5 tips on how to improve at apex legends

Apex has been out for a week now and it’s time to take your game to the next level. Your opponents are getting better and that means you need to find ways to maintain the upper hand or perhaps gain it.

Sometimes it’s a simple change and sometimes its something you need to take some time perfecting, but if you want to improve then you need to find your flaws or weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

We’ve compiled a list of five tips for how to improve your gameplay, get more wins, and increase your K/D ratio based.

1) Learn the game

Learn the game. It seems basic, but knowing the ins and outs of what weapons do what damage, how the armor system works, the best ways to get around the map, all of the characters abilities, etc. make a bigger difference than you think.

2) Prioritize

Prioritize items based on what point in the game you are.  Immediately after dropping? Seek out armor before the next best weapon. If you can grab a pistol, SMG, or anything at the start you’ve made good work of your landing. Now you should look for armor and a helmet instead of immediately looking for your favorite rifle or sniper. Having armor in your next fight is much more likely to be the decider early in the game so long as you both have weapons.

3) Utilize your utility (grenades, abilities, ultimates)

Use grenades! Forcing your enemies out of position or hitting them for massive chunks of damage, grenades are your friend. They can also help you empty out that room of enemy players who won’t come out to play. Don’t sit on your ultimates and active abilities too long either, they will always recharge again (if you stay alive) and you should use them to give you an advantage in engagements. Ultimates in this game are not 100% depended on and therefore you don’t need to pocket them for that key moment.

4) Learn how to move efficiently and effectively

Practice movement. In most FPS’, players tend to overly focus on their ability to move the crosshair and let their own character movement fall to the wayside. Being able to move well is key to taking your game to the next level. Strafing, sliding, scaling, etc. can all give you a slight positional advantage that could be the difference in winning or losing your gun fight.

5) Awareness is key

Always be aware of where you are at on the map, where you can be attacked from, how many players are left, etc. Being pinched in battle royales puts you in one of the most difficult situations in the game and so you should always try to move in a way that makes it less likely to happen. Make sure you’re checking your flank as you make your way across the map and be aware of where you hear gunshots coming from.

Now jump in the ship and go become an Apex Legend.