Twitch streamer uses phone as sex toy, gets 24-hour ban

After what appeared to be a slow down of absolutely wild things happening on Twitch, we’ve returned to reality it seems.

A streamer on the platform under the name “Ahrilove” has been banned following an act we had to do a double take on. Ahrilove was streaming on Easter Sunday, April 21, when she turned her phone to vibrate mode and placed it in her shorts while Khia’s popular song “My Neck, My Back” played in the background.

Yes, you read that correctly. Live on stream, Ahrilove chose to (jokingly..we think) use her phone as a vibrator. Twitch didn’t take too kindly to it and the streamer received a 24-hour ban in response to the act.

As stated at the start of this article, we’ve seen wild things before. A channel titled “PRØHBTD” partnered with Twitch’s official Food channel and streamed a woman rolling a joint on the butt of another girl. That came on the back of (pun intended) uproar around a Twitch streamer being live during a domestic abuse incident being able to return to streaming. His channel has since been removed.

Another incident involved a streamer accidentally going topless on-air thinking she had gone offline. Many members of the community began to question the length of the ban at only 3 days while others felt is warranted as it was seemingly just a mistake.