Leaked Hangzhou Spark Logo Reference to Anime A Certain Scientific Railgun

Yesterday that Overwatch League’s new teams and logos were leaked. Among the seven logos, the strangest one was Hangzhou Spark as it had a picture of a pointing finger with electricity around it.

As it turns out, it is likely a reference to the anime protagonist Mikoto Mikasa from the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun. The company behind the Hangzhou Franchise are fans of the anime. For those who are unaware, the owner of the company originally created a site called Mikufans.cn. In 2010 he then renamed the site Bilibili after the nickname of Mikoto Mikasa.

When the company got the slot, they held a vote on their site to decide what the name of the team was to be called with choices like Railgun and Spark being direct references to the anime.

For those who are curious, this is the leaked image of the logo:

Here is the pose the character makes before using her signature move “Railgun”

The Overwatch League looks to getting a whole lot more anime.