Exclusive: Bleed Esports Coach Discusses Integration Challenges for Zest and Retla

Bleed Esports, a prominent esports organization, recently underwent a significant overhaul of its Valorant roster in anticipation of the highly-anticipated 2024 VCT Pacific League. With a strong focus on strengthening their competitive lineup, Bleed made strategic moves to enhance their chances of success. On March 8th, the organization welcomed two new players to their active roster: Kim “Zest” Ki-seok, a former player for DRX, and Jorell “Retla” Teo. These additions were made with the intention of bolstering the team’s skill set and introducing fresh perspectives to their gameplay.

In the process of revamping their roster, Bleed Esports also bid farewell to two players who had been part of their previous lineup. Ngo “crazyguy” Cong Anh and Javier “Egoist” Chua, both talented individuals in their own right, departed from the team as the organization sought to explore new avenues and adapt to the evolving competitive landscape. To shed light on the team’s restructured roles and shed light on the impact of their recent acquisitions, Bleed’s head coach, Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninic, granted an exclusive interview to VPEsports. In this interview, Coach LEGIJA provides valuable insights into the team’s renewed strategies, the players’ roles within the revamped lineup, and the overall synergy and cohesion that they aim to achieve moving forward. With the next VCT tournament on the horizon, Bleed Esports is determined to showcase their revamped roster and demonstrate their prowess in the competitive Valorant scene. The team’s management and coaching staff have put immense effort into carefully selecting the best players to complement their existing roster, with the goal of achieving exceptional results and solidifying their position as a formidable force in the esports community.

Bleed Esports’ Valorant head coach discusses Zest and Retla’s impact on the team

Bleed’s coach, LEGIJA, expressed immense confidence in the recent changes made to the team’s roster, highlighting the seamless integration of Zest and Relta. According to LEGIJA, both players have quickly adapted to the team dynamics and have already displayed their value on and off the battlefield. Speaking about Zest, LEGIJA described him as a person who exudes a quiet and humble demeanor. Zest’s composed nature and ability to stay calm under pressure have proven to be valuable assets for the team. His presence brings a sense of stability and poise, which positively impacts the team’s performance. On the other hand, Relta’s infectious personality has made him a beloved member of the team. Known for his humor and amiable nature, Relta brings a jovial and light-hearted atmosphere to the team. His positive energy and ability to uplift the spirits of his teammates have created a cohesive and harmonious environment within the squad.

When it comes to the in-game leadership (IGL) role, coach LEGIJA shed light on the team’s approach, stating that Bleed does not follow a strict calling system. While Natchaphon “sScary” Matarat assumes the primary IGL responsibilities, the team encourages input from other players, particularly Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker and Zest. As duelists and flex players, they are empowered to provide mid-round calls based on their unique perspectives and strategic insights. This collaborative approach allows for a more dynamic and adaptive gameplay style, leveraging the diverse skill sets and decision-making abilities of different team members. With the revamped roster and a flexible leadership approach, Bleed Esports is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming VCT tournament. The team’s collective synergy, combined with the individual strengths of each player, sets the stage for an exciting and competitive journey ahead.

Coach LEGIJA Identifies Areas for Improvement and Highlights the Potential of New Additions

Coach LEGIJA identified an area of improvement for the team, specifically focusing on their decision-making skills and ability to perform under pressure. He emphasized the importance of players being able to generate effective plans during rounds and communicate more efficiently than they did at the VCT Pacific Kickoff. “As a team, we need to step up individually. Each of the six players must elevate their game, and I need to ensure that we function better as a cohesive unit. When it comes to matchday, the players must be on top of their game,” stated Coach LEGIJA. With the recent additions of Zest and Relta, the team now faces two challenges that Coach LEGIJA has pointed out they need to overcome.

In terms of Zest, the biggest challenge he might encounter is his limited fluency in English. However, Coach LEGIJA believes that this will only be a temporary hurdle as Zest is known for being a fast learner. “Initially, there might be some difficulties due to the language barrier, but I have confidence that Zest will adapt quickly,” he explained. As for Relta, his two-year break from competitive play presents a unique challenge. Coach LEGIJA believes that the best way to support Relta is for the team to treat practice sessions as if they were official games, even though it can be challenging at times. The coach holds high hopes for the team’s new additions, acknowledging their potential and experience. He expects Zest to have a significant impact on the team’s mid-round calling and decision-making, leveraging his expertise in those areas. Similarly, Coach LEGIJA anticipates that Relta will excel in fragging and anchoring roles, effectively contributing to the team’s defensive strategies on various sites. The coach believes that with the combined efforts of the entire team, including Zest and Relta, they will be able to overcome the challenges they face and achieve success.

What challenge might a Zest player face?
Limited knowledge of English
Long break from competitive play
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