Selena Guide for Mobile Legends: Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, Combos

Selena, the mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, wields the ancient powers of her Dark Elf lineage and the enigmatic Abyss as she gracefully traverses the Land of Dawn. Her magical prowess is as formidable as it is elegant, enabling her to seamlessly transition between two distinctive forms—Elven and Abyssal. This unique gameplay mechanic goes beyond mere aesthetics, offering players a plethora of tactical choices to explore.

In her Elven Form, Selena excels at setting intricate traps and dispatching her enemies with lethal precision using her fabled Abyssal Arrow. On the other hand, her transformation into the Abyssal Form unleashes her inner demon, allowing her to swiftly engage foes and take on the role of a versatile initiator. Within this comprehensive VPEsports guide, we delve deep into Selena’s abilities, strategic approaches, and recommend the most effective build, empowering you to unleash her full potential on the battlefield.

Selena’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Symbiosis

Selena is a versatile hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, thanks to her ability to freely switch between two distinct forms – Elven Form and Abyssal Form. In her Elven Form, Selena demonstrates her expertise in applying Abyssal Marks to her opponents using her various skills. These marks have the potential to stack multiple times, increasing their potency. Notably, her Abyssal Trap skill is particularly effective at instantly applying an Abyssal Mark upon contact with an enemy. However, Selena’s true power lies in her Abyssal Form. When she transitions to this form, Selena becomes a formidable force on the battlefield. In this state, all of her damage-dealing abilities consume a stack of Abyssal Mark, resulting in additional Magic Damage being inflicted upon her adversaries. This allows Selena to unleash devastating combos and secure kills with ease.

Mastering Selena’s dual forms is crucial for maximizing her potential. Skilled players can seamlessly switch between forms to adapt to different situations and exploit the strengths of each form. Whether it’s setting up traps and sniping enemies from a distance in her Elven Form or aggressively engaging foes and unleashing devastating burst damage in her Abyssal Form, Selena offers a wide range of tactical options that can turn the tide of battle. To excel with Selena, it’s essential to find the right balance between utilizing her Elven and Abyssal Forms effectively. Understanding when to apply Abyssal Marks, how to stack them efficiently, and when to unleash her powerful Abyssal Form abilities are key to dominating the battlefield with this extraordinary hero. So, embrace the power of the Dark Elf lineage and the Abyss, and embark on an exhilarating journey with Selena as you unravel the secrets of her dual forms and unleash her true potential on the battlefield of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

  • Having two forms allows you to play the hero in several ways.
  • Both forms offer unique skills and center around damage and crowd control. Learning when to switch is vital for your success using the hero.

Elven Form first skill – Abyssal Trap

Selena’s mastery over the Abyss extends to summoning and commanding an ethereal entity known as the Abyssal Devil. With a flick of her wrist, Selena calls forth this mysterious creature to lurk in a designated location, ready to ensnare unsuspecting foes. As an enemy approaches the area, the Abyssal Devil swiftly attaches itself to them, instantly impeding their movement with a profound slowing effect. But the Abyssal Devil’s malevolence doesn’t end there. After a moment’s anticipation, it releases a devastating surge of pure magical energy upon its host and nearby enemies, inflicting significant damage and further hindering their movements with an extended duration of deceleration. This combination of damage and control makes the Abyssal Devil a formidable ally in Selena’s arsenal.

What makes this ability even more intriguing is that Selena can maintain multiple Abyssal Devils simultaneously. By strategically placing them in key areas, she gains the advantage of having multiple sources of damage and slow effects, greatly amplifying her control over the battlefield. Each additional Abyssal Devil in play intensifies the final blow, ensuring that Selena’s enemies face an onslaught they can hardly withstand. The Abyssal Devil’s presence is not to be underestimated. It serves as a testament to Selena’s command over the dark powers she possesses, offering her a unique and potent tool to manipulate the tides of battle. With careful positioning and timing, Selena can turn the tables on her opponents, leaving them entangled in the depths of despair brought forth by the Abyssal Devil’s relentless onslaught. So, embrace the darkness and harness the power of the Abyssal Devil as Selena, and let your enemies tremble in fear as they witness the wicked symphony of damage and control that unfolds before them.

  • Outside of damage, these traps provide vision which gives you a tremendous map advantage.
  • Place traps in key chokepoints, near objectives, or in bushes to catch enemy movement.
  • Combining these traps with Abyssal Arrow will increase the overall impact.

Abyssal Form first skill – Soul Eater

Selena’s connection with the Abyss grants her a profound advantage in combat, allowing her to strengthen her claws with the raw power of this enigmatic realm. When she taps into this otherworldly energy, a remarkable transformation takes place. Her next Basic Attack becomes a conduit for the Abyss itself, imbued with an extraordinary surge of Magic Damage that strikes her adversaries with unparalleled force. But the benefits don’t end there. As the Abyssal energy courses through her veins, Selena is also enveloped in a protective Shield, a manifestation of the Abyss’s defensive capabilities. This Shield acts as a magical barrier, absorbing incoming damage and granting Selena a crucial layer of defense against her foes. It empowers her to withstand their assaults, providing her with a sense of resilience and allowing her to retaliate with even greater ferocity.

The combination of enhanced offensive prowess and enhanced defensive capabilities makes Selena a formidable presence on the battlefield. With her claws fueled by the Abyss, she becomes a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies while simultaneously safeguarding herself from harm. Embrace the power of the Abyss and witness the unleashed might of Selena as she harnesses its energy to elevate her combat abilities to new heights. With her strengthened claws and protective Shield, she becomes an unstoppable force, ready to conquer any challenge that lies in her path.

  • This is a two-way ability as it provides you with a boost in damage, as well as a shield.
  • Use this ability after landing your Abyssal Arrow and Abyssal Trap.

Elven Form second skill – Abyssal Arrow

Selena unleashes a volley of enchanted arrows, propelling them towards a specific direction with uncanny accuracy. Upon impact, the arrows unleash a surge of potent Magic Damage, striking the first enemy hero they encounter and leaving them stunned in awe of Selena’s power. Remarkably, the duration of the stun and the damage inflicted escalate in direct proportion to the distance the arrows traverse, making long-range shots particularly devastating. What sets Selena’s arrows apart is their unique ability to absorb the essence of Abyssal Traps as they travel. This allows the arrows to carry the effects of the traps with them, ensuring that the enemy target suffers the full consequences upon impact. It’s a formidable combination, blending the precision of Selena’s marksmanship with the cunning nature of her Abyssal Traps.

Additionally, if an enemy falls victim to an extended stun duration, Selena gains a surge of agility. Her Movement Speed receives a substantial boost, enabling her to swiftly maneuver across the battlefield, capitalizing on the advantage she has gained. Selena’s skill with the enchanted arrows exemplifies her mastery of both precision and subterfuge. With each shot, she showcases her ability to control the flow of battle, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies and seizing crucial moments to turn the tide in her favor. So, take aim with Selena’s magical arrows, and let your foes experience the true might of her stunning prowess. Harness the power of her Abyssal Traps and revel in the agility granted by her devastating strikes as you traverse the battlefield with unparalleled grace and precision.

  • As a midlaner or a roamer, this is your bread-and-butter ability.
  • Landing this ability will open up many opportunities, but it may be a challenge. It is good practice to always cast this manually and anticipate enemy positions.
  • Whether you hit an enemy or not, fire your arrows in bushes to get vision over the area.
  • Use this in combination with Abyssal Traps to maximize the crowd-control effects.

Abyssal Form second skill – Garotte

With fierce determination, Selena propels herself forward in a chosen direction, her every movement infused with potent magical energy. As she charges forth, enemies unfortunate enough to stand in her path bear the brunt of her devastating onslaught, succumbing to the forceful impact of her Magic Damage. But there’s more to Selena’s ferocious charge than meets the eye. The power of the Abyssal Mark, a symbol of her dominance, lies dormant within her strikes. When her unleashed fury triggers the Abyssal Mark effect upon her adversaries, a remarkable phenomenon occurs. The cooldown of the Abyssal Mark resets instantly, allowing Selena to unleash its power once again without delay.

In the heat of battle, Selena’s charging maneuver becomes a relentless force, an embodiment of her unwavering resolve and unwavering power. It is a testament to her prowess as a warrior, as she fearlessly charges into the fray, leaving a trail of defeated enemies in her wake. Embrace Selena’s unstoppable charge, and witness the might of the Abyssal Mark as it resets in the face of her indomitable spirit. Let her journey through the battlefield with an unyielding determination, dealing devastating Magic Damage to all who dare to stand against her.

  • You can use Garotte offensively or defensively.
  • Offensively, aim to use this to hit multiple enemies for maximum damage. You can also activate this skill as a gap closer to reaching your target.
  • Use this skill to get out of sticky situations as the dash will give you space to disengage from fights.

Elven Form Ultimate – Primal Darkness

In a mesmerizing transformation, Selena embraces her Abyssal Form, tapping into the depths of her power. As she undergoes this metamorphosis, her Movement Speed surges, allowing her to traverse the battlefield with unparalleled agility and grace. The activation of her Abyssal Form triggers an immediate reset of the cooldowns on two of her key abilities, Soul Eater and Garotte. This allows Selena to swiftly unleash these skills once again, without any delay, maximizing her effectiveness in combat.

While in her Abyssal Form, Selena’s prowess is further enhanced as she gains access to a new set of skills. Each strike of her Basic Attack becomes infused with additional Magic Damage, delivering a more devastating blow to her adversaries. This newfound power elevates her combat capabilities, ensuring that her presence on the battlefield is nothing short of formidable. Selena’s transformation into her Abyssal Form is a spectacle to behold. It symbolizes her connection with the mystical realm and signifies her ascendance to a higher level of power. With increased Movement Speed, reset abilities, and enhanced Basic Attacks, Selena becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of turning the tides of battle in her favor. Embrace the allure of Selena’s Abyssal Form and unleash her newfound abilities upon your foes. Witness the agility and might that come with this transformation, and let Selena guide you to victory with her enhanced Movement Speed and devastating attacks.

  • Shift to your Abyssal Form when you’re eyeing for a kill.
  • As your first and second skill resets, you have a chance to deal more damage to your target.
  • This is best used after you hit an enemy with the Abyssal Trap and Abyssal Arrow combo.

Elven Form Ultimate – Blessing of the Moon Goddess

With an air of mystique, Selena gracefully transitions into her Elven Form, tapping into ancient elven magic that courses through her veins. As she assumes this ethereal state, her Movement Speed surges, allowing her to glide across the battlefield with unparalleled swiftness and grace. The activation of her Elven Form brings about an immediate reset to the cooldowns of two of her key abilities, Abyssal Trap and Abyssal Arrow. This grants Selena the ability to swiftly deploy her traps and unleash her arrow once again, without any delay, ensuring that her arsenal remains readily available for strategic use.

While in her Elven Form, Selena harnesses the essence of her elven heritage, gaining a deeper connection to the mystical forces that surround her. This connection empowers her movements and enhances her combat abilities, allowing her to navigate the battlefield with heightened agility and precision. The transformation into her Elven Form is a sight to behold, as Selena radiates with elven elegance and enchantment. The increased Movement Speed and reset abilities exemplify her mastery over her elven lineage, enabling her to outmaneuver her foes and strike with calculated precision. Embrace the allure of Selena’s Elven Form and witness her enhanced Movement Speed and reset abilities in action. Let her guide you through the chaos of battle with her elven grace and strategic finesse, as she swiftly resets her traps and arrows to outwit and overcome her enemies.

  • Shift to Elven form when disengaging or when re-engaging.
  • Once out of the fight, this gives you a chance to set traps once more, and fire arrows from the distance to help your team out.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Selena in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

When it comes to battle spells, Selena finds great synergy with Flicker and Execute, as they provide her with enhanced mobility and lethal finishing capabilities. Flicker is a versatile spell that allows Selena to instantly teleport a short distance in the direction she’s facing. This spell aligns perfectly with Selena’s playstyle, further enhancing her already impressive mobility. With Flicker, she gains the ability to initiate engagements, make swift escapes, or strategically reposition herself during combat, granting her a significant tactical advantage.

On the other hand, Execute is a spell that deals true damage to an enemy hero, with its potency increasing based on the target’s missing health. For Selena, who excels at wearing down her opponents’ health with her burst damage, Execute becomes a lethal finishing blow. After engaging in skill combos to weaken her adversaries, Selena can utilize Execute to secure kills, capitalizing on its amplified damage against low-health targets. This spell proves particularly effective against enemies who possess healing abilities or defensive spells, ensuring that no foe can easily slip away from her grasp. By incorporating Flicker and Execute into her arsenal, Selena maximizes her effectiveness on the battlefield. Flicker grants her unparalleled mobility, enabling her to dictate the flow of engagements, while Execute serves as the ultimate tool for dispatching weakened foes, leaving no chance for escape. Embrace the power of Flicker and Execute alongside Selena, unleashing her enhanced mobility and lethal finishing abilities. With these spells at her disposal, she becomes an unstoppable force, swiftly maneuvering through the chaos of battle and delivering devastating blows that ensure her enemies meet their demise.

Recommended emblem

For the Abyssal Witch, the combination of Agility, Wilderness Blessing, and Lethal Ignition creates a potent mix of speed, efficiency, and killing power. Agility, the cornerstone of Selena’s prowess, not only enhances her movement speed but also provides her with a competitive edge in both chasing down enemies and evading perilous situations. As a hero who thrives on strategic positioning and precise timing, this boost in speed becomes an invaluable asset, allowing Selena to swiftly navigate the battlefield with unparalleled grace and agility. One of Selena’s most notable talents, Wilderness Blessing, further amplifies her roaming capabilities. By granting her bonus movement speed in the jungle and river areas, this talent enables Selena to become a true threat to opposing junglers and laners. With heightened mobility, she can assert her dominance in crucial regions of the map, applying relentless pressure and seizing control of key objectives.

Lethal Ignition, an integral part of Selena’s skill set, serves as a catalyst for her devastating damage output. By capitalizing on her skill combos, Selena can quickly eliminate her enemies, harnessing the amplified damage potential of Lethal Ignition. This talent significantly increases her chances of securing kills when she successfully catches an enemy with her abilities, solidifying her reputation as a lethal force on the battlefield. The combination of Agility, Wilderness Blessing, and Lethal Ignition empowers Selena to reach new heights in her gameplay. With enhanced speed, unparalleled roaming capabilities, and amplified damage, she becomes a formidable presence, capable of dominating her opponents with precision and finesse. Embrace the power of Agility, Wilderness Blessing, and Lethal Ignition alongside Selena, and witness the extraordinary speed, efficiency, and killing potential that these attributes bring to her arsenal. With this deadly combination, she becomes a true embodiment of the Abyssal Witch, striking fear into the hearts of her foes and securing victory with unparalleled finesse and skill.

Selena best build

Once you’ve acquired Magic Shoes to enhance your mobility and reduce skill cooldowns, the next crucial item to consider for Selena is the Enchanted Talisman. This item plays a pivotal role in her build, providing a significant increase in mana regeneration and further reducing skill cooldowns. With the Enchanted Talisman in your possession, you can sustain a relentless assault without the constant worry of running out of mana. This ensures that you can unleash your devastating abilities with increased frequency, maintaining a constant threat to your enemies throughout the game. Following the Enchanted Talisman, the Starlium Scythe is a highly recommended item for Selena. This powerful equipment not only amplifies your damage output but also offers valuable sustainability. As you deal damage to your foes, the Starlium Scythe allows you to recover health, granting you an added layer of survivability during intense engagements. This item synergizes exceptionally well with Selena’s aggressive playstyle, enabling her to stay on the battlefield longer and continue dishing out punishment to her adversaries. As the game progresses and enemies start equipping items to counter Magic Damage, Magic Penetration becomes essential for Selena’s effectiveness. In this regard, the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive are two indispensable items. The Genius Wand lowers the magic defense of enemies hit by your spells, making them more vulnerable to your magical onslaught.

On the other hand, the Divine Glaive provides a substantial boost to Magic Penetration, allowing you to bypass the magic resistance of even the most fortified opponents. With the combination of the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive, Selena’s attacks become even more lethal, ensuring that her spells hit with devastating impact, regardless of the enemy’s defenses. These items are crucial for maintaining Selena’s damage relevance throughout the game, especially when facing tankier foes who possess higher durability. By incorporating the Enchanted Talisman, Starlium Scythe, Genius Wand, and Divine Glaive into your build, you can effectively counter the defenses of your enemies and maintain a formidable presence on the battlefield. Finally, as the pinnacle of Selena’s itemization, the Holy Crystal is a must-have for maximizing her Magic Power. This remarkable equipment significantly boosts Selena’s magical capabilities, amplifying her damage potential to extraordinary levels. What sets the Holy Crystal apart is its unique passive, which further enhances Selena’s magic attacks based on her existing Magic Power. This exponential increase in damage makes Selena a true threat in the late game, capable of eliminating even the sturdiest opponents with just a few well-placed spells. Embrace these carefully chosen item selections, and witness the remarkable impact they have on Selena’s damage output and overall effectiveness. With the right build, she becomes an unstoppable force, decimating her enemies and leading her team to victory in the most challenging battles.

The best build for Selena in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Starlium Scythe
  • Genius Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Holy Crystal

Tips and easy combos to learn

Your impact on the game greatly hinges on your ability to effectively land your Abyssal Arrow. Maximizing the usage of this skill shot can be achieved through two effective strategies. The first approach involves utilizing the Abyssal Trap by strategically placing it in key locations such as narrow passages or chokepoints. By setting up the trap in these areas, you create opportunities to precisely aim your Abyssal Arrow at your intended target, increasing the chances of a successful hit. Taking your skills to an advanced level involves mastering the quick placement of Abyssal Traps, enabling you to execute a more complex combo with the Abyssal Arrow. As the arrow swiftly travels towards its target, your goal is to rapidly position an Abyssal Trap at its maximum range just before the arrow reaches that location. This requires precise timing and coordination to ensure that the trap is precisely set where the arrow will impact the target. When executed flawlessly, this combo has the potential to stun your enemy, allowing you to swiftly switch to Abyssal Form and utilize powerful abilities like Soul Eater and Garotte to finish off your target.

By refining your abilities in placing Abyssal Traps and mastering the timing of your Abyssal Arrow, you can significantly enhance your effectiveness in battles. This combination of precision and quick thinking grants you the ability to control and disable your opponents, creating favorable conditions for swift eliminations using the formidable abilities of your Abyssal Form. As you continue to hone your skills and adapt to different situations, you’ll become a formidable force on the battlefield. The ability to consistently land your Abyssal Arrow and capitalize on the resulting opportunities will make you a valuable asset to your team, capable of turning the tides of battles and securing victories. Keep practicing, refining your techniques, and embracing the versatility of Selena’s kit to unleash your full potential as a fearsome Abyssal Arrow marksman.

Which strategy for using Abyssal Arrow do you think is more effective?
Placing the Abyssal Trap in tight spaces and accurately aiming the Abyssal Arrow at the target.
Quickly place an Abyssal Trap and perform a combo with an Abyssal Arrow to stun the enemy.
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