How does the Remake feature work in Valorant?

The Remake feature may be helpful when you need to dodge a match if a player disconnects. Riot introduced this feature in Patch 1.07 in Valorant.

When one of your teammates disconnects at the start of a match 4v5, or within the first round, Valorant’s game mechanics allow players to end the game and queue for a new one in a similar fashion to games like League of Legends. 

However, there are some conditions to meet prior to using it. First, a random teammate must disconnect before or after the first round of a match. Second, you also can’t remake in Valorant if you are in a party with a disconnected player. And lastly, the player must remain disconnected until the buy phase of the second round. 

If they reconnect during the buy phase of the second round, you can no longer use the remake feature in Valorant. It’s practically the same when other team members refuse to vote for a remake. 

Here’s how to remake in Valorant.

How to remake in Valorant, step-by-step guide

To remake in Valorant, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the in-game chat.
  • Type “/remake” to start a remake vote.
  • All players must select “Yes” by pressing F5 to pass the remake vote.

A player is able to do that only after the first round gets over, during the buy phase of the second round. After that, the vote expires, and the match continues. Therefore, all the teammates must agree to remake a match. 

For example, if there are four players remaining in the team, every player has to vote “yes” for the match to be restart. If even just one player votes “no” for whatever reason, the game will advance to the next round.

The match won’t show up in the player’s match history. Furthermore, none of the players who voted to remake the match would receive XPs or MMR. Whereas the AFK player will get a heavy penalty equivalent to being disconnected from a whole match, and also receive an MMR loss.

One can only remake in Competitive and Unrated matches as this feature is unavailable for Deathmatch and Spike Rush in Valorant.