Review of the first gaming day of PGL Major Copenhagen

The first day of the major turned out to be a real surprise for all the spectators. Everyone was expecting a calm and stable start, but instead, they were treated to a series of thrilling matches and captivating events. The excitement was palpable as the teams showcased their skills and strategies, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. From intense back-and-forth battles to unexpected upsets, the day was filled with twists and turns that kept everyone engaged.

Fans eagerly followed the action, witnessing remarkable comebacks, breathtaking plays, and nail-biting finishes. It was a testament to the competitive spirit and skill of the participating teams, as they pushed themselves to the limit in pursuit of victory. The first day of the major proved that esports is not only a game but a source of thrilling entertainment that captivates and unites fans from around the world.

A terrible day for FURIA and our Pick’EM

FURIA arrived at the major with high expectations, being regarded as one of the top contenders in the Opening Stage. Coming off an impressive performance in the regional RMR, FalleN and his team were considered the region’s main hope and were expected to lead the charge, carrying the aspirations of the emerging talent that had made it to the tournament alongside them. However, the first day of competition proved to be a shocking turn of events. The disappointment was palpable as FURIA not only failed to meet the fans’ expectations but also suffered defeats against two of the most popular PickEm choices, Legacy and Lynn Vision, resulting in an unexpected 0-3 scoreline, which included our own prediction. It was a resounding fall from grace for a team that had shown such promise leading up to the major. The implications are now dire for FURIA. If they fail to win their upcoming BO3 match, their journey in the major will come to an abrupt end. The pressure on the players must be immense as they face the daunting task of trying to turn their fortunes around and salvage their tournament aspirations.

While FURIA’s struggles have cast a shadow over Brazil’s representation at the major, there are still glimmers of hope. Other Brazilian teams have managed to secure spots in the 1-1 bracket, keeping their tournament dreams alive. Imperial showcased their resilience, engaging in two intense matches with overtimes against HEROIC and ENCE. The battle between Coldzera and FalleN ended in Legacy’s favor, adding a surprising twist to the storyline. Additionally, Pain emerged victorious against Apeks, further contributing to the country’s presence in the ongoing competition. As the major continues, the Brazilian teams, including FURIA, will need to regroup, analyze their shortcomings, and make the necessary adjustments to stage a comeback. The road ahead will be challenging, but in the world of esports, anything is possible. The fans eagerly await the next chapter of this gripping tournament, hoping for a resurgence from the Brazilian representatives and a display of their true potential on the grand stage.

Teams ignored Inferno

Yesterday’s competition saw an interesting development as Inferno, the map, was completely overlooked by the teams in their map selections. This deliberate avoidance of Inferno carries significant implications, especially considering the recent wave of criticism and disdain expressed by professional players towards this particular map. It serves as a clear and undeniable signal to Valve, the game’s developer, that there may be underlying issues with the map’s design or balance that need to be addressed. This pattern of neglecting Inferno is not an isolated incident but rather part of a larger trend that emerged during the IEM Katowice tournament. Out of the 111 matches played at that event, a mere 8 took place on Inferno, further solidifying its status as a marginalized map among both players and teams. In contrast, Nuke has risen to prominence as the most favored map in recent competitions. Its complex layout and strategic possibilities have captured the attention and interest of teams, resulting in it being played six times during the previous day’s matches. Overpass closely follows Nuke in popularity, with three matches showcasing the tactical prowess of competing teams on this map.

Ancient, Vertigo, and Anubis have also garnered some attention, each being played twice throughout the tournament. These relatively newer additions to the competitive map pool have provided fresh challenges and opportunities for teams to showcase their adaptability and innovative strategies. However, it’s worth noting that Mirage, a traditionally popular map, made only a single appearance in a match between Heroic and Imperial, hinting at a potential shift in map preferences and strategies. The strategic decisions made by teams regarding map selections not only reflect their individual preferences but also shape the overall landscape of competitive play. The omission of Inferno highlights the need for continuous evaluation and adjustment of map rotations and design to ensure a healthy and diverse gameplay experience for both players and spectators. As the tournament progresses, it will be interesting to see if teams continue to sideline Inferno or if adjustments are made to rekindle interest in this map. Additionally, the evolving map preferences and emerging strategies on maps like Nuke, Overpass, and the newer additions will undoubtedly be closely observed by both fans and industry experts alike.

The first matches for relegation and passage to the next stage await us

After the initial matches resulted in a 1-1 scoreline, the tournament now enters a crucial phase with BO3 matches, where the fate of teams hangs in the balance. This stage will determine the first batch of teams to secure their spot in the Elimination stage, while also marking the end of the journey for two unfortunate teams who will bid farewell to the major. Among the teams that have performed well so far, Heroic stands poised to face Eternal Fire in a match that could secure their advancement with a flawless 3-0 record. Heroic’s consistent form and strategic prowess will be put to the test as they aim to maintain their dominance against a formidable opponent. In another high-stakes showdown, Cloud9 and SAW will lock horns in a battle for a coveted slot in the next stage. Both teams have shown flashes of brilliance and have the potential to make a deep run in the tournament. The outcome of this clash will heavily impact their tournament trajectory and determine their future in the major.

On the flip side, the teams facing elimination will be under immense pressure as they fight to keep their tournament hopes alive. TheMongolz and AMKAL find themselves in a do-or-die situation, knowing that a single misstep could dash their dreams of progressing further. The intensity will be palpable as these teams leave no stone unturned in their quest to secure victory and extend their major journey. Meanwhile, the disappointing performance of FURIA in the previous day’s matches has left fans and analysts questioning their form and resilience. They now face a crucial match against the KOI team, where every round will be crucial in their bid to salvage their tournament aspirations. FURIA will need to regroup, rediscover their winning formula, and showcase their trademark aggression and precision to turn the tides in their favor. As the tournament unfolds, the excitement and tension continue to build. Each match holds the potential for upsets, heroic comebacks, and unforgettable moments. The teams are aware that every decision, every frag, and every clutch play matters as they navigate the treacherous path towards the pinnacle of competitive Counter-Strike. The stage is set for exhilarating clashes, and fans eagerly anticipate the drama and spectacle that will unfold in the upcoming matches.

Match summary

As the major tournament enters its second week, the intensity and stakes continue to rise. Teams are locked in fierce battles, each vying for a coveted spot in the playoffs and a chance at glory. The competition has been a rollercoaster of emotions, with thrilling comebacks, stunning upsets, and nail-biting finishes. One team that has captured the attention of fans is Astralis. The Danish powerhouse, known for their strategic brilliance and consistent performances, has showcased their dominance once again. With calculated plays and exceptional teamwork, they have secured impressive victories, solidifying their position as one of the favorites to lift the trophy. However, they are not without their challengers. Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has also been a force to be reckoned with. Led by the indomitable s1mple, widely regarded as one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time, Na’Vi has displayed an exceptional level of individual skill. Their explosive gameplay and aggressive style have left opponents scrambling to keep up. It will be intriguing to see if they can maintain their momentum and go head-to-head against Astralis in a clash of titans.

On the other side of the spectrum, legendary teams such as Fnatic and Team Liquid have faced unexpected hurdles. Their performances have been inconsistent, with flashes of brilliance overshadowed by costly mistakes. Both teams have a rich history and a dedicated fanbase, and the pressure mounts for them to regain their footing and make a statement in the tournament. Underdogs have also emerged, defying expectations and leaving their mark on the competition. Teams like Gambit, who have displayed exceptional teamwork and synergy, and mousesports, known for their explosive playstyle, have surprised many with their impressive performances. These rising stars are eager to make their mark on the competitive scene and challenge the established powerhouses. As the tournament progresses, strategies will be refined, adjustments will be made, and the stakes will only continue to rise. The road to the playoffs is treacherous, and every match is a battle for survival. Fans around the world eagerly await the next chapter of this captivating tournament, eager to witness the clash of skills, the thrill of clutch plays, and the triumph of the human spirit in the world of Esports.

First day match results

  1. ENCE 16 — 12 KOI
  2. Cloud9 13 — 10 Legacy
  3. Apeks 16 — 13 AMKAL
  4. HEROIC 16 — 14 Imperial
  5. ECSTATIC 13 — 10 TheMongolz
  6. Eternal Fire 13 — 2 paiN
  7. FURIA 13 — 16 Legacy
  8. GamerLegion 13 — 8 AMKAL
  9. SAW 13 — 4 KOI
  10. ENCE 19 — 22 Imperial
  11. HEROIC 13 — 5 Lynn Vision
  12. Apeks 8 — 13 paiN
  13. Cloud9 13 — 10 ECSTATIC
  14. Eternal Fire 13 — 6 TheMongolz
Which team do you think is the favorite at the major?
Natus Vincere (Na'Vi)
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