The top 3 heroes for countering Sun in Mobile Legends

Despite the prevailing monkey stereotype, it would be a mistake to underestimate the challenge of facing Sun in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Sun has undergone numerous adjustments to his skill set in recent years, yet his core gameplay remains consistent—he is a fighter hero renowned for his devastating basic attack damage. Additionally, his ability to create clones provides him with a significant advantage in combat scenarios.

In the game, Sun is primarily deployed in the EXP lane, where his exceptional tower-pushing abilities shine. Allowing Sun even a brief moment of solitude in a lane can lead to catastrophic outcomes for the opposing team. Consequently, when confronted with the formidable presence of the Monkey King, players must consider employing specific heroes capable of effectively countering him. Below, we highlight three heroes who have proven to be particularly adept at shutting down Sun’s dominance.

Best heroes to counter fighter hero Sun in Mobile Legends


No matter the number of clones or items Sun has at his disposal, X.Borg remains unequivocally the most effective counter to the Monkey King within the game. The sheer power of X.Borg’s abilities makes him a force to be reckoned with when facing off against Sun and his clones during the laning phase. Notably, X.Borg’s first skill, Fire Missiles, unleashes a devastating barrage of projectiles that inflicts tremendous damage upon Sun and all his clones. This ability is further bolstered by its low cooldown and absence of mana requirement, effectively denying Sun any opportunity to engage in close-quarters combat.

Moreover, X.Borg’s passive ability, Firaga Armor, grants him a distinct advantage when confronting DPS heroes. This passive ability significantly boosts X.Borg’s survivability, rendering him exceptionally challenging to eliminate during the laning phase. As a fighter hero positioned in the EXP lane, it is highly recommended to prioritize the acquisition of Bloodlust Axe, a crucial item that provides X.Borg with valuable lifesteal and sustenance in battles. Following this, the purchase of Immortality serves to further fortify X.Borg’s resilience on the battlefield. In instances where X.Borg finds himself significantly ahead, the substitution of Immortality with War Axe presents an enticing option, amplifying his damage potential to new heights. X.Borg’s comprehensive skill set and inherent strengths position him as the ultimate choice for countering not only Sun but also other formidable DPS heroes within the game. His ability to unleash devastating damage while simultaneously maintaining exceptional durability sets him apart as an indomitable adversary. With X.Borg at the helm, victory against Sun and his clones is all but assured, solidifying his status as the premier counterpick within the game.


While Odette may not be the most popular hero for the EXP lane, she possesses a unique ability in her ultimate, Swan Song, that can effectively disrupt and counter Sun’s strategies. Swan Song unleashes a devastating burst of damage over a wide area, making it a formidable tool to combat enemies, including Sun. What sets Swan Song apart is its immunity to interruption, except through crowd control effects. This means that when Sun enters the battlefield, Odette can confidently cast her ultimate, forcing him to retreat and reevaluate his approach. To maximize the potential of Swan Song, it is crucial to prioritize offensive itemization that enhances the damage output of Odette’s ultimate. Items such as Glowing Wand or Genius Wand can significantly amplify the damage inflicted by Swan Song, making it a lethal force against Sun and other adversaries. By swiftly acquiring these offensive items, Odette can quickly ramp up the potency of her ultimate and establish her dominance in team fights.

In the late game, it becomes paramount to build Winter Truncheon as a defensive measure against Sun’s potential retaliation. While Odette’s ultimate can deal massive damage, Sun has the capability to survive the onslaught and launch a counterattack when her other skills are on cooldown. Winter Truncheon acts as a safeguard, allowing Odette to activate it and become temporarily invulnerable, nullifying Sun’s burst potential and providing her with a crucial window of opportunity to recover and launch a devastating counter-assault. Despite the challenges Odette may face in the EXP lane, her ability to neutralize Sun with Swan Song and strategic itemization makes her a force to be reckoned with. By capitalizing on the strengths of her ultimate and making astute item choices, Odette can turn the tide of battles against Sun, proving her worth as a viable counter to this formidable hero. With precision, adaptability, and a deep understanding of her abilities, Odette can emerge victorious and lead her team to glorious triumph.


Paquito is undeniably one of the most formidable fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His unique skill set and exceptional attributes make him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Not only does he possess incredible survivability, but his damage output is nothing short of astounding. When it comes to countering the Monkey King, Paquito is one of the few heroes who can confidently face him in a 1v1 situation and emerge victorious. This is particularly true when Paquito has a significant advantage in terms of items and gold. With the right build and proper execution, Paquito can effectively dismantle Sun’s defenses and unleash a barrage of devastating blows. One of Paquito’s key strengths lies in his ability to rapidly stack his passive, Champ Stance. As he lands basic attacks and abilities, Paquito gains stacks, increasing his damage and providing him with sustain through his passive healing. When fully stacked, Paquito becomes a true force to be reckoned with, capable of dealing immense damage to Sun.

To execute an optimal combo against Sun, Paquito can utilize his Knockout Strike, Jab, and Knockout Strike again. This sequence allows him to unleash a flurry of blows with enhanced damage, overwhelming Sun and rapidly depleting his health bar. It is crucial for Paquito players to master the timing and execution of this combo to maximize its effectiveness. Furthermore, Paquito’s ultimate ability, Heavy Left Punch, adds another layer of devastation to his arsenal. This powerful skill not only deals significant damage but also provides crowd control, further hindering Sun’s ability to retaliate effectively. Properly timing the use of the ultimate can secure a crucial advantage for Paquito in the 1v1 showdown. To ensure success against Sun, it is essential for Paquito players to prioritize their itemization. Building attack and defense items is crucial to maximize Paquito’s damage output while enhancing his survivability. Items such as Bloodlust Axe, Endless Battle, and Blade of Despair can greatly amplify Paquito’s damage potential, allowing him to quickly dismantle Sun’s defenses.

In conclusion, Paquito is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to countering the Monkey King, Sun. With his exceptional survivability, devastating damage output, and a well-executed combo, Paquito can emerge triumphant in a 1v1 encounter. However, it requires skillful execution, proper itemization, and a deep understanding of his abilities to fully unleash Paquito’s potential against Sun on the battlefield.

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