“Nice One Baby” strategy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Among the various strategies in Mobile Legends, there is a very popular one called “Nice One Baby”. 

The strategy’s name comes from couples who play MLBB. The male player usually uses an Assassin, and the female one does a Support. The reason he uses assassin heroes is to impress his girlfriend who picks up a hero that will assist him in teamfights and will keep him alive. 

When the boyfriend makes effective plays, his girlfriend admires him saying, “Nice one, Baby!”

“Nice One Baby” strategy will definitely attract the attention of even the most common players and will be fulfilled with ease due to its straightforward mechanics and tactics.  

In this article, we’re going to explain how the tactic works. So here we go!

How does the Nice One Baby strategy work?

The tactic assumes a coordinated game between two players: a utility support and a core jungle player. The main goal of the support player is to control and prioritize the health of the jungler, and help him clear the jungle by healing him. 

To effectively implement this strategy, you must pay attention to heroes like Angela or Rafaela, who are the most ideal for that due to their healing abilities which are crucial in supporting the jungler.  

Besides, the core jungle player takes the responsibility of dealing great amounts of damage. This can be reached by blocking heroes such as Ling, Gusion, or Fanny. 

Ultimately, the strategy obtained its catchy name, reflecting the playful dynamics and affectionate babbles among gaming couples.