Mobile Legends: Kagura Guide – Optimal Build, Abilities, Emblem, and Combos

Kagura, the mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a formidable force who harnesses the power of her mystical umbrella to devastating effect. With her ability to unleash explosive combos, she can swiftly eliminate enemies with overwhelming bursts of magical damage. What sets Kagura apart is her exceptional mobility, making her one of the most elusive mage heroes in the game. However, mastering her gameplay requires dedication and effort due to the complexity of her unique skill set. To help you become a proficient Onmyouji Master, this in-depth VPEsports guide offers valuable insights into recommended battle spells, emblem sets, optimal builds, skill tips, and intricate combo strategies.

Experiment with different battle spells like Flicker or Purify to enhance your survivability or engage potential. Customize your emblem set to amplify Kagura’s strengths, whether it be through magic power, cooldown reduction, or movement speed. Discover the best build for Kagura, incorporating items like Elegant Gem, Lightning Truncheon, and Divine Glaive to maximize her damage output. Mastering Kagura’s skills is crucial for success. Understand the nuances of her umbrella’s movement and positioning to unleash devastating combos. Utilize her skills like Yin Yang Overturn, Seimei Umbrella Open, and Rasho Umbrella Flee to outmaneuver opponents and secure kills. Remember, practice makes perfect. Dedicate time to honing your Kagura skills, both in terms of individual mechanics and game sense. Analyze replays, learn from top players, and adapt your playstyle to different matchups. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the battlefield as Kagura, unleashing her mystical powers with precision and finesse. Embrace the challenge, embrace the magic, and emerge victorious as the Onmyouji Master herself.

Kagura’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Yin Yang Gathering

Once Kagura retrieves the Seimei Umbrella, a cascade of power surges through her as she gains a formidable shield. This shield not only fortifies her defenses but also serves as a catalyst for devastating crowd control effects. As the umbrella returns to her grasp, a mesmerizing energy emanates, stunning and slowing any foes within its ethereal reach. This passive ability is a testament to Kagura’s mastery over the mystical arts, granting her an intermittent advantage in combat. With each activation, she becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of turning the tides of battle in her favor. The shield provides a crucial layer of protection, allowing Kagura to navigate treacherous situations with confidence, while the stunning and slowing effects confound and hinder her adversaries.

The strategic timing of this passive becomes paramount in maximizing Kagura’s potential. By staying attuned to the rhythm of its activation, she can unleash her abilities at precisely the right moment, capitalizing on the vulnerability of her stunned and slowed foes. This synergistic combination of defensive prowess and crowd control empowers Kagura to assert her dominance on the battlefield and secure victory for her team. In the hands of a skilled player, Kagura’s passive ability becomes a game-changer, offering both defensive resilience and offensive opportunities. It exemplifies her versatility as a hero and rewards those who can master the intricacies of her playstyle. Whether she is evading enemy assaults or setting up devastating combos, the Seimei Umbrella serves as a conduit for Kagura’s indomitable will, ensuring that her enemies are left bewildered and overwhelmed in her wake.

  • Utilize the stun and slow effects of Yin Yang Gathering to ensure a successful execution of your combo on the intended target. By strategically timing and incorporating this ability into your gameplay, you can effectively control and disable your opponent, setting them up for devastating follow-up attacks.
  • In addition, you can combine Yin Yang Gathering with Kagura’s initial two skills to engage in effective poking tactics against your adversaries. By cleverly utilizing this combination, you can chip away at your opponents’ health from a safe distance, gradually weakening them before committing to a full-on engagement.

First skill – Seimei Umbrella Open

Kagura gracefully launches the Seimei Umbrella towards the designated location, inflicting magical damage upon any enemies it encounters along its path. This enchanting projectile also momentarily slows affected foes, impeding their movement. Remarkably, the Umbrella intuitively returns to Kagura’s side when she ventures too far away, ensuring she remains in control of her mystical weapon at all times.

  • Semei Umbrella Open is her main poking and farming ability. As such, prioritize maxing it out first.
  • To effectively poke your enemy in lane during the early game, leave the umbrella out on the battlefield so it has a shorter travel time to your target, making it less predictable.
  • Bear in mind that when the umbrella is out, you cannot use the form of your second skill that has a Purify effect, rendering you vulnerable to debuffs.
  • For better precision, it is recommended to manually target Seimei Umbrella Open.
  • This spell can reveal opponents hiding in bushes, so always use it to scout when they are not showing up on the map to avoid getting ganked. Additionally, it can give you a vision advantage when taking major objectives, such as the Lord or Turtle.

Second skill – Rasho Umbrella Flee

When Kagura is equipped with her Umbrella, she gains the ability to shed herself of any debuffs, freeing her from the constraints of negative effects. With a graceful leap, she propels herself in the desired direction, leaving her loyal Seimei Umbrella behind to hold its position. In the absence of her Umbrella, Kagura’s teleportation prowess comes to the forefront. With a flicker of her mystical powers, she instantaneously traverses the realm, reappearing at the exact location where her Seimei Umbrella awaits. As she reclaims her trusted companion, a surge of magical energy emanates from her, inflicting significant damage upon any nearby adversaries unfortunate enough to be caught in the wake of her arrival.

These two distinct abilities showcase the versatility and adaptability of Kagura’s playstyle. With her Umbrella, she gains mobility and the ability to make strategic positioning decisions. Without it, she demonstrates her mastery of teleportation, swiftly regrouping with her Seimei Umbrella and punishing those who dare to oppose her. By understanding the intricacies of these skills, Kagura players can effectively manipulate the battlefield, engaging in hit-and-run tactics, surprising opponents with unexpected relocations, and turning the tide of battle in their favor. Master the art of utilizing Kagura’s Umbrella and unlocking the full potential of her teleportation abilities to become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • Rasho Umbrella Flee gives you a free Purify battle spell. Use it to get rid of any debuff, and escape from approaching enemies. However, it cannot remove suppression effect.
  • This skill also allows you to dash over walls, letting you retreat safely.
  • Use the second form of Rasho Umbrella Flee to narrow the distance against opponents, and instantly trigger Yin Yang Gathering if it’s available, stunning and slowing them down.
  • Moreover, you can use it together with Seimei Umbrella Open to get out of dangerous positions.

Ultimate – Yin Yang Overturn

When Kagura harnesses the full potential of her Seimei Umbrella, she taps into a wellspring of mystical power, unleashing a torrent of magic that wreaks havoc upon her foes. The sheer force of her attack not only deals substantial magic damage to enemies in close proximity but also sends them hurtling backward, disrupting their positioning and creating opportunities for her team to capitalize on. In the absence of her Umbrella, Kagura’s resourcefulness shines through as she deftly manipulates the residual energy it emanates. With a precise invocation, she resets the cooldown of her Seimei Umbrella Open ability, instantly rejuvenating her access to its formidable capabilities. Simultaneously, enemies within the vicinity of the dormant Umbrella are subjected to a potent surge of magical energy, suffering damage and experiencing a reduction in their movement speed.

After a brief, tension-filled pause, the Umbrella exerts its gravitational influence, drawing nearby enemy heroes irresistibly towards its enigmatic aura. The resulting convergence pulls them closer, subjecting them to another wave of intense magical damage. This synergy of pulling and damaging ensures that even those who seek to escape the Umbrella’s grasp are met with a punishing assault. These remarkable abilities exemplify Kagura’s versatility and strategic prowess. Whether wielding her Seimei Umbrella or momentarily parting ways with it, she remains a formidable force on the battlefield. Her mastery over the Umbrella’s power allows her to unleash devastating attacks, control enemy movements, and create advantageous situations for her team. By honing their understanding of Kagura’s abilities and the dynamics of her Seimei Umbrella, players can unlock the full potential of this enigmatic hero. With each precise invocation, they can manipulate the ebb and flow of battle, leaving their enemies in awe and securing victory for their allies.

  • The key to maximizing Yin Yang Overturn is familiarizing yourself with the different effects of its two forms.
  • Yin Yang Overturn (with umbrella) inflicts damage and effects to enemies in close range. Cast it after using Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to ensure that you hit opponents with it.
  • Moreover, you can use the first form to push back approaching foes.
  • Meanwhile, Yin Yang Overturn (without umbrella) can be used after casting Seimei Umbrella Open to hit enemies from long range.
  • However, make sure that the umbrella reaches your target first before triggering the ultimate.
  • Always remember that it resets the cooldown of Seimei Umbrella Open, enabling you to deal massive damage in a short span.
  • There is a short delay before the pulling effect activates. This means that you can reposition the umbrella using the first skill to ensure that your target gets pulled and damaged.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Kagura in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Flicker is widely regarded as one of the top choices for Kagura players due to its versatility and utility. This battle spell provides an additional layer of mobility, granting Kagura the ability to swiftly traverse the battlefield with a well-timed flicker. This can be incredibly useful for closing the gap against enemies, allowing Kagura to quickly dive into the heart of the action and unleash her devastating combo. Flicker is also an excellent tool for escaping sticky situations, providing an emergency escape route when faced with imminent danger. Additionally, in team fights, Flicker enables Kagura to reposition herself strategically, ensuring she is in the right place at the right time to unleash her abilities or support her teammates.

On the other hand, Flameshot offers a different set of advantages for Kagura. This battle spell provides her with an extra burst of magic damage, which can be crucial for securing kills on targets that manage to survive her initial combo. Flameshot can be used as a finishing blow, dealing a powerful burst of damage to weaken or eliminate retreating enemies. In addition to the damage aspect, Flameshot also possesses a crowd control effect in the form of a push. This can be invaluable in situations where Kagura needs to create space or disengage from pursuing opponents. By pushing enemies away, Kagura gains valuable breathing room to reposition herself, buy time for cooldowns, or create opportunities for her team to follow up. Ultimately, the choice between Flicker and Flameshot depends on the specific circumstances of the match and the playstyle of the Kagura player. Flicker excels in providing mobility and flexibility, while Flameshot offers additional damage and crowd control effects. Understanding the flow of the game, the team compositions, and the role Kagura needs to fulfill will help in making an informed decision on which battle spell to select. Regardless of the choice, both Flicker and Flameshot can greatly enhance Kagura’s effectiveness on the battlefield and contribute to her success in combat.

Recommended emblem

Kagura finds her natural affinity with the Mage emblem, which offers a host of benefits perfectly suited to her playstyle. This emblem provides a substantial boost to her magic power, empowering her abilities to deal devastating damage. Additionally, it grants Kagura cooldown reduction, allowing her to unleash her skills more frequently, and magic penetration, ensuring her attacks penetrate the defenses of her opponents effectively. The Mage emblem serves as the primary choice for Kagura, amplifying her magical prowess and maximizing her impact on the battlefield. Alternatively, the Assassin emblem presents a viable alternative for Kagura players. This emblem offers adaptive penetration, enhancing Kagura’s ability to pierce through enemy resistances. It also provides adaptive attack, bolstering her basic attacks and complementing her skill set. Moreover, the Assassin emblem grants Kagura increased movement speed, allowing her to swiftly maneuver around the battlefield and position herself advantageously.

When it comes to talents, the first tier offers Rupture as an excellent choice. This talent provides additional adaptive penetration, further bolstering Kagura’s ability to penetrate enemy defenses and deal significant damage. In the second tier, Weapons Master proves to be a valuable selection. It increases the magic power Kagura gains from her equipment, emblem, talents, and skills, amplifying the potency of her abilities and ensuring maximum effectiveness in combat. For players aiming to acquire their core items more swiftly, Bargain Hunter is a viable option, as it reduces the cost of equipment, enabling Kagura to reach her power spikes sooner. As for the core talent choice, Lethal Ignition stands out as the most optimal option. This talent grants Kagura the ability to deal additional adaptive damage when executing her combo, further augmenting the potency of her burst. By selecting Lethal Ignition, Kagura can unleash devastating damage upon her foes, securing kills and exerting her dominance on the battlefield. By considering the Mage emblem with its magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration, or the Assassin emblem with its adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed, Kagura players can tailor their emblem choices to their preferred playstyle. Complemented by the appropriate talents, such as Rupture, Weapons Master, Bargain Hunter, or Lethal Ignition, Kagura can unlock her full potential and become a formidable force in any match.

Kagura best build

As one of the primary damage dealers on your team, it is crucial to focus on building up your magic power and penetration to maximize your impact. To kickstart your itemization, prioritize acquiring the Clock of Destiny as your initial core item. This will allow you to quickly accumulate its maximum stacks, providing you with a substantial boost in both magic power and mana. The early completion of this item is essential to capitalize on its potential. Following the Clock of Destiny, consider investing in the Lightning Truncheon, which synergizes exceptionally well with the Clock of Destiny. This item amplifies your damage output by dealing additional magic damage based on your maximum mana. The combination of these two items can unleash devastating bursts of magical damage on your enemies. To further enhance your magic penetration, consider incorporating the Genius Wand and Divine Glaive into your build. The Genius Wand provides a notable increase in magic penetration, enabling you to pierce through enemy defenses more effectively. Meanwhile, the Divine Glaive offers a significant boost in magic penetration, ensuring that your attacks have a greater impact on high-resistance targets.

To maximize your damage potential, finalize your build with the inclusion of the Holy Crystal. This item significantly amplifies your magic power, allowing your abilities to pack an even more potent punch. However, if you find that survivability is a concern, you may opt to replace one of the last three items with either Winter Truncheon or Immortality. Winter Truncheon grants you a temporary period of invulnerability, providing a lifeline in critical moments. On the other hand, Immortality provides a chance to revive upon death, prolonging your presence in team fights and potentially turning the tides in your favor. By adhering to this itemization strategy that prioritizes magic power and penetration, you can unleash devastating magical damage as Kagura, making a significant impact on the battlefield. Remember to adapt your final item choices based on the specific circumstances of each match, balancing damage output with survivability as needed.

The best build for Kagura in Mobile Legends

  • Clock of Destiny
  • Arcane Boots
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Genius Wand
  • Divine Glaive
  • Holy Crystal

Easy combos to learn

During the laning phase, focus on poking your opponent by utilizing your abilities in a strategic manner. Start by initiating with Seimei Umbrella Open, followed by Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to activate the Yin Yang Gathering effect. This combination allows you to apply pressure and chip away at your opponent’s health. To maintain your safety, use Rasho Umbrella Flee (with umbrella) to quickly reposition yourself and evade potential damage. This ability grants you the necessary mobility to retreat to a secure position and avoid unnecessary risks. Once you reach level four and unlock your ultimate ability, you can execute a full combo to burst down your target. Here is a basic version of the combo: Begin by initiating with Seimei Umbrella Open, ensuring it connects with the enemy. Then, activate Yin Yang Overturn (without umbrella) and follow up with your first skill once again. This sequence will pull your target toward the umbrella, setting them up for additional damage.

Immediately after, cast Rasho Umbrella Flee (without umbrella) to close in on your opponent while simultaneously triggering the Yin Yang Gathering effect. This amplifies your damage potential, allowing you to deal significant damage and potentially secure a kill. To finish off your opponent, employ Yin Yang Overturn (with umbrella), unleashing its devastating power. Once your objective is achieved, swiftly retreat using Rasho Umbrella Flee (with umbrella) to maintain a safe distance from any potential threats. If you have Flameshot as your battle spell, consider utilizing it as a killing blow if your target manages to survive the initial combo. Flameshot can provide the extra burst of damage needed to secure the elimination and ensure your dominance in the engagement. Remember, this combo serves as a basic guideline, and it’s important to adapt your approach based on the specific circumstances of each encounter. Understanding the range and timing of your abilities, as well as recognizing the positioning of your opponent, will allow you to execute your combos more effectively and maximize your impact in the game.

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