The best League Of Legends Skins

League of Legends has loads of unique skins for players to increase their gaming experience. In this article we’re going to discuss the best of the best LoL skins ever existed. 

Each skin is unique in its own way such as popular and lovely Cafe Cuties, and bright magical Star Guardian skins. With a variety of skins available in League of Legends, it may be difficult to select which ones are worth it. This list aims to emphasize the most visually attractive and famous skins that are undoubtedly going to impress both your allies and enemies in the game. 

Before diving into the skin list to own in League of Legends, it’s important to note that skins are solely cosmetic. They do not affect a player’s gameplay. So now let’s take a look at the top of LoL skins.

Note: The article is subjective and reflects the writers’ opinions.

Broken Covenant Cho’Gath

Despite the Broken Covenant Cho’Gath skin is quite old and concedes Cho’Gath’s outdated in-game model and animations, the splash art is certainly one of the best in League of Legends. As Cho’Gath has some sort of temple on his back, it looks really scary and resembles walking mausoleums from the Elden Ring. In our opinion, this older champion truly deserves an update and can reach new heights. 

Cafe Cuties Gwen

This is such a great skin. This adorable maid attracts her fans with a pastel blue frilly maid dress decorated with golden and purple details and a cute maid headdress, and her giant scissors cutting up cakes right and left. As new skin lines were revealed, Gwen has become the most favourite character in the Cafe. 

God-King Garen

God-King Garen is one of the most popular in League of Legends. This skin was released in 2018 alongside another great skin, God-King Darius. God-King Garen is a legendary tier skin that certainly lives up to its name. The skin features Garen as a potent and imposing ruler, with gold armor and a crown made of blades. It also includes unique animations and effects, making God-King Garen more impressive even half a decade after its release. 

Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux is one of the few Ultimate skins in the game that transforms Lux into an elemental mage allowing players to control her different forms and elements. Due to its excellent visuals, unrivalled gameplay mechanics, and fantastic design, Elementalist Lux is one the most famous skins in League of Legends.  

Prestige True Damage Senna

Prestige True Damage Senna is a really unique skin in League of Legends as it is one of just two skins that were designed in collaboration with the world-famous fashion brand Louis Vuitton. This skin is arguably the most glamorous one. Senna’s outfit is royal black, white, gold and blue. Her Relic Cannon was transformed into a giant, modern gun with the Louis Vuitton logo in the middle of the handle. 

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol was always one of the best skins in League since its release, and now it is even better. The skin gives him electric-influenced effects and particles. The stars around him become balls of lightning that explode on enemies to leave behind a static effect. Lastly, this skin has the best recall animation of all Aurelion Sol’s skins. 

Corporate Mundo

If you ever wished you could run away from all your responsibilities, then Corporate Mundo is the skin for you. Corporate Mundo represents all the directors who are up to their necks in business but still have time to have fun. In addition, he has the best walk animation in League. He walks with a strut that screams “I’m not working overtime this week and you can’t make me!”  

Star Guardian Jinx

The Star Guardian skin line is extremely popular. Its magical-themed collection that is seemingly inspired by the likes of the ever-popular Sailor Moon franchise. The Jinx skin is gorgeous and equipped with plenty of spectacular features and animations. She will be the first who throws herself into the battle to protect others due to her impulsive character. 

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Ahri is considered one of the prettiest champions in League of Legends. This skin transforms her into a magical and stunning fox deity, with traditional japanese clothes, decorated with shades of blue and pink. Turning into a fox during the game really elevates this skin above all others, and provides a great fantasy for anyone who adores spiritual mythology.  

Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr was always one of the best ultimate skins in League of Legends, however the reworked Spirit Guard Udyr transcended its old version. He’s bigger, has long hair, and looks like a god. This skin has five different forms, one for his base and four for his four abilities. 

Battle Academia Ezreal

The Battle Academia skin line was League of Legends’ first attempt at anime-themed skins. Battle Academia skins are fun, cheerful, and satisfy the heart of each and every otaku out there. Battle Academia Ezreal skin has everything you could possibly want from a skin. Loads of new animations, cool and unique particles, a sick recall animation, amazing splash art, and an anime theme that we’re sure many gamers will love to try out. And the best part is with every attack, his Super Saiyan mode visually powers up. 

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has always been one of League’s most popular ADCs and, as such, boasts an impressive range of unique skins. One of the newest and arguably her best is her Battle Bunny skin. It’s very hopping and ideally puts you in that chill headspace. This skin also comes with brand new emotes, a new death animation, and a new respawn animation. Battle Bunny Miss Fortune is stunning, and her cute bunny ears and pastel colours are perfectly combined with a modern battle theme.