Popular streamer Tyler1 joins T1

Esports organization T1 has signed League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp as a content creator. The audience reacted positively to the announcement of the deal — within 10 hours, the welcome video gained more than 240,000 views and 21,000 likes on YouTube.

After the collaboration began, Tyler1 announced himself as the new CEO of the organization.

LoL Tyler1 has joined T1. Officially. By the way, speaking of joining, I now manage T1. I got full control over everything: I manage the players, I manage the staff and I pay my salary.

In response to streamer T1 CEO Joe Marsh’s statement, he simply tweeted a photo of them together.

Our new CEO and streamer was kind enough to let me and Cal Harvey take a quick shot.

Fans of the South Korean organization are expecting collaborative content from Tyler1 and League of Legends roster member Lee “Faker” Sang Hyuk soon . At the end of 2019, they already discussed the possibility of cooperation. During a meeting in Las Vegas, the streamer and the esportsman recorded several videos together, which were positively received by the community.