How does the Split Points system function in League of Legends?

League of Legends had recently introduced the Split Points system to their ranked matchmaking which motivates players for the amount of time they have put up in the competitive mode. As LoL’s Ranked seasons are divided into two Splits, the Split Point system was launched to make it much easier for the casual players to rank up in the game.

Spilt Points is an incentive system allowing players to make the most of their ranked matches, doesn’t matter whether they win or lose. And at the end of Ranked Split, you can receive the exclusive Victorious Skin, depending on the amount of Split Points you earned.  

So this article will go over how the Split Point system in League of Legends works. 

How many split points can be earned per game?

To earn split points in League, all you will be required to do is to play Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex matches when the Ranked Split season is live. You will get 10 Split Points in case you win and 6 Split Points if you lose. So whether you win or lose, you will earn Split Points after each game. 

How many split points do you need to unlock the Victorious skin?

Split Points will help you unlock the Victorious skin, however it depends on your rank at the end of the Split and the number of Split Points you earned. 

If you’re ranked Iron, Bronze, or Silver, you’ll need 1,600 Split Points in order to unlock the Split’s Victorious skin. And if you’re ranked Gold or higher at the end of the Split, you’ll require 800 Split Points only. 

However, there is also another requirement you need to meet to unlock the Victorious skin. You must also have an Honor Level of two or higher to be eligible for unlocking the Victorious skin. One of the best ways to get the Honor Level is to play with friends, when one of them is bound to honor you at some point.

Can you earn Split Points during the preseason?

When one season ends and the next begins, the Ranked matches you play will not contribute to your progression. Nevertheless, you will not earn Split Points or receive any rewards. The Split Points you got in previous splits and seasons don’t transfer to the next split or season. 

Thus, not only the player’s rank will get reset but also the total amount of acquired Split Points.