Tex shares his impressions after losing to Gen.G

It was an intense day of competition at the VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai on May 24th. The Leviatán squad, known for their grit and tactical prowess, squared off against the formidable Gen.G roster, a team with a reputation for adaptability and firepower. In the opening map, Leviatán showcased their coordination and map control, leading to a hard-fought victory. However, Gen.G quickly regrouped and unleashed a masterful performance on the next two maps, outmaneuvering their opponents and capitalizing on key moments to secure the series 2-1.

It was a tough loss for the Leviatán team, who had been hoping to make a strong statement on the international stage. Their Head Coach, Tex, reflected on the match, acknowledging the quality of their opponents while also expressing confidence in his team’s ability to learn from this experience. “Gen.G played incredibly well today and deserve the win. They were able to adjust their strategies and punish our mistakes. But I’m proud of the fight our guys put up, and we’ll go back and analyze what we can improve on. This is just one step in a long journey, and I know we have what it takes to bounce back stronger than ever.” The VCT 2024 Masters Shanghai continues to be a thrilling showcase of the world’s best Valorant teams, with each match-up offering a glimpse into the ever-evolving landscape of competitive play.

The International Stage Awaits: Leviatán’s Tex Reflects on VCT Masters Shanghai

Despite the tough loss against Gen.G, Leviatán player Tex was gracious in defeat when he spoke to esports.gg after the match. This was Tex’s first experience competing on the international stage, and he acknowledged the significant step up in competition level compared to the North American scene he’s used to. “Playing against those stronger teams from other regions is the biggest difference for me,” Tex said. “The level of opposition is just a notch above what we see domestically. You have to be so much more precise with your executions and so much quicker to capitalize on any openings. It’s a real eye-opener coming from the NA scene.” Still, Tex took pride in seeing more players from the North American tier 2 scene getting their chance to shine on the global stage at an event like VCT Masters Shanghai. He noted that while it’s sad to see some familiar faces like NRG missing, it speaks to the constant evolution of the competitive Valorant landscape. “It’s great to see guys who’ve been grinding in the background finally get their opportunity,” Tex said. “The North American scene is producing so much talent these days, and events like this allow them to prove themselves on the world stage. That’s only going to push everyone to keep raising the level of play.” As for the team’s preparation for facing Gen.G, Tex downplayed any potential excuses around the timezone changes, saying simply that “we just didn’t play our best today.” But he expressed confidence that Leviatán would bounce back, particularly after their subsequent 2-0 victory over T1. “At this level, it’s all about seizing the moment,” Tex reflected. “You can’t let things like jet lag or unfamiliar environments be an excuse. We knew coming in that the competition would be fierce, and we have to be ready to match that intensity no matter what. The first game didn’t go our way, but the team regrouped and showed what we’re capable of against T1.”

Tex emphasized that the Leviatán squad is filled with seasoned veterans who have faced adversity before. Their ability to stay composed and focused in the face of a tough loss will be crucial as they continue their run in the tournament. “We’ve been through ups and downs before, and we know how to respond,” Tex said. “This was a learning experience for us, but now we’re dialed in and ready to make a deep playoff push. We have the firepower and the mental toughness to go all the way, and that’s what we’re aiming for.” Beyond the tournament itself, Tex expressed excitement about the growth of the overall Valorant esports ecosystem. He pointed to the increased investment, production value, and fan engagement as signs that the game is truly coming into its own as a premier competitive title. “When I first started playing Valorant, I don’t think any of us knew just how big it would become,” Tex admitted. “But seeing the production quality and scale of an event like VCT Masters Shanghai, it’s clear that Valorant has arrived as a top-tier esport. The future is bright, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.” Looking ahead, Tex is determined to prove that Leviatán belongs among the elite Valorant teams in the world. With their resilience and competitive fire, he believes the squad has what it takes to leave a lasting mark on the tournament. “We’re not satisfied with just being here,” Tex said. “We want to win it all. That’s the mindset we’re bringing to every match, and we’re going to leave everything out on the server. This is our chance to showcase what Leviatán is all about, and we’re ready for the challenge.”

What is Tex's main takeaway from Leviatán's experience at VCT Masters Shanghai?
The competition level at international events is significantly higher than the North American scene.
Leviatán is not yet ready to compete with the top global Valorant teams.
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