Valorant Champions 2023: Schedule, results, teams, and more

Valorant Champions 2023 is the most important tournament of the VCT season. Champions taking place in Los Angeles, from August 6, 2023, to August 26, 2023, will be the final event of the year 2023, and a total of 16 top Valorant teams from various stages will stand up for the Champions title. 

All four major regions – the Americas, the Pacific, EMEA, and China – will take part in Valorant Champions 2023. 

Below is everything you need to know about the most prestigious event in the VCT circuit. Watch out for the Riot news not to miss the important updates!  

Valorant Champions 2023: Format

There will be two phases in Valorant Champions. The first one will be a group stage where all 16 teams are divided into four groups. All matches are best-of-three and will be played in a GSL format with the opening, winner, elimination, and decisive games in each group. The top two teams will advance to the playoffs.

The bracket stage (playoffs) is a double elimination, consisting of 14 matches. All playoffs matches except the Lower Finals and Grand Finals will be a best-of-three as well. The Lower Finals and Grand Final will be a best-of-five instead.   

Valorant Champions 2023: Groups

As mentioned above, the first phase of the event will include four groups. The groups are:

Group A

  • Paper Rex (Pacific)
  • KRÜ Esports (Americas)
  • EDward Gaming (China)
  • Giants (EMEA)

Group B

  • Evil Geniuses (Americas)
  • FunPlux Phoenix (China)
  • FUT Esports (EMEA)
  • T1 (Pacific)

Group C

  • Fnatic (EMEA)
  • ZETA DIVISION (Pacific)
  • NRG (Americas)
  • Bilibili Gaming (China)

Group D

  • Team Liquid (EMEA)
  • Natus Vincere (EMEA)
  • DRX (Pacific)
  • LOUD (Americas)

Valorant Champions 2023: Schedule and results

Up to now, the opening games of Valorant Champions 2023 have been revealed only. The current schedule is as follow:

Group A

  • Paper Rex vs KRÜ Esports
  • EDward Gaming vs Giants

Group B

  • Evil Geniuses vs FunPlux Phoenix
  • FUT Esports vs T1

Group C

  • Fnatic vs ZETA DIVISION
  • NRG vs Bilibili Gaming

Group D

  • Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere
  • DRX vs LOUD

Valorant Champions 2023: Where to watch

While Valorant Champions is live, you can catch it across a diversity of channels, from the official Valorant sports Twitch and YouTube channels to any co-streams. 

We will keep you updated, so stay tuned and make sure to check it out!