The Top 3 Heroes for Countering Hanzo in Mobile Legends

Hanzo is a formidable hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, renowned for his exceptional ability to assassinate enemies from a distance. With his ultimate skill, Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja, he can summon a powerful demon that possesses devastating burst damage and the ability to navigate through terrains effortlessly. One of Hanzo’s key advantages is his unique mechanic during team fights. When activating his ultimate, Hanzo’s body remains fixed at the location, ensuring his safety from lethal damage. This strategic advantage allows him to unleash havoc on unsuspecting foes while maintaining a safe position. In addition to his assassination prowess, Hanzo possesses other valuable skills. His Ninjutsu: Demon Feast enables him to instantly eliminate jungle creeps, enhancing his farming efficiency. Meanwhile, Ninjutsu: Soul Reap slows down approaching enemies, providing Hanzo with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

To further maximize his potential, Hanzo utilizes Demon Blood gained from his skills to prolong the duration of his ultimate. This resource management adds a layer of complexity to his gameplay, requiring players to carefully balance their abilities and timing for optimal effectiveness. However, Hanzo does have a notable weakness that can be exploited by skilled opponents. His immobility while using his signature skill creates an inherent vulnerability, particularly against highly mobile heroes. This weakness underscores the importance of strategic positioning and team coordination to protect Hanzo during crucial engagements.

Pick these heroes against Hanzo in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Ling is a formidable hero renowned for his unparalleled agility and mobility in the Land of Dawn. His unique abilities, such as Cloud Walker and Finch Poise, grant him the ability to effortlessly traverse the battlefield by leaping onto walls. This extraordinary mobility provides Ling with a distinct advantage, allowing him to swiftly navigate the terrain and engage or disengage from combat with precision. When facing off against the cunning Hanzo, it is imperative to keep a vigilant eye on his movements. As soon as Hanzo employs his ultimate ability, it becomes crucial to track his location and react swiftly. Utilizing Ling’s Finch Poise, one can seamlessly reach the wall closest to Hanzo’s position, ensuring a quick response and strategic advantage.

Hiding within a bush won’t shield Hanzo from Ling’s relentless pursuit. Ling possesses the ability to expose his concealed enemy with Defiant Sword, a devastating skill capable of inflicting significant damage upon impact. By swiftly descending upon Hanzo’s hiding spot, Ling can catch his opponent off guard, leaving them vulnerable and unable to escape unscathed. In the event that Hanzo attempts to flee the battle, Ling’s Tempest of Blades comes into play. This skill sends Hanzo soaring into the air, effectively incapacitating him and preventing any chance of escape. Seizing this opportunity, Ling can unleash a flurry of strikes with Defiant Sword, relentlessly pursuing Hanzo and ensuring his demise.

Ling’s mastery of mobility and his deadly skill set make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. His ability to swiftly traverse walls, expose hidden enemies, and incapacitate fleeing opponents sets him apart as a highly versatile and deadly hero. With precise timing and skilled execution, Ling can turn the tide of battle and secure victory for his team.


Aldous is a formidable hero whose ultimate ability, Contract: Chase Fate, grants him the extraordinary power to relentlessly pursue any enemy hero, regardless of their location on the map. This unique capability allows Aldous to become an unstoppable force, always ready to close the gap and engage in combat with his chosen target. When confronted with Hanzo’s Kinjutsu: Pinnacle Ninja, it is crucial to react swiftly and employ Contract: Chase Fate to reveal the exact location of Hanzo’s body. By doing so, Aldous gains crucial information and can swiftly navigate towards Hanzo, closing the distance between them rapidly. This strategic move not only allows Aldous to engage Hanzo directly but also disrupts his plans and catches him off guard. To further capitalize on the element of surprise, Aldous can activate Contract: Soul Steal while charging towards Hanzo. This empowers Aldous with an enhanced basic attack upon landing, dealing significant damage and potentially catching Hanzo off guard. Following up with another swift Soul Steal allows Aldous to maximize his damage output and ensure that Hanzo feels the full force of his relentless pursuit.

In the event that Hanzo attempts to escape, Aldous has a powerful tool at his disposal: Contract: Explosion. This ability not only provides a significant movement speed boost but also inflicts a stun effect on enemies. By utilizing Contract: Explosion, Aldous can chase down Hanzo, preventing his retreat and ensuring that he faces the consequences of his actions. During the early stages of the game, it is essential for Aldous to prioritize accumulating Soul Steal stacks. These stacks not only increase the damage potential of Contract: Soul Steal but also enhance Aldous’ overall power. By avoiding team fights and focusing on last-hitting minions or neutral monsters to accumulate stacks, Aldous can unleash devastating damage later in the game, emerging as a true force to be reckoned with. Aldous’ ability to relentlessly pursue and engage enemies, combined with his strategic use of Contract abilities, makes him a fearsome hero on the battlefield. With precise timing, map awareness, and a calculated approach, Aldous can secure kills, disrupt enemy plans, and dominate the game with his unparalleled pursuit of victory.


Natalia is a master of elusiveness, taking her stealth capabilities to unparalleled heights. With her passive ability, Assassin Instinct, she effortlessly slips into a state of camouflage, rendering herself invisible to enemy vision. This remarkable skill allows Natalia to move undetected throughout the battlefield, scouting for vulnerable targets and seizing opportunities to strike. As you assume the role of Natalia, it is crucial to capitalize on her stealthy nature by traversing from one bush to another, meticulously scanning the map for Hanzo’s whereabouts. Whether he is engrossed in farming jungle creeps or preparing to unleash his powerful ultimate ability, you must remain vigilant and patient, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal yourself and initiate your devastating combo. To maximize your effectiveness, begin your assault by unleashing an enhanced basic attack empowered by Assassin Instinct. This initial strike catches your unsuspecting target off guard, inflicting significant damage and setting the stage for the rest of your combo. Follow up swiftly by activating The Hunt, triggering an immediate transition into the Assassin Instinct state. This heightened state of stealth enhances your movement speed and attack power, allowing you to deliver another amplified strike, quickly incapacitating your target.

Natalia’s agility and swift execution are key to her survival. Utilize Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb to swiftly disengage from the battle, leaving your enemies bewildered and unable to retaliate effectively. These evasive maneuvers grant you the opportunity to regroup, plan your next move, or escape unscathed when faced with overwhelming odds. To further augment your burst potential, prioritize purchasing items that significantly boost your physical attack. Items like Blade of the Heptaseas, Berserker’s Fury, and Blade of Despair enhance your damage output, ensuring that your combo strikes with lethal force. Consider the Dire Hit roaming blessing if you adopt a roaming playstyle, as it provides an additional damage boost when Hanzo’s health is low, increasing your chances of securing the kill and exerting dominance over the battlefield. Lastly, the selection of the Execute battle spell proves invaluable in dealing fatal damage to Hanzo should he manage to survive your initial onslaught. This potent spell ensures that no enemy escapes your clutches, solidifying your reputation as a ruthless assassin.

With Natalia’s unmatched elusiveness, lethal combo, and strategic itemization, you possess the tools needed to dominate the battlefield. By capitalizing on her stealth capabilities, carefully timing your strikes, and adapting to the ever-changing dynamics of the game, you can dismantle your enemies and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

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