Team Vitality signs XTQZZZ

Team Vitality has confirmed rumors of the signing of Remi “XTQZZZ” Kuoniam as the new head coach of their CS2 roster.

Undoubtedly, expectations were high for Team Vitality’s progress, especially given the need for an experienced coach. The move was finally confirmed when Team Vitality announced the signing of XTQZZZ as their team’s new head coach.

One of Team Vitality’s expected moves

This decision was predictable since the departure of Danny “zonic” Sorensen, who decided to join Team Falcons. Team Vitality was looking for an experienced coach with extensive experience, and the choice fell on XTQZZZ, who had previously worked with the team as a head coach.

Team Vitality with new CS2 head coach

Team Vitality has confirmed the signing of XTQZZZ, giving him a second chance to lead the team. XTQZZZ is a French coach who has previously successfully worked with the team between 2018 and 2021, achieving significant successes such as victories at CS_Summit 4 and ECS S7 in 2019, as well as a victory at BLAST Premier: Fall 2020.

However, XTQZZZ decided to leave Team Vitality in early 2022 to join G2 Esports, but his stay there only lasted 9 months due to the team’s poor performance. He later started creating his own project, which was then acquired by TSM. XTQZZZ’s return to Team Vitality is particularly noteworthy given his previous experience and success.

IEM Sydney – XTQZZZ’s first test

Team Vitality announced the return of XTQZZZ just days before IEM Sydney, where the team is scheduled to compete under his leadership in the first major CS2 tournament. The official statement said that XTQZZZ will not be able to attend the tournament in Australia in person, but will work with the team remotely, while Mathieu “MaT” Leber will assist the players on site.


XTQZZZ’s return to Team Vitality represents an important step for both the team and the coach himself. Hopes for new achievements and successes from his cooperation with the team are very high.

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