The net_graph feature has been reintroduced in CS 2, along with the addition of a new hand animation while in motion

During the night of February 16th, Valve unveiled an eagerly awaited update for CS 2. The highlight of the update was the triumphant return of the net_graph team, a beloved feature renowned among countless CS:GO players. This essential tool, now bearing a new moniker, has resurfaced to the delight of the community, injecting a fresh wave of excitement and anticipation into the game.

With its reemergence, players can once again revel in the invaluable insights and real-time information provided by the net_graph, ensuring enhanced gameplay and strategic decision-making. Valve’s commitment to refining and revitalizing the CS 2 experience shines through this update, as they continue to prioritize the satisfaction and engagement of their dedicated player base.

Some of the changes from the February 16 patch

  • Improved first-person view for low or unstable frame rates.
  • Added a “Telemetry” tab in the settings, allowing players to display FPS, ping, and packet loss in the match interface.
  • Removed commands cq_netgraph and cq_netgraph_problem_show_auto, replaced by cl_hud_telemetry_serverrecvmargin_graph_show.
  • Fixed an issue where accessing local training servers without a Steam connection was sometimes unsuccessful.
  • Enhanced maps Vertigo, Nuke, Anubis, and Overpass.
  • In “Deathmatch” mode, scoring a second kill with the Zeus x27 in a single life awards double points.
  • The commands spec_player and spec_goto now work during CSTV and demo playback.
  • Resolved animation issues when climbing stairs.
  • Introduced the cl_usenewbob command, which controls hand animations during movement and is enabled by default.

At the time of this news release, it has been observed that the cl_hud_telemetry_serverrecvmargin_graph_show command is experiencing intermittent stability issues. Users have reported instances where it disappears from the screen periodically. It is anticipated that this problem will be rectified in the near future.

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