Fortnite challenge cheat sheet season 6 week 6

Fortnite is one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the world, and Season 6 of the game is in full swing. Each week, the game introduces new challenges that players must complete to earn rewards and level up their Battle Pass. This article will provide you with a cheat sheet for the Week 6 challenges, so you can complete them quickly and easily.

Challenge 1: Open Safes

This week’s first challenge requires you to open seven safes. Safes are usually found in areas with high-value loot, and the best place to find them is in buildings. Look for safes behind pictures or in secret rooms, and be sure to have your pickaxe ready to break them open.

Challenge 2: Complete Bounties

The second challenge requires you to complete three bounties. Bounties can be found by speaking to non-playable characters (NPCs) throughout the map, who will give you tasks to complete. The tasks are usually related to finding or eliminating other players on the map.

Challenge 3: Reach Top 15 with Friends

The third challenge requires you to reach the top 15 with friends. This challenge may be easier to complete if you have a reliable squad that you can play with.

Challenge 4: Shotgun Eliminations

This week, you must eliminate three other players using a shotgun. Shotguns are powerful weapons that deal high damage at close range. They can be found in chests or as floor loot.

Challenge 5: Destroy Boats

The fifth challenge requires you to destroy three boats. Boats can often be found on the coast or in large bodies of water. They can be destroyed using grenades or other explosives.

Challenge 6: Deal Damage with SMGs

The final challenge requires you to deal 500 damage with an SMG. SMGs are rapid-fire weapons that are great for close-range combat. They can also be found in chests or as floor loot.


Completing these challenges will earn you valuable rewards and help you level up your Battle Pass quickly. Be sure to check the Fortnite map frequently for updates and new challenges. Good luck out there, and don’t forget to have fun!