New Mobile Legends Marksman Hero Ixia: Overview

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the popular MOBA game played by millions of players all over the world, announced the new 121st hero named Ixia. Ixia debut is scheduled for July 8, 2023, as part of the large Project NEXT update, where MLBB fans will find a lot of exciting new content. 

As per the game’s lore, Ixia is a young leader from a family of Sand Hunters in Agelta Drylands, and is a close friend of the famous marksman hero, Layla. She is ideal for roaming around the map or split pushing lanes while enemies are busy in other lanes.

Ixia, the burst-type marksman, excels due to her awesome mobility, and her unique weapon choice will impress you a lot. 

Ixia abilities in Mobile Legends

Here is a quick summary of Ixia’s abilities in Mobile Legends:

Passive – Arc Siphon: 

  • Whenever Ixia attacks with her basic skill set, this will add a stack of Arc Charge to enemies upon a successful hit. When it reaches 2 stacks and then she again attacks with her basic attack, it will consume those and turn into an Arc Siphon, dealing (100% Total Physical Attack) (+20000% Physical Lifesteal) + 40 (+20*Hero Level) amount of physical damage, while reducing the enemy’s movement speed for the next 1.5 seconds by 40%. But remember, Arc Siphon only works within her Basic Attack range.

Skill 1 – Dual Arc:

  • Upon casting, Ixia fires 2 Arclight beams along the ground at the enemies, dealing 150 (+80% Total Physical Attack) (+8000% Physical Lifesteal) /180/210/240/270/300 amount of Physical Damage. Ixia also gains 40% Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Enemies hitting by both beams will get double damage.

Skill 2 – Arc Helix:

  • Ixia deploys a canister of Arc energy in the target direction, pulling enemies to the centre line after a short delay and dealing 200 (+60% Total Physical Attack) (+120000% Physical Lifestyle) /200/220/240/260/280/300/ amount of Physical Damage. 

Skill 3 – Arclight Barrage:

  • This last skill has two phases – active and passive. During the passive phase, her movement speed will increase automatically (up to 30%), but will end immediately when she is in the battlefield. During the active phase, Ixia will split her cannons into 6 smaller parts, create a triangular-shaped area, and enter the Barrage state for 5 seconds. She can deal damage to six enemies with her basic attacks, and her Arc Siphon can deal up to 80/160/340 extra damage to enemies. This is a very important and helpful skill for her teammates.