Exclusive Sneak Peek: CS 2 Reveals First Glimpses of Cache Screenshots

Renowned designer Sean “FMPONE” Snelling has unveiled a series of captivating screenshots featuring the highly anticipated Cache map for CS 2. Showcasing the map’s central area from two distinct perspectives, these images have garnered widespread admiration from notable figures such as ropz, broky, as well as the esteemed esports organization Heroic, among others.

New Cache in CS 2

Renowned level designer Shawn Snelling, widely known as FMPONE, has just unveiled the highly anticipated first screenshots of Cache for CS 2. These captivating images provide a glimpse into the map’s central area from two distinct vantage points. Published exclusively on X website, they offer a fresh look at the revamped terrain.

Staying true to its origins, the storyline continues to revolve around a post-Soviet, partially devastated industrial zone nestled within Chernobyl. The central structure now boasts a brick facade adorned with striking statues that overlook the middle area. Notably, FMPONE chose to preserve the additional window at the CT entrance, as indicated by the visible crack above it.

The updated aesthetics have received widespread acclaim, earning praise from notable personalities such as streamer ohnePixel, FaZe players ropz and broky, as well as Heroic and others. This marks the fourth iteration of Cache in the illustrious Counter-Strike series.

While the original version was designed for CS: Source, the CS:GO adaptation gained significant recognition as an official map within the pool from 2014 to 2019. FMPONE subsequently released a remake, although it did not secure a place in the official map rotation.

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