bruno’s item build, you’ll generally want to prioritize crit chance and crit damage boosters like Berserker’s Fury and Haas’s Claws. These help maximize the insane burst potential of his abilities and basic attacks, turning him into a true glass cannon. If you’re managing to get ahead in the game, you can follow those up with a Blade of Despair and a Windtalker to further amp up your damage output. Of course, Bruno’s high-risk, high-reward playstyle means he can also be pretty vulnerable, especially if the enemy team is ahead. In those cases, don’t hesitate to pick up more defensive options like Immortality or Wind of Nature to help you survive those chaotic teamfights. Staying alive and being able to keep pumping out damage is key – you don’t want to just blow your load too early and leave your team in a lurch. Bruno’s signature ability is his ultimate, Blazing Duet, which allows him to dash forward and unleash a flurry of rapid-fire basic attacks. This not only provides some much-needed mobility, but also sets up his ability to quickly unload his full damage combo. Timing the Blazing Duet properly, both in terms of engaging onto high-priority targets and synchronizing with your team’s engages, is crucial to maximizing its impact. His other skills are also tailored towards burst damage and skirmishing. Suppressive Fire is a long-range skillshot that applies a movement speed slow, enabling Bruno to kite and chase down opponents. Meanwhile, Tactical Reload allows him to quickly reload his weapon, further boosting his DPS uptime. Where Bruno really shines, though, is in his ability to quickly melt through high-priority targets. His passive, Bullet Storm, causes his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage based on a percentage of the target’s max HP. Coupled with his other damage-centric abilities, this passive makes Bruno an absolute terror against tanky frontline heroes.

However, Bruno’s high-damage playstyle does come with some inherent weaknesses. He lacks any real hard crowd control, meaning he’s heavily reliant on his team to create openings for him to freely unload his burst. Bruno is also fairly immobile compared to other marksman, so he can be vulnerable to getting caught out of position. This is where itemization and positioning become even more crucial on Bruno. Building defensive options like Immortality or Wind of Nature can help mitigate his lack of mobility and self-peel. And learning to maximize his ability to kite and reposition during fights, using Blazing Duet and Suppressive Fire effectively, is key to staying alive long enough to nuke down high-value targets. At the end of the day, Bruno is all about maximizing his burst damage potential. He may not be the most mobile or well-rounded marksman out there, but when he’s able to freely unload his full combo, the results can be absolutely devastating. Just make sure you’ve got the right team composition and item build to enable his playstyle, and Bruno can absolutely terrorize the enemy team, deleting squishy carries and tanky frontliners alike. Of course, Bruno’s high-risk, high-reward nature means he’s not without his fair share of counters. Heroes with strong engage, lockdown, and sustained damage can give him a hard time. Fanny, for example, can quickly close the gap and burst him down before he even has a chance to react. Fighters like Paquito who can absorb his initial burst and then outlast him in extended fights are also problematic. But if you can navigate those threats and get Bruno online, he becomes an absolute monster. His mix of burst damage, jungle objective control, and DPS makes him a formidable carry option that demands respect. Opponents have to play cautiously around his windows of power, lest they get caught in the crossfire of his Blazing Duet and blown up in an instant. Ultimately, Bruno represents the quintessential glass cannon marksman archetype. When played well, he can single-handedly turn the tide of battles. But he also requires a deft touch and strong macro awareness to truly excel. Mastering his intricate damage combos, learning to position and kite effectively, and coordinating with your team – these are the keys to unlocking Bruno’s full potential as a carry. So if you’re looking for a marksman who can utterly annihilate the enemy team when given the opportunity, Bruno might just be your guy. Just be prepared to put in the work to really understand his nuances and playstyle. Because when Bruno is firing on all cylinders, he’s an absolute terror that few heroes can match.

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