Pick’Em Guide for PGL Copenhagen Major 2024

The highly anticipated Counter-Strike 2 Major is just days away, bringing with it the long-awaited PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Pick’Em Challenge. This challenge allows players to test their CS scene knowledge by selecting the champions of the event. With the release of CS2 attracting new users, many fans are new to the Pick’Em Challenge. We’ll provide you with all the details about the updated Viewer Pass, Souvenir Coins, and more. The Pick’Em Challenge is an interactive feature where CS enthusiasts make predictions. Participants select teams they believe will advance and earn points for in-game rewards.

The Viewer Pass is an essential part of the Pick’Em Challenge, offering exclusive features and content. The updated Viewer Pass for the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 provides additional perks like team stickers, profile customization, graffiti sprays, and more. Souvenir Coins are valuable currency in the Pick’Em Challenge. They can be used to acquire souvenir packages with in-game items. These packages are tied to specific matches and earned through accurate predictions. The PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 promises an unforgettable esports spectacle. Top CS teams will compete in intense battles, showcasing their skills and teamwork. Fans can expect breathtaking plays and the crowning of a new Major champion. Join the global CS community in the PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 Pick’Em Challenge to test your knowledge and win exclusive rewards. Get ready for an exciting esports journey.

How does the CS2 PGL Copenhagen Major Pick’Em Challenge work in 2024?

In order to participate in the PGL Copenhagen Major CS2 Pick’Em Challenge, you will require a Viewer Pass Copenhagen 2024. However, there is no need to rush into purchasing it just yet. The purchasable pass will once again provide players with the opportunity to enhance their memorable Major medal and earn additional souvenir packages as they successfully progress through each stage. It is crucial to note the significance of successfully completing each stage along the way. Valve has introduced an update to this mode for the new year as well. Unlike previous years where participants had to purchase and engage in the Pick’Em Challenge, this time around, Pick’Em is free for all. However, players will not receive rewards for each stage of the event as they did before. All that is required from players in 2024 is to have Prime status on their profile in order to commence making predictions.

There are two options available to players: the standard pass and the premium pass, which includes three additional Souvenir Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for souvenir packages, adding an extra level of excitement to the experience. Upon purchasing and activating the Viewer Pass, players can select their preferred teams for the Pick’Em Challenge. Successful predictions will result in an upgrade to their Copenhagen Major medal. Initially, the base version of the coin will be accessible in Bronze color upon activating the pass. By diligently completing assigned tasks, players can elevate the level of their coin, showcasing their progress and achievements throughout the event.


Here are the requirements for each level of the Copenhagen 2024 coin:


  • Activate Viewer Pass

Silver (you need to complete 3 tasks):

  • Place all 10 predictions at the Opening stage (before it starts)
  • Make five correct predictions at the Opening stage

Gold (need to complete 6 tasks):

  • Place all 10 predictions for the Elimination stage before it starts
  • Make five correct predictions at the Elimination stage
  • Make seven predictions for the playoffs (before it starts)

Diamond (you need to complete 6 tasks):

  • Make 2 correct predictions for the Quarterfinals
  • Make 1 correct prediction for the Semifinal
  • Make 1 correct prediction for the Final

Once you have activated the pass, head over to the main menu of PGL Copenhagen 2024 and proceed to arrange the team logos in the positions that you believe each team will achieve. Your task is to choose two teams that will go 3-0, two teams that will exit the Major with a score of 0-3, and six teams that will secure victories with scores of either 3-1 or 3-2. When it comes to the playoffs, you will be required to complete the entire bracket leading up to the quarterfinals. This involves predicting the outcomes of four quarterfinal matches, two semifinals, and ultimately the grand final.

Earning the coveted Diamond coin by successfully accomplishing all nine tasks is no easy feat. However, should you manage to do so, you will possess an exceptionally rare medal design within your CS2 inventory. The Swiss system employed in the Major introduces an additional layer of complexity to the prediction process, making it a challenging endeavor at any stage. But fret not, if you find yourself in need of guidance when selecting the optimal choices for the Opening Stage, we will be publishing our separate prediction to assist you in making informed decisions!

Why are Souvenir Tokens needed in CS2?

When you activate the Pick’Em challenge and complete the associated tasks, you have the opportunity to earn Souvenir Tokens as rewards. These tokens serve as a valuable currency within the challenge, allowing you to obtain Souvenir Packages of your choice. These packages contain exclusive CS2 weapon skins that are specific to the map on which the corresponding match was played. Additionally, each package includes golden stickers representing the participating teams, which are applied to the weapons you receive. Many avid Pick’Em players strategically save their Souvenir Tokens for the grand final, aiming to acquire high-value and sought-after items. However, there are also those who prefer to use their tokens to open weapon cases associated with specific maps. For example, Mirage is a popular choice among players due to its Desert Hydra collection, known for its unique and visually striking designs.

If you’re looking to bolster your collection or enhance your chances of obtaining rare and desirable items, you also have the option to purchase additional Souvenir Tokens separately. These tokens can be acquired for a nominal fee, typically not exceeding $3, and the exact pricing may vary depending on your region. So whether you decide to strategically allocate your Souvenir Tokens or venture into opening map-specific weapon cases, the Pick’Em challenge offers an exciting opportunity to add exclusive CS2 weapon skins and golden team stickers to your inventory, further augmenting your CS:GO experience.

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