The history of rammus voice over

The origins of Rammus’ iconic voice-over can be traced back to 2008, when Riot Games first introduced the champion to their flagship game, League of Legends. Rammus’ character design was inspired by a creature from the obscure RPG title “Anachronox,” and Riot wanted to give the champion a voice that would be just as memorable as his appearance.

To accomplish this goal, the developers turned to the talents of Christian “Eyebrows” Linke, who was well-known among the League of Legends community for his ability to create convincing and memorable character voices. Linke had previously worked with Riot to create the voice of the robot champion Blitzcrank, and he was the perfect person to bring Rammus’ unique personality to life.

According to Linke, the voice-over for Rammus was created by combining a number of different sound effects, including the revving of a car engine, the squeaking of a rubber duck, and a recording of himself saying “ok” in a low-pitched voice. These disparate elements were then blended together and processed with a number of effects, resulting in the distinctive voice-over that players know and love today.

Rammus’ voice and signature catchphrase, “ok,” quickly became a fan favorite, and the champion’s popularity only grew with the introduction of the “ok, boomer” meme in 2019. However, as Rammus received various gameplay updates and visual improvements over the years, Riot Games also revisited his voice-over to ensure that it continued to match the character’s evolving look and personality.

Most recently, Riot announced that they would be updating Rammus’ voice for the upcoming rework of the champion, which is set to be released sometime in 2021. While the company has not yet revealed exactly how Rammus’ new voice will sound, fans can rest assured that the iconic catchphrase and distinctive personality that has made the champion so beloved will remain unchanged. With any luck, the new voice-over will be just as unforgettable as the original.