Review of the second gaming day of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

After the second day of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, we already have the first teams that have successfully advanced to the next stage of the Major, as well as the first names of those who are booking tickets home from Denmark.

In the first two days of the CS2 Major, we have already witnessed the terrible performance of the favorites, unexpected results, and the downfall of the top-ranked teams. By the way, our prediction in the “Road to Diamond” section is still alive, and today we will find out if we will stay in the race. Overall, here is our review of all the key events of the second day in Copenhagen.

HEROIC and CLOUD9 go 3:0

The first teams to successfully advance to the initial stage of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 were Heroic and Cloud9. Both teams completed the distance with a perfect result, securing their spots in the elimination stage. However, the performance of the Danish and Russian teams is far from ideal, and in order to avoid a failure in the next stage, they need to shape up during this free time without games. Considering the fact that there won’t be a break between stages, they cannot afford to rest now. Heroic had a tough draw in the 2-0 bracket, facing Eternal Fire in their deciding match. The Turkish team has been playing very strongly in this tournament and was also deserving of victory, but Heroic’s confident performance reduced their chances to zero. The Danes remained composed, securing a clean victory over Eternal Fire. Sjuush demonstrated true leadership qualities in this series, scoring 36 kills and 32 deaths throughout the series, becoming the most consistent player among the two rosters. Considering that a few months ago there was a sense of another “breakup” for Heroic, this could be a good sign and an impetus to maintain their roster. Cloud9 faced a formidable SAW team, who had a winning streak of 11 matches since mid-February. In this context, it is impressive that Cloud9 managed to win 2-0, although SAW remained extremely competitive throughout both maps. This time, the day was successful not only for boombl4 but also for Perfecto, who played a crucial role in key moments for Cloud9.

The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 has already delivered thrilling moments and surprising upsets, showcasing the unpredictable nature of esports competitions. It’s a testament to the high level of competition and the dedication of these teams to secure their place in the Major. Looking ahead, the teams that have advanced must now focus on maintaining their momentum and refining their strategies. The competition will only get tougher from here, as they will face off against other skilled teams vying for the championship title. For Heroic and Cloud9, their impressive performances in the initial stage should give them a boost of confidence. It’s an opportunity for them to analyze their gameplay, identify areas for improvement, and come back even stronger in the elimination stage. Meanwhile, the teams that fell short in the initial stage have a lot of work to do. They must regroup, learn from their mistakes, and adapt their strategies to better compete in future tournaments. The road to success in the world of esports is a challenging one, and setbacks are an inevitable part of the journey. As fans and spectators, we can expect more intense matches, breathtaking plays, and unexpected outcomes as the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 continues. The beauty of esports lies in its ability to captivate audiences and create unforgettable moments that will be talked about for years to come. So, let’s buckle up and get ready for the next stage of the Major, where the stakes will be even higher and the competition fiercer than ever. The journey to becoming the champions of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 has just begun, and the excitement is palpable in the air.

The first losers of PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

On the other side of the CS2 Championship, we also have the first names that we won’t see anymore in this tournament. Those teams are AMKAL and Movistar KOI. These two teams failed to make an impact, whether it was due to unlucky matchups or simply poor performance, and rightfully concluded their participation in the tournament. AMKAL had a tough “do or die” match against TheMongolZ, where they managed to take a map. Moreover, they definitely had a chance to win the last map, Inferno, and they must be regretting not being able to seize that opportunity. TheMongolZ showcased excellent individual form with bLitz, mzinho, and 910, and AMKAL couldn’t match up against these “robots.” Movistar KOI, on the other hand, faced off against a struggling FURIA team. Whether the KOI players found themselves in a psychological slump or were simply out of form, it was impossible to predict that we would witness the black panthers in the “do or die” match. The match revealed a significant gap in class between the Spanish and Brazilian teams, resulting in a decisive 2-0 series. Thus, KOI exits the CS2 Championship without making a mark. It’s always disheartening to see teams leave the tournament without achieving their desired results. However, the competition in the CS2 Championship is fierce, and sometimes even the most promising teams face unexpected challenges or struggle to perform at their best. The experience gained from participating in such high-stakes tournaments can serve as a valuable lesson for these teams, helping them grow and improve in future competitions. As the CS2 Championship progresses, we can expect more intense battles, surprising upsets, and outstanding performances from the remaining teams. Each match brings its own drama and excitement, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. While teams like AMKAL and Movistar KOI may be leaving the tournament early, their journey doesn’t end here.

They will have other opportunities to prove themselves and make their mark on the competitive CS2 scene. It’s all part of the journey of growth and development in the world of esports. As we bid farewell to these teams for now, we eagerly await the upcoming matches and the unfolding drama of the CS2 Championship. The stage is set for the remaining teams to battle it out and showcase their skills on the grand stage. The teams that have advanced to the elimination stage must not rest on their laurels. They need to stay focused and continue refining their strategies and teamwork. The competition will only get tougher from this point onward, with each match becoming a make-or-break moment. Heroic and Cloud9, the teams that secured their spots in the elimination stage, have shown strong performances so far. However, they cannot afford to become complacent. They will face formidable opponents who are equally hungry for victory. For the eliminated teams, it’s time to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement. They can use this experience as motivation to come back stronger in future tournaments. The world of CS2 is highly competitive, and setbacks are a part of the journey. It’s all about learning, adapting, and pushing forward. As spectators and fans, we have the privilege of witnessing the evolution of professional CS2 and the incredible skill displayed by these players. The CS2 Championship has already provided us with memorable moments and captivating matches. We can expect even more excitement and unforgettable plays as the tournament progresses. So, let’s embrace the spirit of competition and support our favorite teams as they battle it out for the coveted title of CS2 Championship champions. The stage is set, and the next chapter of CS2 history is waiting to be written.

Results of the second gaming day

  • KOI 0:2 FURIA
  • C9 2:0 SAW
  • Mongolz 2:1 Amkal
  • Heroic 2:0 EternalFire
  • GamerLegion 13:4 Legacy
  • ECSTATIC 13:8 Lynn Vision
  • paiN 13:3 ENCE
  • Imperial 13:7 Apeks

What matches await us today?

Today we expect six BO3 matches at once, where again someone’s life in the tournament and passage to the next stage will be decided.

  • EternalFire vs. GamerLegion (the winner advances to the Elimination stage)
  • Lynn Vision vs. The MongolZ (losing team is eliminated)
  • SAW vs. Pain Gaming (the winner advances to the Elimination stage)
  • Legacy vs. Apeks (losing team is eliminated)
  • ECSTATIC vs. Imperial (the winner advances to the Elimination stage)
  • ENCE vs. FURIA (losing team is eliminated)
Which of these two teams did you support more at the CS2 Championship?
Movistar KOI
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