The dogs are out: LoL’s first canine champion, Naafiri

Naafiri, the newest addition to League of Legends, has finally arrived, and ready to devour everything that comes her way breaking the stereotypes as the game’s first full canine champion that doesn’t transform. 

As Patch 13.14 was released, Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites, is now available for purchase within LoL’s in-game shop for 7,800 Blue Essence or 975 Riot Points. She is the 164th champion in the game.

Naafiri hails from the race of fallen god-warriors in Runeterra, sharing kinship with Aatrox, Varus, and Kayn. She is the first Darkin champion that has joined the evolving cast of League since Kayn in 2017. This Darkin dagger has possessed the minds of a pack of dogs, giving her control of multiple bodies at once that can be summoned at will and used for both defense and offense. She can even regenerate the health bars of her pack with the simple press of a button.

Moreover, the Hound of a Hundred Bites will appear as a cameo champion that can disrupt players’ gameplay in the new Arena mode and also receive a skin that is tied into the lore of the Soul Fighter event. According to Riot Games, Naafiri’s assassin kit is designed for simplicity and ease of mastery, offering large mobility, significant damage, and even a little bit of healing. 

Naafiri will have her BE cost lowered to 6,300 next week while remaining purchasable for 975 RP at all times. She will be available in any queues, even in the newly-reopened ranked queue marking the start of the second split of the year, allowing players to learn how to use her ordinary yet powerful kit wherever they’d like.

Naafiri abilities in LoL

  • Passive – We Are More
  • Q – Darkin Dagger
  • W – Hound’s Pursuit
  • E – Eviscerate
  • R – The Call Of The Pack