The standout star at Masters Madrid isn’t TenZ, but rather the individual who made the switch from Fortnite to Valorant

From Fortnite to Valorant

When it comes to Valorant glory, there is one player who stands head and shoulders above the rest: Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. With a huge fan base and exceptional skills, TenZ has become a sensation in North America, capturing the hearts of Valorant enthusiasts around the world.

However, as the highly anticipated Masters Madrid draws closer, there are rumors of another rising star who might just steal the spotlight. Enter Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish, a great player representing the Heretics. Making his debut at the international LAN tournament Masters Madrid, Benji is ready to showcase his talent and leave a lasting impression on the Valorant community. Despite TenZ’s massive popularity, Benji has managed to build his own dedicated fan base with a staggering 1.8 million followers on Platform X. These amazing fans not only demonstrate his wide appeal, but also position him as a formidable force in the competitive Valorant arena.

Benjyfishy from Team Heretics shares the reasons behind his transition from Fortnite to Valorant

During the pre-tournament press conference at Masters Madrid, Team Heretics’ Benjifishi provided valuable information about his decision to switch from Fortnite to Valorant. With a sense of satisfaction, Benji expressed his satisfaction with the transition, recognizing the courage of the move. He stressed that the decision was not easy. Addressing the audience, Benji elaborated on his reasons for making the switch. Although he found success and built a significant following in Fortnite, he found the game lacked the competitive depth that fueled his passion for esports. A naturally competitive person, Benji craved a more challenging environment that would fuel his motivation. Valorant, with its strategic gameplay and fast-paced mechanics, appealed to him as a game that could provide the competitive satisfaction he was looking for.


Grateful for the unwavering support of his fans who have crossed over with him, Benji expressed his gratitude. Their constant support and encouragement served as the driving force for him to succeed in Valorant. With renewed focus and determination, Benji was fully committed to demonstrating his skills and delivering an outstanding performance at the Masters Madrid. The press conference shed light on Benjifisha’s personal journey, highlighting the human aspect of his career transition. This highlighted his desire to pursue his passion in a more fulfilling environment, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and happiness in professional pursuits. As he embarks on this new chapter, Benji’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring esports athletes and fans alike, demonstrating the importance of following your dreams and embracing change for personal and professional development.

Benjy’s Journey in Valorant: From Tier 2 Leagues to Masters Madrid

In 2022, Benji took his first steps into the exciting world of Valorant, diving headfirst into the competitive second-tier leagues of various challenger leagues. Fueled by an unwavering passion for the game and an unrelenting desire to succeed, Benji has poured his heart and soul into improving his skills and mastering the intricacies of Valorant’s fast-paced gameplay. After a busy and challenging year in the Tier 2 arena, Benji’s sheer determination and exceptional talent caught the attention of Team Heretics, a respected name in the Valorant esports community. In July 2023, he received a life-changing opportunity to join their esteemed line-up for the highly anticipated VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Why did Benjyfishy transition

The excitement and pressure were palpable as Benji and his new teammates prepared for the fierce competition that awaited them. With unwavering focus and an unbreakable bond, they dedicated themselves to honing their strategies during the off-season. Countless hours of practice, analysis and teamwork created a deep sense of unity and trust within the team. When the epic VCT EMEA Kickoff took place, Benji and the Heretics unleashed their true potential, leaving the entire EMEA region in awe. Their gameplay was a symphony of precision, coordination, and an innate understanding of the ever-evolving meta. With resounding 2-0 victories over formidable opponents such as FUT Esports, Karmine Corp and NAVI, they demonstrated their dominance and cemented their status among the region’s top contenders.

Masters Madrid

Their remarkable triumphs at the VCT EMEA Kickoff not only cemented their place at the pinnacle of Valorant esports, but also gave them the prestigious opportunity to compete in the illustrious Masters Madrid tournament. This achievement was a testament to their unwavering dedication, unyielding perseverance and undeniable talent. As they embarked on the next chapter of their journey, Benji and his fellow Heretics prepared to take on the best teams in the world at the Masters Madrid tournament. The anticipation and excitement was unprecedented as they took the chance to make their mark on the grandest stage. With the unwavering support of their loyal fans and the knowledge that they had triumphed in countless challenges, Benji and the Heretics were ready to etch their names into the annals of Valorant esports history.

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