You can now register and compete for the $15,000 WePlay Artifact tournament

WePlay have announced details about their second Artifact tournament. Mighty Triad: Agility will take place Jan. 15-20, but the qualifiers are less than two weeks away.

Unlike the debut tournament, much more players will get the chance to qualify for the upcoming event. A total of 14 open qualifiers will take place on Dec. 26, spanning across Europe, Americas and Asia & Oceania. Each of the separate open qualifiers will be 128-player Swiss brackets, meaning that close to 1,800 players will be able to participate.

The best players of the open qualifiers will then proceed to the closed qualifiers on Dec. 28. The format there changes to best-of-3 GSL groups. Once again, qualifiers will be separate for each of the three regions and participants will have to provide proof of their residency.

The final qualifier winners will then join the top players from the previous tournament in the main event. The group stage will run Jan. 15-18, with playoffs following Jan. 19-20.

Mighty Triad: Agility will once again be a Constructed tournament, but this time the prize pool is increased. $15,000 total purse makes it the highest paying tournament so far in Artifact’s short esports history, and the winner will take home $7,500.

While WePlay haven’t provided a list of the invited players, invitations will most surely go to the top 16 finishers in the debut event. This list includes:

— StrifeCro
— SuperJJ
— MieGod
— MissQingQing
— Xixo
— Fr0zen
— Hoej
— Naiman
— Luminous
— Lifecoach
— Hyped
— DrHippi
— StanCifka
— Dog
— MrYagut