Best Arena champions in League of Legends season 14 to dominate 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2

The highly anticipated Arena game mode is back in League of Legends Season 14, and it’s bigger and more chaotic than ever before. New Prismatic items, expanded Augment options, and treacherous map hazards have been added to spice up the action. The playing field has doubled in size, transforming the classic four-team, two-versus-two format into an intense “2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2” battle royale. Winning in this cutthroat environment has never been more challenging, making champion selection a crucial factor for success. If you’re looking to dominate the Arena in LoL Season 14, be sure to consult our guide on the top champions to pick for the easiest path to victory. Get ready for an exhilarating and unpredictable season of Arena mayhem! The Arena mode has always been a fan-favorite in League of Legends, offering a refreshing change of pace from the standard 5v5 Summoner’s Rift matches. This season, Riot has taken the experience to the next level, introducing a slew of new gameplay elements that promise to shake up the meta and keep players on their toes. One of the most significant changes is the expanded map. Where players once battled in a confined, four-team setup, they now find themselves in a sprawling arena with room for eight teams of two. This not only increases the chaos and unpredictability but also opens up new strategic possibilities, as teams must carefully navigate the larger battlefield and keep track of multiple fronts simultaneously.

The introduction of Prismatic items and enhanced Augment options further adds to the depth and complexity of Arena play. Prismatic items are powerful, unique items that can provide game-changing abilities, while Augments allow players to customize their champions’ abilities and playstyles to better suit the fast-paced, high-stakes Arena environment. Additionally, the Arena map itself has become more treacherous, with the addition of hazardous environmental elements that can dramatically impact the flow of a match. Teams must be constantly aware of their surroundings and ready to adapt their tactics on the fly to avoid these hazards and gain the upper hand. All of these new features, combined with the inherent intensity of the Arena mode, make champion selection more crucial than ever. Certain champions will thrive in the chaotic 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 setting, while others may struggle to find their footing. Our comprehensive guide on the top Arena champions for LoL Season 14 will provide you with the insights and strategies you need to dominate the competition and emerge victorious. So, whether you’re a seasoned Arena veteran or a newcomer to the mode, get ready for an exhilarating and unpredictable season filled with intense, high-stakes battles. With the right champion and the right strategy, you can lead your team to glory and cement your place among the Arena’s elite.


First up on our list of the best Arena champions in League of Legends Season 14 is the Noxian warmaster, Swain. This cunning battle mage has a kit that is absolutely tailor-made for the chaotic Arena environment. With devastating area-of-effect damage on his signature Ravenous Flock (Q) ability, Swain can quickly turn the tide of a frantic 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 brawl. What makes Swain such a formidable Arena pick is his ability to control the battlefield and set up big plays for his duo partner. His crowd control tools, like Nevermore (W) and Demonflare (R), allow him to lock down enemies and create openings for hyper-carry champions to clean up. And if the going gets tough, Swain can even heal himself and his allies with Ravenous Flock, making him a reliable source of sustain. The great thing about Swain is that he pairs well with a wide variety of champions. Whether you want to combo him with a bruiser like Jax, a marksman like Vayne, or a battle mage like Kayle, Swain’s versatile toolkit can enable all kinds of potent Arena duos. Just make sure to build him with a focus on ability power to maximize the devastating damage potential of his Q. If you’re looking for a champion who can control the chaos of the Arena, few are better equipped than the Noxian Grand General, Swain. With his mix of damage, crowd control, and sustain, he’s an absolute must-pick for anyone aiming to dominate the Season 14 Arena meta. Another top Arena pick is the enigmatic Vastayan warrior, Xayah. While she may not be the first champion that comes to mind for the fast-paced Arena mode, Xayah’s exceptional kiting ability and burst damage potential make her a force to be reckoned with. Xayah’s primary strength in the Arena lies in her mobility and positioning. Her Deadly Plumage (E) ability allows her to launch a flurry of razor-sharp feathers in a cone, dealing massive damage to any unfortunate enemies caught in the crossfire. But what really sets Xayah apart is her ability to reposition and kite using her Featherstorm (R) ultimate, which makes her untargetable and grants her movement speed. Paired with a support champion who can peel for her and provide crowd control, Xayah becomes a relentless damage threat that can pick off isolated opponents with ease. Champions like Lulu, Janna, or Rell complement Xayah’s kit perfectly, enabling her to freely maneuver around the Arena while dishing out lethal bursts of damage. The key to mastering Xayah in the Arena is learning to maximize the use of her Featherstorm. By timing it correctly, you can not only avoid being focused down but also reposition for devastating follow-up plays. And with the right Augment choices, you can further enhance Xayah’s mobility and damage output, making her a true terror in the chaotic 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 battles. If you’re looking for a ranged carry that can kite and burst down opponents with ease, Xayah should be at the top of your Arena champion pool. Just be prepared to put in the time to perfect her mechanics and positioning, as she requires a bit more skill to pilot effectively in the Arena setting. Another standout pick for the Arena is the Freljordian juggernaut, Sett. While he may not possess the same level of mobility as some other champions, Sett’s sheer durability and damage output make him a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters combat. Sett’s kit is centered around his ability to soak up punishment and dish it right back out. His The Boss (Q) ability allows him to store up a devastating strike, while his Haymaker (R) ultimate provides him with a game-changing crowd control effect that can turn the tide of a fight. Pair Sett with a champion that can set up engages, like Leona or Nautilus, and you have a formidable duo that can steamroll through the Arena.

What makes Sett so well-suited for the Arena is his ability to dive into the thick of the chaos and disrupt the enemy’s backline. While he may not be the most mobile champion, his Relentless Pursuit (W) ability provides him with a burst of speed that can help him close the gap on his targets. And with his Reactor (E) ability granting him a shield, Sett can absorb significant amounts of damage while continuing to threaten the enemy team. The key to playing Sett effectively in the Arena is learning to time your abilities and engage patterns perfectly. You’ll want to bait out enemy cooldowns before committing with your ultimate, and be sure to save your W to maximize your damage output. Additionally, building Sett with a mix of defensive and offensive items can help him stay in the thick of the fight while still posing a significant threat. If you’re looking for a champion that can soak up damage and dish it right back out, Sett is definitely worth considering for your Arena lineup. Just be prepared to put in the time to master his combos and engage patterns, as a well-executed Sett play can quickly turn the tide of a chaotic 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 brawl. Of course, no discussion of the best Arena champions would be complete without mentioning the enigmatic Vastayan marksman, Kai’Sa. While she may not be the first champion that comes to mind for the Arena mode, Kai’Sa’s exceptional mobility, burst damage, and scaling potential make her a formidable pick in the right hands. Kai’Sa’s primary strength in the Arena lies in her ability to quickly reposition and isolate enemy champions. Her Supercharge (E) ability grants her a significant movement speed boost, allowing her to kite and reposition with ease. And with her Void Seeker (R) ultimate, Kai’Sa can quickly close the gap on her targets and unleash a devastating burst of damage. What sets Kai’Sa apart in the Arena is her ability to scale incredibly well with the right items and Augments. By focusing on ability power and attack speed, Kai’Sa can quickly transition from a squishy marksman into a true hypercarry, capable of shredding through entire enemy teams with her Plasma Explosion (Q) and Icathian Rain (W) abilities. The key to mastering Kai’Sa in the Arena is learning to balance her mobility and burst damage with her need to scale. You’ll want to play cautiously in the early stages, focusing on farming and getting your core items online. But once you reach your power spike, Kai’Sa can become an absolute terror, diving into the chaos and deleting enemy champions one by one. Paired with a support champion that can provide her with the necessary peel and disengage, Kai’Sa becomes an unstoppable force in the Arena. Champions like Lulu, Janna, or Thresh can perfectly complement Kai’Sa’s kit, allowing her to freely reposition and unleash her devastating burst damage. If you’re looking for a marksman that can thrive in the chaotic Arena environment, Kai’Sa is definitely worth considering. Just be prepared to put in the time to master her mechanics and positioning, as a well-played Kai’Sa can quickly turn the tide of even the most intense 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 battle. These are just a few of the standout Arena champions that you’ll want to consider for your League of Legends Season 14 lineup. Whether you prefer the control and versatility of Swain, the kiting prowess of Xayah, the raw power of Sett, or the scaling potential of Kai’Sa, each of these champions offers a unique and viable path to Arena dominance. Of course, the Arena meta is always evolving, and there are likely many other champions that could prove just as effective in the right hands. As you dive into the Arena this season, be sure to experiment with different combinations and strategies to find what works best for your playstyle and team synergies.

Remember, the key to success in the Arena is not just about individual champion skill, but also about adapting to the chaotic nature of the environment and working seamlessly with your duo partner. By mastering the mechanics and synergies of your chosen champions, you’ll be well on your way to climbing the Arena leaderboards and cementing your status as one of the premier LoL Arena players in Season 14.


Shen is a formidable melee bruiser champion in League of Legends, known for his ability to disrupt and protect his team in the heat of battle. His unique toolkit allows him to be a versatile and valuable asset in a variety of team compositions and game modes. One of Shen’s signature abilities is Taunt, which forces nearby enemy champions to attack him for a short duration. This can be a game-changing spell, as it allows Shen to draw enemy attention and protect his more vulnerable allies. When combined with his other defensive abilities, such as his Ironclad passive and his Feint shield, Shen becomes an incredibly resilient and disruptive presence on the battlefield. In the Arena game mode, where teams of champions face off in a compact, fast-paced environment, Shen’s kit shines particularly brightly. His ability to lock down and absorb damage from the enemy team can be crucial in the often chaotic skirmishes that take place. Opponents often find it frustratingly difficult to bypass Shen’s defenses and reach his more squishy teammates.

While Shen’s primary strength lies in his ability to protect and support his allies, he is no slouch when it comes to dealing damage himself. His on-hit effects, which can be amplified through items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, allow him to dish out respectable amounts of sustained damage. This can be especially effective in lower-damage lobbies, where opponents may struggle to quickly burst Shen down. One of the keys to playing Shen effectively is finding the right balance between his defensive and offensive capabilities. Building items like Heartsteel, which grants him bonus health and damage reduction, can make him an incredibly durable and reliable frontline presence. At the same time, incorporating support-oriented items, such as Locket of the Iron Solari or Knight’s Vow, can further enhance his ability to protect and enable his teammates. Shen’s versatility extends beyond just his item builds – he can also be a valuable asset in a variety of team compositions. His Teleport ultimate, which allows him to quickly join the fray at a distant location, can be used to turn the tide of a teamfight or provide much-needed reinforcements to a struggling lane. Additionally, his Taunt ability can be a potent tool for initiating engagements or peeling for his backline carries. In the ever-evolving metagame of League of Legends, Shen remains a consistently strong and flexible champion. His ability to adapt to different playstyles and team needs makes him a reliable pick for players looking to impact the game in a meaningful way. Whether you’re seeking to play a stalwart frontline defender or a disruptive playmaker, Shen’s versatile toolkit and dependable performance make him a valuable asset in the Arena and beyond.


Kayn’s Rhaast transformation grants him incredible versatility and staying power on the battlefield. The primary draw of Rhaast is the immense mobility it provides, allowing Kayn to rapidly reposition and engage on his targets. This heightened mobility can be a game-changer, enabling Kayn to flank, chase down, or disengage with equal ease. But Rhaast’s advantages go far beyond just improved movement. The form also imbues Kayn with substantial sustain, making him a formidable duelist capable of outlasting most opponents, even in extended 1-on-1 confrontations. This healing and damage mitigation allows Rhaast Kayn to play aggressively, confident in his ability to weather the enemy’s retaliation. One of the most potent early item rushes for Rhaast Kayn centers around Eclipse and Essence Reaver. The Eclipse mythic item grants a valuable combination of damage, lethality, and shield-based sustain – all of which synergize beautifully with Rhaast’s kit. Pairing this with Essence Reaver provides Kayn with vital cooldown reduction and mana sustain, enabling him to constantly keep up the pressure with his abilities. This Eclipse + Essence Reaver rush can be incredibly effective at snowballing an early lead. Rhaast Kayn’s innate sustain, combined with the added durability and damage from these items, allows him to systematically dismantle his lane opponent and begin roaming the map to impact other areas of the map.

Of course, as the game progresses, Rhaast Kayn will want to shore up his defensive capabilities to ensure he can remain a persistent threat in teamfights. Items like Sterak’s Gage are particularly valuable, as they grant a substantial boost to his maximum health. This extra tankiness, combined with Rhaast’s natural sustain, makes Kayn an incredibly difficult target to take down, even when focused by the enemy team. Beyond just optimizing his itemization, savvy Rhaast Kayn players will also want to carefully consider their Augment choices. Certain Augments, such as “Earthwake” and “Goredrink,” can provide a significant boost to Kayn’s Omnivamp – further enhancing his already potent sustain. Identifying and securing these powerful Augments can be the difference between winning and losing a close skirmish or teamfight. Ultimately, Rhaast Kayn’s combination of mobility, damage, and sustain make him a formidable and versatile champion. By leveraging his unique strengths through intelligent item builds and Augment selections, skilled Kayn players can transform themselves into unstoppable juggernauts, capable of wreaking havoc across the entire map.


For Vayne enthusiasts looking to push their champion to new heights in the Arena game mode, there is a wealth of powerful Augment combinations that can unlock her full potential. One such pairing is the “Lightning Strikes” and “Twice Thrice” Augments. The “Lightning Strikes” Augment provides Vayne with a devastating burst of true damage on her basic attacks, further amplifying her already impressive dueling potential. When combined with the “Twice Thrice” Augment, which doubles the effects of her Rolling Penaalty, Vayne becomes an absolute terror, capable of shredding through even the most resilient targets with blinding speed and efficiency. But the synergistic Augment possibilities don’t end there. The “Tap Dancer” Augment, which grants Vayne bonus movement speed and attack speed after using her Tumble ability, can take her already exceptional kiting and repositioning skills to new heights. Imagine a Vayne who can effortlessly weave in and out of combat, constantly repositioning herself to maintain the optimal angle of attack. Coupled with her inherent stealth and Condemn abilities, this mobility-focused Augment setup transforms Vayne into a true nightmare for her opponents to deal with. Of course, while these offensive-minded Augment choices can be instrumental in dismantling the enemy team, Vayne players must also be mindful of the Arena’s unique challenges and potential threats. Against certain compositions, especially those featuring tanky, damage-focused bruisers, a more defensive item approach may be warranted.

In these scenarios, incorporating a Guardian Angel into Vayne’s core build can be a game-changing decision. The revive passive and bonus armor/magic resist provided by this item make Vayne an enormously frustrating target to eliminate, allowing her to continue dishing out punishment even in the face of heavy aggression. Suddenly, Vayne becomes a persistent, high-value threat that the opposing team cannot afford to ignore, forcing them to commit significant resources to hunting her down. But the Guardian Angel isn’t the only defensive item that can bolster Vayne’s Arena performance. Items like Sterak’s Gage and Randuin’s Omen can also provide invaluable survivability, granting her the durability to withstand prolonged engagements. Coupled with her natural mobility and self-peel tools, these defensive options transform Vayne into an infuriatingly elusive target, one that the enemy team will struggle to pin down and eliminate. By carefully curating her Augment selections and adaptively tailoring her item build to the unique demands of each Arena match, skilled Vayne players can unlock her full potential as a dominant, game-changing force. Whether she’s shredding through the enemy team with lightning-fast true damage or frustrating her opponents with her uncanny ability to survive and reposition, Vayne’s versatility and mastery can make her a constant threat that demands the undivided attention of the opposing team.


When it comes to powerhouse support champions in the Arena, Morgana is undoubtedly one of the standout picks. Her kit is tailor-made for the chaotic 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 format, providing devastating crowd control and area denial capabilities that can turn the tide of any teamfight. Morgana’s Black Shield ability offers unparalleled peel and safety for her allies, while her Tormented Soil ultimate can zone enemies away from key objectives or trap them in a web of debilitating magic. These crowd control tools are the backbone of Morgana’s support identity, allowing her to lock down priority targets and create openings for her teammates to capitalize on. For Morgana players looking to maximize her impact in the Arena, there are a couple of Augment paths worth considering. The “Eureka” and “Jeweled Gauntlet” prismatic Augments can both transform Morgana into an absolute nuisance for the opposing teams. The “Eureka” Augment, for instance, grants Morgana’s Black Shield the ability to reflect damage back at its caster. This can lead to some truly hilarious moments where an unsuspecting assassin or mage tries to burst down a shielded ally, only to find themselves on the receiving end of a lethal spell reflection. Combine this with the lockdown power of Morgana’s ultimate, and you have a recipe for total area control and frustration for the enemy team.

Alternatively, the “Jeweled Gauntlet” Augment can supercharge Morgana’s damage output, allowing her to threaten carries and frontliners alike with her ability to land game-changing binds and Dark Bindings. This added damage threat forces the enemy to respect Morgana’s presence, further increasing the value of her crowd control and zone control. Of course, not every match will provide the perfect Augment opportunities. In those cases, there are still solid fallback options that can help Morgana maintain her potency in the Arena. The “Witchful Thinking” Augment, for instance, can grant her increased ability haste, allowing her to more frequently deploy her impactful crowd control abilities. And the classic “Bread and Butter” Augment, which boosts the effectiveness of her core items, can provide a reliable baseline of power to build upon. Paired with items like Liandry’s Anguish and Rabadon’s Deathcap, these Augment choices can transform Morgana into a true terror on the Arena battlefield. Her ability to lock down multiple targets, shield her carries, and threaten enemy squishies with deadly nukes makes her an immensely valuable support presence that demands the full attention of the opposing teams. Ultimately, Morgana’s versatility and crowd control prowess make her a premier support option for players looking to dominate the chaotic, free-for-all environment of the Arena. By carefully selecting her Augments and optimizing her item build, Morgana can become an unstoppable force of disruption and zone control, shutting down the enemy’s plans and paving the way for her teammates to secure victory.


Ah, the mighty Volibear – a true force to be reckoned with in the chaotic Arena environment! Last year, this ursine juggernaut was a prominent pick, and it’s easy to see why. Volibear’s kit is an absolute terror, packed with devastating crowd control, blistering speed, and a punishing stun ability. And let’s not forget his signature passive, which damages multiple foes with every other basic attack – talk about spreading the pain! What makes Volibear such a standout in the Arena is his remarkably versatile toolkit. This diversity opens up a wealth of Augment options, allowing Volibear players to tailor their champion to the unique demands of each match. Anything related to bolstering his basic attacks, ability haste, AP scaling, sustain, or crowd control capabilities can be a game-changer. And the “Mystic Punch” Augment in particular is an absolute gem, further empowering his thunderous strikes. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for our furry friend. Volibear’s mobility, while respectable, can still leave him vulnerable in the frenetic Arena setting. And let’s not forget the dreaded “stun-locked” scenario, where a specific enemy composition can quickly shut down the Thunderous Roar’s rampage. Navigating these challenges requires a keen strategic mind and a willingness to adapt on the fly. But for those Volibear enthusiasts who can master the art of snowballing their lead and leveraging his diverse toolkit, the rewards are plentiful. Imagine a Volibear who can dive into the fray, unleash a whirlwind of devastating abilities, and emerge unscathed – a true terror to behold. And when you factor in the sheer psychological impact of facing down a rampaging, lightning-infused bear, it’s no wonder Volibear remains a staple pick in the Arena’s unpredictable battlegrounds. So, if you’re looking to unleash the fury of the Freljord in the Arena, Volibear is undoubtedly a champion worthy of your attention. Just be prepared to adapt, overcome, and let the thunder roar! But Volibear’s prowess in the Arena extends far beyond his raw power and intimidating presence. The true genius of this ursine wrecking ball lies in his remarkable versatility, which allows skilled players to adapt their playstyle to the ever-changing demands of the Arena. One of Volibear’s greatest strengths is his ability to thrive in a wide variety of team compositions. Whether you need a bruising frontline tank to soak up damage and peel for your carries, or a lightning-fast flanker to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard, Volibear can seamlessly fill either role. And with access to a diverse array of Augments, Volibear players can further tailor their champion to complement their team’s overall strategy. For example, the “Frozen Crest” Augment can transform Volibear into an unstoppable juggernaut, granting him enhanced durability and crowd control to lock down priority targets. Alternatively, the “Rapid Firecannon” Augment can unleash his inner speed demon, allowing him to dart around the map and catch opponents off guard with devastating surprise attacks.

But Volibear’s versatility isn’t just limited to his Augment choices – it extends to his item build as well. Depending on the match-up and the team’s needs, Volibear can pivot between building tanky, damage-oriented, or even hybrid builds, each with their own unique strengths and playstyles. Take the classic Frostfire Gauntlet into Demonic Embrace route, for instance. This build transforms Volibear into an unstoppable juggernaut, able to soak up immense amounts of damage while slowing and shredding enemy frontliners. Alternatively, a build centered around Kraken Slayer and Titanic Hydra can turn Volibear into a high-damage, self-sufficient carry, capable of single-handedly dismantling enemy teams. And let’s not forget the sheer psychological impact Volibear can have on his opponents. The mere sight of a rampaging, lightning-infused bear charging towards them is enough to strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest Arena combatants. This intimidation factor can often create openings for Volibear’s teammates to capitalize on, further amplifying his value as a team player. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for our furry friend. As mentioned earlier, Volibear’s mobility, while respectable, can still leave him vulnerable in the frenetic Arena setting. And the dreaded “stun-locked” scenario, where a specific enemy composition can quickly shut down the Thunderous Roar’s rampage, remains a constant threat. To overcome these challenges, Volibear players need to possess a keen strategic mind and a willingness to adapt on the fly. They must constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to flank, peel, or engage, all while staying mindful of the ever-shifting dynamics of the Arena. It’s a delicate balancing act, but for those who master it, the rewards are plentiful. Imagine a Volibear who can dive into the fray, unleash a whirlwind of devastating abilities, and emerge unscathed – a true terror to behold. And when you factor in the sheer psychological impact of facing down a rampaging, lightning-infused bear, it’s no wonder Volibear remains a staple pick in the Arena’s unpredictable battlegrounds. So, if you’re looking to unleash the fury of the Freljord in the Arena, Volibear is undoubtedly a champion worthy of your attention. Just be prepared to adapt, overcome, and let the thunder roar!


Ah, the ever-reliable Taric – the ultimate guardian of the Arena! This dazzling support champion possesses a unique ability to turn the tide of battle in your favor, making him a formidable ally for any team. One of Taric’s most potent weapons is his stunning ability, which can chain-lock hapless opponents into a seemingly endless cycle of stuns. Pair him with the right carry, and you’ve got a recipe for absolute lockdown dominance. Enemies will find it nearly impossible to escape the relentless barrage of Taric’s gemstone-powered stuns. But Taric’s prowess extends far beyond his crowd control capabilities. This handsome gem of a gentleman can also provide invaluable healing and shielding support, keeping your teammates healthy and resilient in the heat of battle. With a mana pool and attack speed to match, Taric can consistently dole out these crucial defensive buffs, ensuring your team remains steadfast even in the face of overwhelming adversity.

And when the tides of war threaten to turn against you, Taric’s ultimate ability, Intervention, can be the saving grace your team needs. By making a targeted ally invulnerable for a brief moment, Taric can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, allowing your carry to turn the tables and unleash their full, uninterrupted fury upon the enemy. But Taric’s true value shines when he’s empowered by game-changing Augments like “Spirit Link” or “All For You.” These transformative abilities can elevate Taric’s support game to unprecedented heights, granting him the power to shield and empower his entire team in ways that few other champions can match. So, if you’re looking to solidify your team’s frontline and provide your carry with unwavering protection, Taric is an exceptional choice. With his stunning crowd control, reliable healing and shielding, and game-changing ultimate, this dazzling support will ensure your duo’s path to victory is paved with the shimmering light of Demacian valor.


Ah, the fearsome Warwick – the Wrath of Zaun, a true force to be reckoned with on the Arena battlefield. If you’re the type of player who relishes the thrill of outlasting your opponents, this savage werewolf champion is sure to become your new best friend. Warwick stands out among the elite Arena champions for his unparalleled combination of mobility, crowd control, and lifesteal – a truly formidable toolkit that can make even the most arduous of battles feel like a stroll through the park. This apex predator’s ability to relentlessly pursue and subdue his foes is the stuff of legends, and woe betide any unfortunate soul who thinks they can find sanctuary from his unyielding onslaught.

Indeed, when Warwick has set his sights on a target, there is quite literally nowhere for them to hide. His devastating area-of-effect fear can send even the mightiest of bruisers scattering in terror, while his sheer tenacity and self-sustaining prowess ensure that he simply cannot be pinned down, especially when paired with the likes of enabler champions like Lulu or Taric. So, if you’re the kind of player who thrives on the adrenaline rush of outlasting your opponents through sheer force of will, Warwick is the champion for you. With his unparalleled mobility, his crushing crowd control, and his unquenchable hunger for victory, this savage werewolf will ensure that your path to glory is paved with the broken dreams of your vanquished foes.

Which of these Arena champions do you think would be the most formidable ally to have on your team?
Taric, the ultimate Support champion with his stunning crowd control and potent healing/shielding abilities.
Warwick, the Wrath of Zaun, with his unparalleled mobility, fear-inducing crowd control, and relentless self-sustaining power.

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