League of legends shan hai scroll skins finally available on pbe

League of Legends fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Shan Hai Scroll skins. These skins drew a lot of attention back when they were first officially announced by Riot Games. Finally, after months of waiting and anticipation, the wait is over. The fans can finally check out the exciting new skins on the PBE.

The Shan Hai Scroll skins were first teased by Riot Games during the 2020 Worlds event. The skins were officially revealed during the 2020 All-Star event. The skins instantly became a hot topic of discussion both in the community and among content creators on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

The Shan Hai Scroll skins are some of the most intricate skins to be released in League of Legends to date. Each character has been uniquely designed and crafted to match the themes of Chinese mythology. The skins give off a mystical aura, which is further enhanced by the inclusion of traditional Chinese instruments and music in the background.

Fans eagerly awaited the chance to play with the new skins, but they were kept waiting, as the skins remained locked for several months after the All-Star event. However, players can now finally play with the Shan Hai Scroll skins on the PBE.

The Shan Hai Scroll skins are available for 10 champions, namely Cho’Gath, Nautilus, Jhin, Karma, Annie, Alistar, Darius, Varus, Jinx and Neeko. Let’s take a closer look at each of these skins:

Cho’Gath’s skin gives off the appearance of a giant serpent, with scales and spikes adorning his sides.

Nautilus appears more like a turtle in his skin, with traditional Chinese clothing.

Jhin has a theme similar to a war general from a Chinese dynasty period.

Karma’s Shan Hai scroll theme is set to align with traditional Chinese tales of her lore, with a color palette that incorporates red and gold, as well as sharp-looking ornaments and decorations.

Annie’s skin has the most adorable design with the much-loved champion dressed like an Asian princess, complete with a crown and fancy clothing.

The Alistar skin brings a Chinese dragon to the forefront, and the skin is designed with the green color prominent in it, representing nature.

Darius is seen as a human warrior who is armored up in a traditional Chinese armor, that glistens in light as he makes his moves.

Varus’s outfit is inspired by a bird of prey and is designed with aquamarine and white colors, highlighting the serenity of water.

Jinx’s iconography picks from a simplified design with more visuals to create an impactful look with brilliant shades of teal, mint green, violet, and fiery red.

The Neeko skin features golden, bright, and bold colors with touches of green to emphasize the aspects of the Forest and Nature used in her design.

These skins not only provide new visuals and sound effects but will also come with an array of animations that match the aura of Chinese mythology. Each champion has a unique recall animation, and they all feature new spell casts that match the color of their skins.

In conclusion, the release of the Shan Hai Scroll skins marks a huge milestone for League of Legends fans worldwide. The skins are an excellent representation of the Chinese culture and add a new layer of enjoyment to the game. Players can now experience first-hand the intricate designs and lore-inspired themes of the Shan Hai Scroll skins. Riot Games continues to deliver top-quality skins really worth the wait, and this time they have descended into the deep of eastern mythology for inspiration.